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Everyone on the web and in real life has been asking how we’re liking our new IKEA appliances so I thought I’d write up a review on our experience with them so far. We purchased our refrigerator, dishwasher, range and hood through IKEA. IKEA appliances are actually made by Whirlpool. Even the owner manuals say Whirlpool. They are backed by a 5-year warranty.

The fridge is the NUTID S23 and it looks like the water dispenser appearance has changed in the year since we purchased ours. It’s a side-by-side, counter-depth model and sticks out past the edge of our counter by about 2.5″. So far, we haven’t had a problem with the fridge, freezer or water/ice dispenser.

Never mind the clutter on the counter next to the fridge. We have plans to add open shelving in this little corner at some point. Oh, and the rug probably won’t stay forever but it’s there for now. It was the rug in our entry at our previous house.

{I can’t believe I’m showing you the inside of our fridge/freezer as-is, frozen breast milk supply and all.}

The interior of the fridge/freezer functions well for us. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we prefer the side-by-side model but understand that everyone has their own opinions when it comes to keeping food cold. We’re not food supply overstockers. I try to purchase the bare minimum to get by for a week and use it all up before making another trip to the grocery. It helps to keep grocery costs down and we have little waste. This shot was taken the day after my weekly grocery trip.

My only complaint about the fridge concerns the transparent shelves on the backside of the fridge door {where you see our apple juice, milk, mayo stored}. The fridge came with 3 of them but we had to remove one of them to make enough room for the taller items. The shelves are adjustable but the clear ones only fit into the upper part of the door {the bottom solid shelf is adjustable as well but only fits into the bottom part of the door}, so we aren’t able to move the lowest one any lower to allow for the third shelf plus the extra headroom for taller bottles/easy reaching. That’s the only bummer about the fridge.

We did have a ‘scare’ a few weeks in with the fridge. Handy Hubby and I stayed up later than usual one night and heard the freezer making drip-drop noises. We were sure the freezer was leaking but couldn’t find water on the floor anywhere around or under the fridge. HH turned off the ice maker thinking that was the culprit, then turned to the internet for help. Turns out, the freezer was cycling through a self defrosting cycle…totally normal. Whew. {We’re a little paranoid about water leaking anywhere in our house after our very first house’s basement flooded – three times! I have dreams about water seeping in from all sources frequently. It doesn’t matter where we’re living; it’s a recurring nightmare I have.}

In summary, here are the pros and cons of the fridge:


*side-by-side {we like it, maybe you don’t}

*water/ice dispenser in the door

*counter depth

*5-year warranty

*LED lightbulb is maintenance free

*stainless steel handles blend in nicely with the sleek appearance


*adjustable in-door shelves don’t meet our needs 100%

*HH thinks some of the fridge drawers feel a little flimsy {I haven’t noticed this.}

*shows fingerprints

On a scale of 1-10 {1 being completely dissatisfied and 10 being completely satisfied}, we’d give our fridge an 8.

On to the dishwasher…

It’s an integrated model which means the door panel is the same design as the rest of the kitchen for a seamless look. I love this!

The two wire racks are far enough apart that large pans and taller pieces {like the pitcher to my Ninja blender} fit in easily on the bottom rack without bumping the top rack. For me, the silverware basket is a little too small. I have to get creative and mix forks with spoons sometimes. Typically, I separate my flatware in the dishwasher. It makes it easier on me when I put them away.

Going along with the whole seamless look, the controls are located on top of the door. The dishwasher runs verrrry quietly. At least in comparison to any other dishwasher I’ve ever owned/heard. The heated drying cycle is way better than any other dishwasher I’ve owned as well. {We had a newer GE model in our previous house.} Another thing I’ve noticed about this dishwasher is that it goes through rinsing agent like water. I have to refill the dispenser once to twice weekly and I run it once daily. However, the dishes do come out crystal clear so maybe that’s why?? My old dishwasher didn’t use as much rinsing agent but our glasses would get spotty and cloudy after repeated washings. So maybe this isn’t a bad thing.

