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07.01.11 / Correction!

Some days it feels like Handy Hubby and I lead two separate lives.  Which we do to some extent anyhow.  But especially right now.  With me trying to keep the kids occupied and the house ‘show ready’ while HH is working then spending his evenings with contractors or at the Underdog, we rarely have time to talk.  When we do, it’s usually about reno details.  And those details change on a daily basis with the more people we talk to and the more research we do.  It’s hard to keep up. But this is nothing unexpected.  Renovations take on a life of their own when walls are brought down and rooms are reconfigured.  So, like we normally do, last night after the kids were in bed, HH and I discussed the project at hand:  the vaulting of the ceiling.

Remember all that talk about the ceiling not vaulting to a true point peak yesterday?  Well, things have changed.  Apparently, we no longer need to make room for duct work to run along at the peak of the ceiling thanks to a new air return vent that will be placed on a wall in the great room.  We still need that structural support beam {which I’ve learned is called a ridge beam and will not be constructed of steel but engineered wood} though.  Like I said yesterday, I definitely prefer the aesthetics of a true peak versus a ‘flat’ one.  So, HH and I discussed our options once again.

Without the need for extra headroom for the duct work, the only other space we would need at the peak would be for electric…i.e. lighting.  {We plan to implement spray foam insulation but that’s a whole ‘nother post.}  Originally, we had wanted to put in several recessed can lights along the flat peak which would require framing and drywalling around the ridge beam.  This would cut into our open ceiling space which we’re trying to optimize as much as possible for that airy feel we like.  It donned on us last night that if we switched out the can lights for track lighting placed on either side of the ridge beam, we could get that sharp peak we’re wanting.

{Insert clip art of cartoon person having a great idea with a lightbulb over their head lighting up…but switch the lightbulb to track lighting.  Seriously, if I could find that clip art I would put it here.}

So instead of a vaulted ceiling with a flat peak that looks like this…

…the vaulted ceiling should look more like this…

{Amy Butler’s family room}

See the beam at the peak?  And what looks to be track lighting running along the ridge beam? That’s what we’re shooting for.  If it’s good enough for the Amy Butler then it’s good enough for me! We won’t have the beams that span from the top of the walls to the peak like in the image above but I’ve still got my fingers crossed on a plank or plank-like ceiling.  We’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

So, that’s the first of many renovation plan changes yet to come. And just when I thought I knew what was going on.

PS – I cannot guarantee that this new vaulted ceiling/ridge beam/track lighting plan will still be current on Monday.  Ha!

images:  1) Custom MMIC Design Services, Inc.  2) David Butler



I won’t get TOO excited in case your plans change — but that second inspiration picture looks phenomenal! Toes and fingers crossed you guys get to go ahead with it!


Well that sounds like a great change! And don’t you worry, if your renovation is anything like ours was, it’ll keep changing and surprising you. :)


Love it! After I saw your post about the ceiling yesterday, I immediately imagined something very similar to that as being a possibility instead. So glad it will [hopefully] work out for you two the way you’d hoped!


I love the beamed ceilings!


I’m so glad you’re getting your peak ceiling! (at least for today!) Hopefully it will work out like that in the end. Love the inspiration pic from Amy Butler’s house!


I bet it is stressful to renovate a house and have kids to keep busy. But I so envy you for this :) One day, I tell you…one day I do it too.



Good luck finalizing your plan! Whatever path you choose, I am certain it will be lovely.
I can totally relate to the hassle of having kids around, while having so much to do around the house. In fact, I am in a bit of a dream right now. Totally alone, sans children and husband, so that I can get a slew of things done before vacation. Never tried this before and it is amazing!


We’re not selling, but we have kids are are renovating and our life feels the same way. We’ve brought in a few folks to bid on our main reno job, but each pro points out options we hadn’t thought of making it hard to get a bid on the EXACT same project. Ugh.

Love you ceiling idea!


That beamed ceiling looks great! I saw another one on Houzz the other day. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t already read your post. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Dana, I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I am seriously hooked! I think you are my new favorite source of inspiration. Like you, my husband and I toss ideas back and forth constantly and end up canning half of them. But I think that’s part of the fun of having a blog, you can put your ideas out there for someone else to use when you don’t! That being said, I’m taking this beam idea for my bedroom… until I change my mind tomorrow :)

That’s an incredible idea- love it! It’s so nice when you can find a way to get the original design you wanted to work. I hate it when little details like “reality” get in the way of a dream design! :)


why didn’t you need the beams that span from the top of the walls to the peak like in the image above? We are trying to copy your room in our 50s ranch. I think our space may be slightly larger than yours though. Our room is probably about 28 x 28.