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01.14.11 / Auto Mobile

I thought I’d share a little handmade gift that my boys received for Christmas a few weeks ago. Handy Hubby’s artsy sister crafted it for them.  {Thanks Aunt Amy!}  She’s also the master mind behind our framed “Miller” wall art in the mini mudroom.  Here’s the auto mobile {Get it?  auto…mobile?  I thought I was so clever with that one.} she made for Layne and Everett.

An embroidery hoop wrapped in ribbon holds everything together nicely.

Two pieces of wire attached perpendicular to each other on the hoop give support for the ribbon hanger.

Various vehicle silhouettes cut from card stock hang from the hoop via filament.  {Fishing line would suffice also.}

There are even little road signs made from map scrapbooking paper.

The cut-outs are attached to the filament with Sticky Dots {or Glue Dots}.  The small circles that were punched out for the headlights disguise the Sticky Dots.

Isn’t that just adorable?  Layne and Everett love it…even though I haven’t had a chance to hang it in their room properly.  It’ll look great with the navy and olive color scheme they already have going on in there.

The possibilities for inexpensive mobiles like this are endless.  Couldn’t you see one dangling above a crib in a nursery?  Or above a reading chair in a corner?  You could feature anything from animals to flowers to snowflakes to shapes…really…anything.  Does this give you any ideas or inspiration?  I just love handmade gifts.

images:  all Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



This is just darling! So crafty and creative. And the covering the glue dots with the little auto circle cut-outs? See, it’s that type of thing that sets uber crafty people (like your sister in law) apart from us regular folk (like me).

And yes, I let out an audible snort with your “auto-mobile” joke. Nice.


My daughter’s teacher has an awesome mobile in her room – it is a photo mobile with little clips to hold photos. The possibilities are endless though! You could change out the photos for any shapes or things, even seasonally.


That is absolutely adorable! The craftsman(woman)ship is fantastic! What a lovely gift. :)


I love it! I also love hand made gifts! But every once in a while I hear someone complain about a hand made gift. So now I feel self conscious about who I give them too:(


Love it, so cute! I made my baby girl a black/white and pink flower mobile for her nursery and my son saw it as I was making and loved it so I might have to make him one. An auto-mobile is just perfect for a 2 1/2 year old boy!

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