We did run into a little snafu with the dishwasher after it was hooked up. The first time I ran it, I could hear it going through all the cycles but when I opened it up at the end, the dishes were still dirty and the dishwash detergent had been released from its dispenser but was all gloppy on the inside of the door. No water had run through the dishwasher. After checking the water lines to the dishwasher and checking the float {both of which we read could cause water not to enter the machine}, we were at a loss. Both seemed fine to us.

We called the service number on the manual which directed us to an IKEA service representative. They set up a time for a local certified Whirlpool repairman to come take a look at the dishwasher. We called on a Friday and the repairman came the following Wednesday. For 5 days we were without a dishwasher. I hadn’t had a functioning dishwasher for 8+ months, so I figured I could wait another 5 days. Turns out, something was amiss with the float from underneath the dishwasher. We had only checked it from inside the washer. It didn’t require any new parts or anything, just some jiggling. We haven’t had a problem since.

In summary, here are the pros and cons of the dishwasher:


*deep racks for larger items

*runs quietly

*seamless integrated design with doortop controls

*heated drying cycle works great

*5-year warranty


*subpar flatware basket

*required a service call to adjust float before first use

On a scale of 1-10, I’d {HH doesn’t touch the dishwasher} give our dishwasher an 8.

On to the range…

Our range is last year’s PRAKTFULL model. It’s a gas range with an electric convection oven. We’ve nowhere near tapped the possibilities {we don’t bake a lot} with this bad boy. The oven has so many different options! But I’ll tell you what we have noticed so far from making dinners.

The gas stove top is awesome. I totally prefer a gas stove top to an electric one. It lights and warms up quickly and maintains a constant heat well. That’s what gas tops are known for, right? The cook top burner grates are heavy duty – not wobbly – and are very easy to remove for cleaning. I like that the range is wider than it is deep. That’s great for me – a petite person. I can easily reach pots and pans on the back burners. I feel like my cooking is closer to me on this cook top.

The range does sit out from the wall by a few inches. Our granite installers made a custom piece to fit behind the range for a seamless look. It really gives the range a built-in appearance. We’ll add a backsplash in the future but for now those few extra inches of countertop space behind the stove top keep cooking splatters on the wall to a minimum.

The controls are located on the front of the range. This is a pro and con in itself…I like the ease of use but worry that my kids might mess with the knobs. Fortunately, Layne and Everett have no interest in cooking or helping me cook so they’re rarely near the range. Still, they’re kids and kids can be unpredictable. The cook top controls do have to be turned to ‘lite’ then pushed in to ignite a burner and I don’t know that the boys would figure that out on their own. Still, they’re boys.

The oven controls are more difficult for kiddos to decipher. There is a main power knob that isn’t marked clearly so I really don’t think they would ever figure that one out. It even fooled HH and me! After repeatedly trying to turn on the oven after installation {the burners were igniting, no problem}, we yet again made a service call. {IKEA was able to have a repairman make one visit for the dishwasher + range.} This time the problem was user error. We hadn’t figured out that whole not-obviously-marked control knob thing. The repairman had the oven heating within minutes of his arrival. Dolp. Basically, there’s one oven knob that trumps all the other oven knobs. If it isn’t turned to the correct setting, then it doesn’t matter what the other knobs are turned to…the oven won’t heat. Now that we understand this feature, we actually like it because it eases our minds about the kids messing with it.

Another thing about the location of the controls is that I keep leaning against them. When I lean against one of the cooktop controls, it immediately starts clicking like it’s trying to ignite. But, rest assured, it can’t because the knob must be turned to ‘lite’ for it to ignite. So that’s not so much of a problem but an observation. I’m just going to have to stop leaning against the stove.

Since the range is wider than deep, I worried about my baking sheets not fitting in the oven. I’ve been pleasantly surprised though. I haven’t had a problem at all with my baking sheets, dishes or pans not fitting in the oven. I guess I never really used those extra few inches of depth anyways. The oven cooks great from what I can tell. Again, I’m no sweets baker. We use it more for baking fish, corn bread muffins, hot dips, etc. So far, so good. No complaints here. The oven cooks evenly and accurately.

