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05.31.11 / Open House Flowers

We had yet another Open House this past Sunday.  That makes, like, seven total now.  Whew.  I counted the other day and we’ve had about 20 showings in the last 2.5 months.  Fingers crossed that one of them leads to something.

For this last Open House, I picked up a $5 bouquet on my way home from work beforehand to add pops of cheery color.  It was also an excuse for me to let out some withheld creativity frustration…albeit a little.  I still have a lot left in me.  I loosely arranged the single bouquet into 4 different vases for a casual effect.  I placed a large glass vase {which hails from Goodwill} on our dining console. Some of the buds haven’t opened yet, so I think we’ll have blooms for a while.

I lined a trio of West Elm vases {found at a Pottery Barn Outlet for cheap-o} along the dining table. I love the way the white vases and magenta blooms stand out in contrast to the black tabletop.  It’s almost like they’re floating.

Of course, someone isn’t going to buy our house just because there are pretty flowers in vases. But they sure felt welcoming and happy…feelings that we’d hope potential buyers would have when touring our home.

What did you do this weekend?  Were you a weekend warrior and finally tackle that home improvement project that’s been on your to-do list forever?  Did you keep cool and enjoy a long weekend with your family? Did you make a trip to the cemetery to visit lost loved ones?  I worked all weekend {blah} including the holiday while Handy Hubby was on kid duty.  He was also in charge of the Open House after we spent all of Saturday night cleaning like crazy people.  We did enjoy some time with my grandparents who are visiting from Florida and celebrated my grandpa’s 76th birthday with grilled kabobs and cake.  Yum!  Our neighborhood pool opened this past weekend, too.  Although I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it {no time!}, I’m looking forward to getting some use out of it this week.  I’m going with the ‘glass half full’ point of view on this one and thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if our house didn’t sell until fall so we could splash around in the pool all summer.

images:  Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



I always buy flowers for a showing or open house — it just makes the place feel more welcoming I think. I love the trio of West Elm vases by the way!


I think flowers are such a quick (but great!) way to make a home feel welcoming. The bright pink of your flowers is really gorgeous.

We spent the weekend workings on projects, visiting with friends/family and packing for our upcoming vacation. We were so busy that it didn’t even really feel like a long, holiday weekend!


To be clear… we didn’t grill the cake. ;)


I was looking at tubs and going through the electric plan for our house remodel. The tub part was fun, the electric, not so much.


Gorgeous pink arrangements! They look so fresh – as does the rest of your place.
I can never seem to keep plants alive so am always looking for low-maintenance too!



As a fellow Cincinnatian… which Pottery Barn Outlet do you go to? P/S: I am a new-er reader of yours. Your current house is amazing but I am so, SO excited to see the Underdog take shape.


Flowers can’t hurt–plus they are great and inexpensive mood lifters for *you*, too! When we were selling, we also had a bowl of chocolates near by the place where realtors left their cards, in addition to several inexpensive, small flower arrangements. I bought a potted gardenia for the dining table for a long lasting splash of colour and scent.

We did some long overdue outside chores, a few days without rain were sorely needed!


We listed our house in September and it didn’t sell until May even though I did all the cleaning, flowers and baking cookies! Just keep it up and think positive, it will happen! Most people will be wanting to move into good school districts mid-summer before school starts! good luck!

The flowers are beautiful!

Our weekend was chalk-full of graduations and yard projects! Posted a blog about some of it today, but more to come soon!


love your bright flowers! hoping your house (and my house) sell soon!

we spent the weekend scrubbing and clearing out our new house – lots of renovating work to be done, but that’s half the fun, isn’t it?


Emily – Sadly, it’s the Pottery Barn Outlet at Prime Outlets in Jeffersonville, OH…about 1.5 hours away. I try to make it up there at least once or twice a year when I’m in need of something particular. I have to have a list or I’d go crazy!!! I’ve found West Elm and Williams Sonoma stuff there, too.


Ali – Thanks for keeping me positive! We do live in a low-tax, excellent school district so we definitely have that going for us. Congrats on selling your house!

Love what you did with the flowers!!! I always feel that a nice bright pop of color in a house always makes me smile and feel good. Hopefully it did that for some of the lookers of your home. Lots of luck!!!

We did stuff around the house, cleaning, gardening & of course relaxing. I love long weekends!!! :D


I can’t believe you are selling that Gem! If I lived in Ohio, I would snatch it up! I love EVERYTHING you have done to it!


Gorgeous flowers. I love those white vases. I’d kill for a Pottery Barn here in Australia. I regularly drool over the website. Gorgeous styling and gorgeous stuff.
It rained all weekend here in Sydney. Bought me some magnetic paint and chalkboard paint – planning on painting a wall in our kitchen (inspired by your chalkboard door). Our new fridge isn’t magnetic and we’re really missing the “family noticeboard”. I love the chalkboard idea but I also need somewhere to stick all our stuff so I’m going to have a crack at a magnetic chalkboard.


My MIL’s favorite tip for selling a house (she sold three): roast a chicken the day of the open house. You can also bake cookies or yeasty bread, but there’s something homey and warm about the smell of roasted chicken. Flowers were always a turnoff for me when I was looking for a house because I have a very sensitive nose.


Love the flower especially with the black and white!

This whole week {after work and on short days} I have been a landscaping machine! First I ripped out the horrible weeds and spider infested plants that have plagued my home for 3 years now! Basically emptied all of the gardens, ripped out the rotted wood pieces of our front walkway, and built up 1 large and 1 small raised bed gardens {to be} with brick. Tomorrow I’ve got a long list of to-dos to try and get the backyard in shape before I install sprinkler systems!

Pictures will be posted on my blog soon. As of right now, its a long to-do list! Check it out! – frshdsign.com