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03.21.11 / 6 Springy Ideas
6 springy ideas

Here are a few things I’d like to try this spring.  {As to whether or not any of them will actually pan out, we’ll see.}

1 – Amy Butler’s Soul Blossoms Laminated Passion Lily Fern This patterned laminated fabric would make a fun shower curtain, raincoat or set of wipeable placemats for the kiddos.

2 – Steel Circles Boot Tray Spring means rain {at least in the Midwest} and rain means wet, muddy shoes.  I could keep my floors clean and dry with this store bought boot tray or a DIY one.

3 – Potted Wheat Grass Not only would it look great adorning a table or windowsill, wheat grass could improve my health!  {Or so I hear.}

4 – Fabric Rosettes Since we’re maybe moving, I don’t plan on planting any flowers this spring. I’d like to try my hand at these DIY fabric blossoms instead.  I’ve got a blah lampshade that could go ‘dressy’ with a few of ’em glued on.

5 – Lemons These faux ones are pretty convincing but I prefer the real thing…for freshening up my glass of ice water to deodorizing the garbage disposal to livening up a vase display.  Nothing sour about any of those ideas!

6 – DIY Easter Baskets I’m bored of plastic baskets and shiny Easter grass.  I should totally make these for my boys and help save the earth while I’m at it.

What projects do you have in mind for spring?

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Those DIY Easter Baskets are just DAR-ling!! Might be enough for me to get my sewing machine out of hiding.


Love your ideas! I want to get some wheatgrass too. I have always wanted it and never remember when I’m out. I also need to get another potted flower. My just turned 3 year old daughter waters my plants for me every day with my leftover drinking water from the night before and she even brought one I thought was gone for good back to life! She told me she wants her own purple flowers. As for easter baskets, I’m not a fan of the typical basket and every year I try to get something can be be re-used. A storage box for their bedroom, or even a small (new) trash can. This year I already picked out cute, dark, wicker baskets that will probably be re-used in the livingroom, maybe to collect each child’s toys that get left around the house before making their way back to the bedroom.

When I was a little girl my grandmother helped me and my brothers make easter baskets out of easter fabric, twisted paper, and cardboard. We reused the same basket every single year! I used to love taking it out and knowing that we made it together!


Just a thought … with the planned move, you DO need to plant some flowers this spring. You don’t have to spend what you usually would, but you do want to have something in your beds & pots. It’s all about curb appeal….

Love all the ideas, but I really love the potted wheat grass. So cute!


I’m with you on the Easter baskets – have been for awhile! I’d like to make my own, or Pottery Barn sells some fabric baskets (some in cute shapes like bunnies if I remember) that aren’t that expensive (for Pottery Barn..like $15 I think?)

I made my boys simple black bags with a fun lining and their initial on the front for Halloween – I love that they can reuse it year after year and it takes up WAY less space then those cheap plastic pumpkins. Same with the Easter baskets – if I can get on the ball and make them, they’ll be reusable AND take up less storage space. Win-win!

I just love each and every one of these ideas!


no more procrastinating, this spring we need to deal with some landscaping issues that are causing some problems in our basement–mostly regrading around the foundation, maybe adding some additional drainage…this clay soil (in our part of OH, at least) is such a pain!

I love the fabric rosettes, so cute!

I want to grow wheat grass too! It looks so fresh & simple. I use lemons (& limes & oranges) in clear vases or in white bowls to decorate with. Citrus = happy!

These baskets are what I was thinking for Easter…


I heart Martha <3


Lovely. I’ve been seeing wheat grass on various places around the blogosphere. I might have to plant some for myself!


love the wheat grass idea also! every year i say i am going to attempt it…and then by the time i remember…it’s summer! ha! :)


Amy – We actually added a lot of new landscaping last summer that included many blooming perennials that should make an appearance in the coming months. I may add a few annuals to our second story window boxes, but other than that, I don’t plan on adding anything else. You’re right about the curb appeal. We spent much of the day Saturday raking dead leaves, cleaning up the mulch beds and trimming a few wiry bushes…all in the name of curb appeal. Trying to draw in the buyers…


Shannon – I love the idea of using non-traditional things as Easter ‘baskets’ and then reusing them elsewhere!


I just planted four pots of wheat grass tonight. I live in Alaska where it is still cold and the grass will not turn green until mid-May. If I want spring flowers and grass I have to plant it inside :)


I am a huge Amy Butler fan – love that fabric!!


I love number 4! i did a fabric flower on my blog too, but I love the way this one looks! thanks for sharing!



Thanks for linking to my fabric Easter baskets…can’t wait to pull them out this week! I was inspired by your powder room circles, and did a similar design in our half bath. I appreciate all the great ideas you share.


Painting my kitchen cupboards (hee hee!). I plan to start small, with the vanity in the guest bathroom, since it’s the same as the kitchen cupboards. It might take a while (maybe a long while) since I have back trouble and arthritis in my hands, but no one said I have to get it all done in one week.

Here’s another springy idea for you (and simple to make) — scented soap. Add lemon or mint and put it near the kitchen sink, or add other spring herbs/floral fragrances for your guest bath.



Kate – Lovely!!!!


i have been stuck out here in the sticks – i’m talking Deliverence here – and i finally get highspeed internet yesterday and i’m like a junkie – i cannot stop!! i did’nt even work today. i’m totally geeked and tweaking on all the awesome and incredible things i’m seeing.. I painted my BR grey n january and just got stuck. seeing the WONDERFUL headboard – well, i know what im doing this weekend. there are soooo many old shacks around here and the wood is yours for the taking… i’ve got my hammer and pry bar setting on ready!! can’t WAIT!!!! thank you for sharing and inspiring me!!