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What to do on a Saturday night?  There are the usual choices: movie, dinner, absolutely nothing, go to bed early, eat ice cream, read, hang out on the porch after the kids have gone to bed, etc.  But what about painting?  That’s what we did this weekend.  And by we I mean Handy Hubby.  I did play an integral part in supervising though.  You see, our 2-story foyer is about as plain as it gets.  We’ve been wanting to paint a modern mural of sorts on the large empty wall for a while now.  Well, we finally got around to borrowing a projector.

We knew we wanted a branch-like motif but nothing too country or theme-y.  Something a little more modern.  Something similar to this…

(courtesy of Young House Love)

Don’t you just love those cherry blossom branches?  Handy Hubby wasn’t too keen on so many blossoms.  We eventually agreed on a more graphic cherry blossom print for our stairwell.  Handy Hubby printed up a transparency for the projector and this past Saturday night he traced the outline onto the wall with a pencil. 

We rotated the image so that the branch comes out of the corner just like the inspiration photo from Young House Love.

Handy Hubby wanted to paint it white but I wanted something with a little more contrast.  We settled on a nice muddy gray that’s about 2 shades darker than the wall color.  (Yup, you could say I won.)  There’s nothing more romantic than seeing Handy Hubby up on a ladder with a paint brush in his hand.  It makes my heart flutter.

Handy Hubby likes the contrast now that he can see it up on the wall.  It’s still a work in progress but it’s really coming along.  I’ll be sure to share final pics as soon as it’s done!  Oh, and we aren’t quite finished with that projector yet.  I have another DIY project up my sleeve that requires a large scale guide, too.  Keep watching…



OH, that is going to look great!

Oh my goodness! I can’t wait to see how this turns out! I would love to convince my husband to do something like this someday…


I am excited to see how this turns out! So far, it looks great! I also saw this on YHL, and unfortunatley don’t have a foyer, but would like to try this somewhere in my house, I am just not sure where yet. Love your site!

Ohhhh I have loved that hallway since it was featured on YHL! I can’t wait to see how this comes out, what a fabulous start!

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I love the cherry blossom! I am going to try this project… where did you get the image for the cherry blossom from?