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I used to make formal New Year resolutions.  Once, I swore off french fries for an entire year and actually followed through.  {That’s big stuff for me.  I love french fries.}  But at some point I realized I should probably be looking to improve myself on a daily basis.  Still, the beginning of the year seems like a pretty good time to gather goals and pinpoint areas of focus.  Today I’m sharing the top 5 things I’d like to see myself doing…not only for curious readers but also to hold myself accountable publicly.

1 – Go greener. We already recycle, upcycle, buy organic, employ Energy Star appliances {including a front-loading washing machine}, clean green and try to keep household VOC’s to a minimum.  But there is a LOT more we could be doing.  Namely, composting, gardening, rain barreling {yes, I just made that a verb} and drying our washed clothes outside when weather permits.  Mother Nature deserves it.

2 – Take a professional design course. I’ve always loved learning new things, and I’m pretty sure I don’t know everything about interior design, so this one seems like a no-brainer.  I’m hoping to hone my decorating skills and do what I love.  The difficulty here will be finding the time and energy on top of everything else I have going on.

3 – Live in the now. This is what I need to work on the most.  Too often, I find myself looking too far ahead and wishing for more, more, more and wanting, wanting, wanting.  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with knowing what I want and working hard toward those things, but when I lose entire days – even weeks – to those endeavors, I’m missing the point.  The journey, the process, the evolution, the hardships, the miracles…all the components of everyday life.  How sad to know I may be jipping myself and my family of irreplaceable moments!  Okay, really gotta work on this one.  Starting today.

4 – No more forced posts. That means if something isn’t post-worthy or if I’m not feeling overly inspired OR if I’d rather just cuddle with my Handy Hubby, then I’m not typing.  Period.  I think this may tie into some of the comments I got from the reader survey {thanks, btw!  I’ve read and considered each and every comment!} about giveaways and Etsy posts.  I think it definitely shows when I’m posting just for the sake of posting, and I don’t want it to be that way.  I won’t write off giveaways and Etsy posts completely because I do like to reward my readers and share my Etsy loves.  But they will concern items/services that I’m sincerely passionate about.

5 – Reduce…stuff, stress, debt…you name it, I want to get rid of it.  Stuff:  our unfinished basement needs a major binging session.  Stress:  I can change the way I react to difficult situations.  Debt:  besides our mortgage, Handy Hubby and I have outstanding school loans that we plan to pay off by spring.  {Those are our only debts.}  The less physical and emotional clutter I have, the more room for creative ideas and the things I really want/need.

So, that’s where I’m going to be focusing my efforts this year.  There’s always room for improvement.  Who’s with me?  Feel free to share your new resolves in the comments section.

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“no more forced posts”

This is one of my resolutions too. Often I found myself posting just because I felt I need to keep up. This year I’m focusing on posting on things I’m really excited to post about/share. If it feels like ‘work’ when I writing a post, I delete it and forget about it. I’ve also implemented weekly posts I do each week (i.e. my “Gator Fridays”). They keep me on task, writing about something my readers care about, and give me something I look forward to each week.


Oh yes, and reducing is also one of my resolutions! So many people live with so much less than we do, and I think it’s about time we purge!


Good luck with the design course! I would like to do some “upgrading” of my work-related coursework, but it’s hard to imagine fitting it in with a busy work/family life. Reducing is definitely on the agenda for this year, too!


I have been following your blog for the past month and I absolutely love it! You are such a great inspiration. I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing your five goals.

One thing I noticed though is that you mentioned you buy organic…as a girl that was born and raised on our family’s cattle ranch I have to comment on that. Today my family can produce nearly twice as much food as my grandparents could because of the use of new technologies that people may not consider “green”. Those technologies actually have helped keep our food supply the safest in the world without causing health problems to people. Because we use antibiotics to help keep our cattle healthy or fertilize our crops we are able to produce more food so that more people can have food at a less expensive price point. To me being able to provide more food while using less resources (such as land and water) is actually greener. When food products are produces “organically” they actually have lower yields, so less people are fed. I do think organic is great if people want to buy it and have the money for it, but it isn’t necessarily the “greener” option. I hope that you don’t find this rude, but as someone who lives and breathes agriculture…I think it is my responsibility to make sure everyone understands what truely is happening with their food supply.


Excellent, excellent resolutions. I didn’t make any really specific ones this year but your post has be wanting to now! Good luck and have a great 2011 :)


Rebecca – I don’t think you’re rude at all. I appreciate your input!


Reduce!! I can completely relate. Its something I have started working on and will continue to do in the coming year. We live in such a small space that we dont have the actual space for extras. Let the purging begin!


Love your list. I have to write my list down and get it out of my head, so I can see it and that it reminds me to do what I want to do. Some of mine are, Finish my online Interior Decorating course, Eat healthier, Get Organized (that’s a big one) and Make time to Blog more (it’s my passion, why not enjoy it after my 9-5 job). ;-)

Here is to a great year for all of us!!! :-D


Jen – Funny that one of your goals is to finish your design course and one of mine is just to start it!!


Great list! I don’t have any big resolutions. I have some design plans for the new year but as far as resolutions go, I’m going to do one small change a month. I did that last year and walked away with a bunch of good habits that stuck.

I write a green blog and have done a lot of research on green ingredients, practices, and options. If you need any help or have any questions I’m happy to help you!


I just found this post tonight, as I’m recovering from a sinus headache! For 2011 I am trying one resolution per month. I never have the will-power to manage an entire year (like you with the french fries– impressive!) so I’m doing one every month. So far I’ve gotten rid of 5 things per day (January) and am doing the 30-day Shred for February.

I love reading other people’s resolutions for inspiration!