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Many of you have contacted me wanting to know where Handy Hubby and I found the image used for our cherry blossom tree wall art.

First, we Googled “cherry blossom branch” under the ‘images’ category and saved several of our favorites.  Then Handy Hubby and I sat down one night to filter the images down to one that we could both agree on.  Handy Hubby wanted something modern and graphic while I was drawn to the sculptural branches and blossoms.  We finally decided on this guy…

It’s titled “Cherry Blossom” and we found it on (of all places) a website that specializes in air purifiers.  Yes, you heard me right…air purifiers.  RabbitAir is a company based out of Los Angeles that is committed to improving indoor air quality via HEPA air purifiers without compromising the decor of your home.  Their air purifiers are slim and sleek with the option of being wall-mounted. 


To further improve their appearance, some models are available with a decorative front panel.  That’s where the “Cherry Blossom” image we found comes in.  It’s one of the optional front panels that’s offered in the MinusA2 Artists Series.  According to RabbitAir’s website, they encountered a customer who wanted an air purifier for his RV but didn’t want to give up valuable wall art space.  Hence, the Artists Series was created.  Pretty clever, huh?  You know I’m a sucker for home decor that is multifunctional.

To tweak the Cherry Blossom image to our foyer’s dimensions, we rotated and reversed the image using a transparency and projector.  Just goes to show that you really can find inspiration anywhere.  The nice folks at RabbitAir agreed to let me share their Cherry Blossom image with y’all, so a great big THANK YOU to them.  And kudos to all companies helping to make our homes healthy and stylish!

FYI – I have not been compensated to mention RabbitAir on my blog.  At this time, I do not own a RabbitAir air purifier and cannot attest to their quality or efficacy…but maybe I will in the future.



I found your blog through a link posted on my blog, and I just had to stop and leave a comment. I am loving your blog. Your house is beautiful! I see lots of blogs every day, and yours is so great that I looked at page after page after page. I couldn’t stop myself! Great job. I’ve added you to my RSS and I look forward to following your story for a long time to come.

Allison @ House of Hepworths


Allison – What a great compliment! Even if I never make a dime blogging, kind words like yours make it all worth it. I just love turning our house into our own little home and sharing along the way. Hearing about others’ projects has always motivated me, so I’m just hoping to do the same. And if someone wants to copy one of my tweaks to use in their own home, then I’m flattered. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


I just found your site. I am in love with it and the pics of your house! <3
I am sure this will be a big source of inspiration! :)


I have had that same image from YHL stuck in my head since seeing it a few months back. So happy and inspired to see someone “take the plunge” and try it out. It looks amazing! Great job! I’m so tempted to give it a try as well. My biggest concern is it will compete with framed photos I plan to hang future up the stairway…..any suggestions?


Jennlynn – If you are really wanting to paint a cherry blossom branch, maybe try it somewhere else because I think the painting would compete with framed photos in the stairwell. The cherry blossom mural would make a great alternative to a headboard in a bedroom or a wall behind a couch. OR – you could designate another wall in your home to family photos besides your stairwell. Just search my blog for “family photo wall” and see my family picture gallery. Good luck!!!


Just made my way over from the BYW course. I also blog about the design and renovation of my house. Love your hallway.

[…] of you asked where we found the cherry blossom artwork.  I blogged about it here after asking the company, RabbitAir, for permission first, of course.  They kindly gave me the OK […]


thank you so much, dana! i’m on a search for a projector and once found, we will start on this project…can’t wait! you inspire me! btw, how do you find time to do all these home projects, blog and care for your kiddies? i have 2 youngins and it’s hard to keep a clean home and find enough time to craft or “tweak.” when the kids are in bed, i’m exhausted! maybe as my girls get older it’ll get easier…i have 2 kids under the age of 3. they sure keep me busy!


Melanie – I don’t sit down much…except when I’m blogging! I’ll try to get stuff done while my youngest is napping and my oldest is having ‘quiet time.’ But it’s still a challenge some days. I’ll also stay up after everyone else has gone to bed. It’s not out of the ordinary for me to go to bed after midnight. And you may have noticed that it takes us a while to get things done over here. Case in point – we’ve been working on our bedroom since the end of last summer!! As tired as I am sometimes, as soon as I get a blog post/project/craft started…I’m inspired. It’s truly what I love, so it doesn’t feel like work. You can bet that my house is not clean all the time! I’d like to clean on a weekly basis, but that usually doesn’t happen. Cleaning up the kitchen every night makes me feel better at the end of the day and ready for the next. It’s definitely a balancing act…giving everyone/everything attention…and if I need a break from something, then I simply give myself permission to walk away from it for a while – whether that be the blog, a house project, the design course I’m taking or even my kiddos. I’m always in a better state of mind when I get back. Don’t beat yourself up. We moms tend to expect too much of ourselves. All we have to be is happy. So what if your bathrooms are dirty for another week? Good luck with your projector search!


Dana, can you tell me how you get the image from the computer screen onto the projector? I’m very tech challenged! I think my husband has a projector at work that we could borrow! But I’m just not sure I’d know what to do!


Erica – Simply print your image out using your standard computer printer and paper. Then take the printed image on paper to Staples {or some other office supply store that makes transparencies} and have them print it onto a transparency. Place your transparency onto a projector and tweak the placement and size on the wall to your desire. We also borrowed a projector from my HH’s work, so the total cost of the project was less than $2!!!!! {We used leftover paint.}


Thank you, I had no idea!!! Sounds simple!