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Hopefully, this week’s series about creating a stylish open space has inspired you to get crackin’ on your own place.  If not, well, at least you got to look at some pretty amazing rooms.  Let’s review the tips for decorating an open floor plan one last time {in case you missed ’em earlier, you can click on each for details}:

To reiterate everything you’ve read here this week, I’d like to dissect one last open floor plan. {Anatomy lab always was my favorite course in college.}  This comfortable and colorful living space is part of Coastal Living’s 2009 Idea House.  You’ll quickly find that is has all the right moves in all the right places.  {Name that song.}  Here’s the big picture…

It includes a kitchen, living room and dining area.  Notice the color scheme of tan, coral, eggplant and white.  Each zone is arranged around its own focal point: the kitchen’s hood/tiled wall, the living room’s fireplace and the dining area’s artwork.  Furniture is set out into the space but allows for adequate traffic flow.  Also, notice the low profile of all the furniture.  It doesn’t obstruct the view from one end of the space to the other and allows conversation to drift easily across the different zones.

Pendants above the kitchen island?  Check.  Backless stools give sitters the option to face the cook or the living room.

The living room benefits from the texture and grounding effects of a shag rug.  To help traffic flow and to break up all the rectangular shapes in the space, round coffee and side tables are used. Color and pattern is brought in on the throw pillows.  The coral stairwell/entry at the far end of the room serves as a warm backdrop.  A ceiling fan {as seen in the first image} and a buffet table lamp {not shown} are the only artificial light sources.

In the dining area, a simple table is highlighted by 2 large pendants.  Large scale artwork {made from bottlecaps!} is the undeniable focal point of this zone.  To further define this area, a patterned rug in eggplant is placed beneath the table and chairs.  2 tall, skinny buffet lamps round out the lighting.  It may be worthy to note that the gold finishes {dining buffet lamps, dining pendants, kitchen pendants, kitchen faucet, etc} scattered throughout this entire open floor plan bring even more cohesion to the overall scheme.

To me, it’s fun to pick apart rooms like this and figure out why they work.  While you’re building up your inspiration folder, you can do the same thing.  Decorating an open concept can be overwhelming because you must focus on the space as a whole and as zones.  But don’t get discouraged.  Just keep those key points in mind as you make your space a happy place.

Have a wonderful weekend!

images: all Angie Hranowsky design, Lindsey Ellis Beatty styling and Tria Giovan photography for Coastal Living



Love this inspiration picture, it was one of mine too. We have a Great Room upstairs in our Hi-Ranch and we also have a Family Room on the 1st floor which is multi functional. I don’t have a post yet on my blog about my Family Room or Great Room, but you have inspired me to make that kind of a post. Our Family Room is long, but still wide enough also. I also made sure to buy low backed furniture so the room is wide open and not cut off when you walk into that room. It is also a multi purpose room. It has the sitting area with TV, a small round table that expands larger if needed and two storage closets. We love it. Then our Great Room is completely opened up like an “L”: Kitchen, LR & DR. I made sure that all the colors from each room are shared. I still have some changing and tweaking to do, but it’s almost there. Thanks for all of the great inspiration. It gets my creativity going even more. :D



These are great ideas for an open space. Thank you so much for sharing. My boyfriend and I are looking at houses and we found one that we love but I was so intimidated by the open floor plan and cathedral ceilings. You’ve shared some great ideas for making that space seem comfortable and cozy without being crowded.
Thank you!!


Love this series of posts! I can’t wait to play around with our living space. I definitely need a new rug for a living area and to move my dining table. I have 2 story ceilings so I can’t do much with the lighting as it stands but if the dining table goes to the nook, I can investigate pendant lights…and I have a handy hubby who would easily wire and install them :)