In summary, here are the pros and cons of the range:

PROS {there are many cooking and cleaning functions that we haven’t used yet}

*gas cooktop and electric oven both cook exceptionally well

*sleek industrial design

*front controls – easy to use, allows for a streamlined look

*five burners for multipurpose use

*5-year warranty


*front controls – maybe not ideal for young families

*unusual size and dimensions would make it difficult to completely replace this model if it were ever to be discontinued {We could always remove the strip of granite at the back and add plinth to the sides to build in another model if it ever came to that.}

*shows fingerprints

On a scale of 1-10, we’d give the range a 9.

On to the exhaust hood…

It’s an older version of the LUFTIG model. HH installed it so that it vents air to the outside rather than simply recirculate air {which it can be used for as well}. Since it vents to the outside, it pulls odors and heat from the house really well. The fan has three speeds. At the lowest setting, the sound is a low hum. At the highest speed, the fan is rather loud. Right now, we like that because we use it to calm Mabrey when she’s fussy and it works every time! It has two grease filters that are removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. {We haven’t had to clean ours yet.}

The controls are located on the underside of the hood, at the front. This differs from the newer version which features the controls on the front outside edge of the hood. Still, we find them easy to manipulate from their position.

There are two task lights within the hood that light the cooktop well. Sometimes we turn them on at night just for ambience – not for cooking.

In summary, here are the pros and cons of the exhaust hood:


*pulls odors and heat to the outside

*sleek design with undermount controls

*efficient task lighting

*5-year warranty


*loud at its highest speed {but your newborn may like this feature!}

On a scale of 1-10, we’d give the hood a 9.

Even though none of our IKEA appliances scored a perfect 10, we’re pretty happy with them. Take that with a grain of salt…we’ve only been using them for a month so who knows how those scores may or may not change in the future. It’d probably be worth revisiting these reviews in a year or so after more use.

I will say that the service calls we made were pleasant…as far as service calls go. We had to hold for a few minutes and the customer service rep was kind and empathetic of our situation. {We told her we had just moved in after a major, looooong renovation and had just hooked up the dishwasher and stove.} When the repairman visited, he gave us his business card and told us we could call him directly for anymore problems, meaning we no longer have to go through IKEA first.

We bought our appliances during one of IKEA’s kitchen sales, so we were able to score 20% off our entire kitchen purchase. Minus countertops, sink, faucet and microwave {we purchased those items elsewhere and I’ll be sharing our reviews of them soon} our IKEA kitchen came in at ~$8,000.

I’m working on writing up a post about our IKEA kitchen experience – from design to reality – and hope to share that with you soon. It will go into more detail about the process of designing, purchasing and installing the kitchen. Now that I’m thinking of it, it may work better as a series. So much info!

For the weekend, I thought I’d leave you with a shot of the kitchen today, unedited. Just to show you how much natural light the skylights let pour in on a sunny {106 degrees!!!!} day.

This shot was taken in the morning before the sun was high in the sky. Those skylights have got to be one of my favorite things about the renovation.

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images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Have you adjusted the dishwashers rinse knob? If you looks down where you pour your rinse agent in at there is usually a knob with numbers and you can spin it to allow more or less rinse to come out during the wash.

Quality reviews. I love countertop depth fridges! I didn’t know Ikea’s appliances were this nice. That dishwasher takes a cabinet front? That’s a sweet feature. We’re keeping that hood in mind for a future kitchen upgrade. We have a new home but stuck with laminate counters for the time being… an overhaul is coming, but not soon enough.


Your kitchen is so gorgeous! Glad you are enjoying using it as well. BTW, I have never had a great d/w silverware basket. Your cab panel on it rocks. :)


I would love to hear if you are happy with your kitchen cabinets. We are needing to do a kitchen renovation and we are skeptical of Ikea cabinets, but we sure do like the price:). Would love to hear some input.


We have the same model refrigerator and dishwasher and we like them both as well. My only complaint after a year with them is that the water dispenser on the refrigerator sometimes drips after using it and there isn’t a way to remove the tray to really clean it. Also, you probably already know this, but you can adjust the level of rinse agent that the dishwasher dispenses each load – if you remove the cap where you fill the rinse agent you’ll see a small plastic button that you can slide, yours is probably set to high – I believe I set mine to the middle and the dishes still always come clean.


The kitchen looks beautiful! I know that you said earlier that it feels like it will be a long while before you have any beautiful images of the underdog, but the last, untouched photo is absolutely amazing. Your new space seems so real, yet still the best-case-scenario of real, if that makes sense.


You’re going to laugh because my question doesn’t concern your appliances…I love your skylights! I was wondering, when they’re pouring in all that beautiful light on such a hot day, does your kitchen get super hot and unbearable?


Fabulous reviews!

Please, please tell me how you’re keeping your floors so shiny clean. We also just finished a new house renovation and have similar hued engineered wood floors throughout. So far it’s been kind of a nightmare to keep them looking nice. We’re taking shoes of when we enter – a must since we live in a dusty area and shoes leave a perfect dusty trail – but I feel like I just can’t get it all the way CLEAN. And every crumb shows. And like you, I have two small boys (1 and 2). Any tips you can share??

PS- I totally loved your post the other day about your frustrations with balancing life/moving/settling in. I work full-time and have the aforementioned two small kids, and the move has been incredibly frustrating. I feel like I just can’t get unpacked, can’t get settled, the house looks unlived in, and it feels like it’s going to take 2 years to “get there”.


Your kitchen looks lovely! Thanks for the reviews, very helpful!
Please tell us if you’re happy with the floors! We’re looking to get rid of our carpet and install hardwood or engineered flooring, and can’t make up our minds! We love the color of your floors, but are a little worried that the dirt will show. What’s your experience so far?


This is very helpful – I appreciate the reviews! We can’t wait to install our Praktfull tomorrow. We are considering the concealed dishwasher too, I’m glad to hear you like it. I noticed in your photos that we picked the same hardware as you!


If you are blowing through Jet-Dry, you can switch to straight white vinegar as a rinsing agent. Much cheaper and works just as well!


Thanks for sharing all your kitchen info. We are going to do a Ikea kitchen in the fall so all your info is super duper helpful. I would love it if you did a series of your ikea kitchen design to reality! You guys have done a beautiful job!


Vinegar as a rinsing agent replacement?! Great!


I’ll have to write a review on those as well!


The great room was warmer than the bedrooms yesterday. But with 106 degrees outside and vaulted ceilings, I think that’s to be expected. We do have two commercial ceiling fans that we use to circulate the air in the great room and that definitely helps. I did run the A/C yesterday but our house is small so it doesn’t take much to cool it down. Another plus to downsizing! One thing to consider is that our skylights are on the north side of the house. If they were on the south side, things might get a little toasty.

It was by no means super hot or unbearable in the kitchen yesterday. I even used the gas range for dinner last night and it didn’t make a difference bc the hood vented the heat to the outside. All-in-all, we LOVE the skylights.


Oooh, I may have to try that! Hadn’t thought of that! We have a water softener so we probably don’t need the rinsing agent set on the highest level.


Quick & free parent hack for the stove knobs: instead of adding knob covers, take the knobs off and keep them in an accessible spot (oven mitt drawer, etc)


I’m so glad you shared – I’ve always wondered how the Ikea appliances are! Can’t wait to hear more about your experience with Ikea – we plan to use them when we renovate our kitchen as well!


I appreciate the reviews and look forward to hearing about your experience with IKEA kitchen design, etc — I am considering the same for my soon to be remodeled kitchen. I’m particularly interested in hearing how you feel the cabinets are for durability, quality. I know you’ve got kids so you’ll likely have more kid interaction than my home (all kids grown and moved out). I enjoy your blog!


Holy smokes, Batman, what thorough reviews! I used to stock up on groceries, but find I too spend less and waste less when I make more frequent trips. I agree with another commenter that vinegar would make a great rinsing agent replacement. I personally don’t use my dishwasher (prefer the old fashioned method), but I do use distilled white vinegar in the rinse cycle of my front load washer.


Absolutely gorgeous! That kitchen is perfect. Hoping to use your blog to persuade my hubby and kids when our time in our leased home is up in December, that a smaller, well-done home would be perfect for us. We already downsized moving here, and no one seems worse for wear, but your remodeled downsized home is such an inspiration for me! We too, have also stopped “stock-piling” food. Am I sometimes missing out on a lower per/pound price by not buying in bulk? Yes, but I’ve noticed that the “cleaner” we make our diet and the less quantity we buy, we have less waste/gluttony. Again, thanks for sharing!

Love the reviews, even though we don’t have an Ikea close. I’ve always wondered about their appliances and the quality. If they ever decide to build one in Saint Louis, I’ll do the biggest happy dance you’ve ever seen :) And I’ve given up trying to keep my stainless steel appliances finger print free. With a toddler, it’s a futile quest.


Fantastic tip! Oh Vinegar, what can’t you clean?


Thanks so much for these reviews! We are currently looking to convert an income property into a duplex so there may be two IKEA kitchens going in and it’ll be a lot easier if we can buy the appliances there too.

When I found your blog a month ago, my husband and I were also trying to figure out how to fund my return to school. We decided to go with an income property simply because I don’t have the patience to move twice and redesign an entire house, all the more reason why your blog blows me away. You. Go. Girl.


Please forgive me if I have already asked this question. I cant remeber if I asked or just thought about it awhile. If you had to speculate as to what black and white paint colors your IKEA cabinets would be, what would you say?


I also have the same refrigerator and dishwater from Ikea and am very happy with them especially given what we paid (we ordered our entire kitchen cabinets, countertop & appliances from Ikea so we could get the 20% discount). After 2 years of use, we’ve had absolutely NO problems with the appliances and cabinets! My only very minor complaint is that the exterior of the refrigerator is difficult to keep spots from the water dispenser and fingerprints off of. If you have any tips on how you manage that, I’d love to hear about it. Thanks!


I’m usually drawn to all white kitchens but your black lower cabinets with the dark floors look amazing! I also love the cabinet front on the dishwasher. Very nice!


The nicest silverware rack I’ve ever seen is in a Bosch dishwasher, they have a great shallow top shelf for silverware. Thanks for your reviews, I admire that gas stove. I love the first shot in this post of your kitchen, it looks so great!

I’ve definitely been curious about IKEA’s appliances, especially since so many of IKEA’s products tend to be short-term (i.e., low price and low quality). Thanks for sharing the good and the bad. I’d be interested to read that year-after review!

P.S. Kitchen looks great!!


Gorgeous house! I’m hoping you will come back to me quickly with an answer. We renovated and I have gotten lots of ideas from you.. we bought our hardwood floor from builddirect and were now going to purchase a walnut butcher block for our island from hardwood-lumber. But, the other day I was rolling out and cutting dough on my laminate island countertop and realized.. if I get a butcher block I won’t be able to do this anymore. My plan was to finish is with waterlox just as you have because I don’t want to the maintenance of oiling so often. Question.. will my butcher block cut up and scratch up (my dough cutter is not as sharp as a pizza cutter but easily cuts raw dough for cinnamon twists, etc). Also.. is waterlox a hard finish and are you satisfied with it? Our kids’ water cups stand on the island all day long.. will they stick on and leave marks?
My husband is to the point where he thinks we should just go with laminate for the island (as we are doing for the rest of the kitchen).. but I so desire the beauty of the walnut.



Sorry, our internet service has been out for the past 5 days due to a storm that rolled through last Friday. As for the butcher block/Waterlox island…

We are okay to leave wet, sweaty glasses on the island with no water marks. No coasters needed. The glasses do not stick. I haven’t tried cutting directly on the walnut top but we already have a few indentations {not scratches} in the finish – not the actual wood – just from my son writing with a pencil on paper. It was a sharp pencil with nothing under the paper and my son pushes down very hard when he writes. It’s not really a problem to us as we like a patina. If you’re wanting perfection, then I don’t think I’d trust a dough cutter directly on the Waterlox topcoat. It may not penetrate the wood but it will most likely leave indentations in the top coat. Hope that makes sense. Good luck with your kitchen!


Sorry! I do still have your paint color request on my to-do list!


No dice! The rinse agent dispenser was set to ‘2’ out of ‘6’. I turned it down to ‘1’ and I’m still going through rinsing agent like crazy. I think I’ll try the vinegar suggestion once my rinsing agent bottle is empty.


Womp, what a bummer! I thought for sure that was the problem. We run our dishwasher only 2-3 times per week, but ours is set to “3”, and we still only have to fill ours every other month or so. Good luck with the vinegar, I may have to try that as well. Also, I meant to mention in my previous post that the best thing I’ve found to remove finger print on the fridge is a slightly damp Mr. Clean Magic Eraser followed by a dry dishtowel. I’ve tried stainless steel sprays, Pledge, vinegar, etc. and nothing works as well to remove prints.


This looks like my dream kitchen. Always a fan of the stainless steel appliances and hopefully one day I’ll be able to have them. I wonder if the oven as a model similar to that but with the knobs on the top of the oven. I have 3 little ones and I would have the same concern you brought up with them maybe playing around with it. Also I have a question for you. I noticed that you do not have back splash on your walls in your kitchen; I wasn’t sure whether or not to go about doing this project and if you had any opinion on it at all?


We’d like to add a backsplash but only about 6″ high. Since the kitchen is highly visible from the front door and living area, we don’t want an entire wall of tile making the space feel too utilitarian. I’d like to add a taller stainless steel backsplash just above the range for easy splatter cleanup.

your kitchen is stunning!! we bought all ikea appliances as part of our kitchen reno 2.5 years ago, and they are all working great and look amazing. we’ve had to make 2 calls…one on the dishwasher that was totally operator error :) and one on the ice maker. both were handled promptly, so friendly and at no charge! hard to beat that with a stick! i know if we’d purchased this level of appliance anywhere else, we’d have paid 50% more. so thrilled you’re happy with all your choices! hope things are looking up after that nasty storm!


Hello! Love following your house tweaks, and gasped out loud when I saw your kitchen rug – I just stenciled the playroom with endless circles! Where did you find that runner, or did you make it? Thanks!!!


The rug was in the entry of our previous home. It was the only low profile one that I could find that our front door would open over without catching. I believe it was from Frontgate.


oooh – we have a Frontgate Outlet nearby. I’ll check it out. Thank you!


Awesome! Thanks for the review on the range. I’m thinking of getting the same range and I have a few questions about your installation. What was the width space between cabinets for the range…did you leave a 36″ inch space exactly? I know the range itself is 35 3/8 inches. Also, What’s the depth of the granite piece you had installed in the back of the range. I think we’ll do the same thing when our counter-top installers come.

Thank you!


The exact width of our range is 35 1/4″. We left a 35 5/8″ space open for it. This is the space between the countertop support {to the right of the dishwasher since it doesn’t actually support the countertop} and a 3-drawer cabinet. The depth of the granite piece behind the range is 3″. Hope that’s what you needed!


perfect. this is a big help!


The problem you were having with the range. I’m having the same issue. Just installed oven and the burners work but can’t figure out how to start the oven? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The three left knobs must all be turned to an active position for the oven to turn on!


“Avoid Ikea Appliances!”

I renovated a house and my wife chose five Ikea appliances – refrigerator, dishwasher, combination oven, microwave and induction cooktop. Two of the five (dishwasher and cooktop) did not work at all, a third failed within a week of being plugged in (compressor failure) and the customer service was beyond uncaring and unhelpful – and two weeks after the failure of the refrigerator we still don’t have it fixed, because it takes 10 days to get simple parts.

This is ridiculously bad performance and even worse customer service. It doesn’t matter that the prices are good – the products don’t work!

(and yes, I know, they’re manufactured by Whirlpool – but the service is local contractors… who in this area vary from qualified to completely incompetent.)



We chose white Ikea cabintes when we built our home 20 years ago and loved the look and functionality. (So did everyone who visited.). When we remodeled 5 years ago, we again chose an Ikea kitchen, this time in Oak, some with glass doors. We installed black Silestone countertops and mirror-backsplashes all around. This kitchen rocked! If we ever remodel, we’ll most likely go with Ikea cabinets again. They are well-made and thoughtfully designed.


Love your kitchen! I was wondering how the black cabinets are holding up? Do they show wear and tear easily?


My mom has been using it as the rinse agent for years!


I’d love to know the dimensions of some of your space, especially the kitchen/dining/living areas. I got married at age 60 and downsized into a tiny house without de-cluttering first… big mistake! It’s taken 4 years to get settled and save enough to have a new IKEA kitchen put in. Your posts have been really helpful and inspiring, especially the reviews of appliances and advice on using the kitchen planner software in tandem with guidance from the folks at IKEA. I think if we wait for one of the 20% sales, I can save enough to get the pricey but sleek, counter-depth, tall and skinny fridge I’ve been coveting. BTW, can you give a ballpark on what you spent on the roof raising project? Was it all HH sweat equity, or did you have to hire architects/engineer/other contractos?


Thank you for sharing your Ikea kitchen experience with us. You have been so helpful.


so silly but, will any kind of vinegar work? what are the brands/kinds you all use? thanks!


I use distilled white vinegar. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it works just as well as Jet Dry.


This looks amazing! We are currently in the Ikea kitchen planning process, and considering going with all Ikea appliances as well. Would you change your review of these appliances, now that you have been using them for longer?

Thank you!


Interesting….I have read this exact comment on another website. Somebody doesn’t like IKEA!


I was wondering the same thing? Are you still happy with your appliances…I’m buying my IKEA kitchen in about 2 weeks!


Now that you have had your IKEA appliances for one year +, are you still happy with them? We are considering purchasing some ourselves. Thanks for providing an update.


Love my Ikea cabinets. Hate the appliances. GO ELSEWHERE!!! I purchased the induction cooktop – after having it blow the whole power in my condo, waiting 6-8 weeks for parts, they replaced them. My husband put on two elements and it blew again!! So finally they did a buyback. I was without a cooktop for approximately 3 months. I then purchased a GE, which I love. (It did cost me double – but well worth it) I also purchased the built in oven. Right from the start, it didn’t heat up enough on the bake setting. Works great on convection. Again whirlpool came out and replaced the sensor. Helped a little for a few weeks but still not the right temp. It’s about 50 degrees lower than it should be. I have a thermostat in it now. So I’ve just lived with it. Until this week, I decided to clean it. I put it on the self clean setting, and now the door is locked. Permanently. Again, back to Whirlpool for repairs. UUGGHH…..


Omg stay away from ikea appliances!!! My boyfriend and I just purchased a new ikea kitchen and included a range and dishwasher from them in the purchase. The range’s wiring was shot when it was delivered. THEN the dishwasher leaked all over… And not from the normal hookup/connections. The dishwasher was leaking from the actual unit. Is this a joke? A $700 dishwasher is a POS?

We decided to go this route (purchasing these two appliances for okra) because they were the exact same appliances reviewed here. Dana were you compensated by ikea for this review? Because I would rate our range a 0, being non functional, and our dishwasher a 1, being leaking, but I am keeping the integrated cabinet. Are your appliances still holding up?


I was NOT compensated whatsoever for buying / reviewing / featuring IKEA cabinets or appliances. I LOVE our range and know a few other people who have the same model and feel the same as me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Our dishwasher had an issue with the rinse agent dispenser not dispensing correctly. It was replaced at no charge {included in the 5-year warranty} and has been working just fine since then. I have said before that it’s not my favorite dishwasher {we’ve owned a total of 4 over three houses we’ve lived in} but it’s not my least favorite either. We had a GE in our brand new home {our previous home} and it had to be replaced shortly after we moved in. I strongly disliked that dishwasher but know others in our then neighborhood who loved it. {They had the same model.}

All that to say, you can read all the reviews you want to get a pretty good idea of what to expect but you really never know what you’re going to get. I’m sorry you had a bad experience.


Oh no why in the world would you choose Ikea appliances. I was tempted to buy them because they look so cool but the craftsmanship is not there, they are so flimsy. The shelves are very thin plastic. I know whirlpool makes them BUT they make FOR ikea. Anyways that’s just my opinion. Their kitchens are fabulous tho. I ended up going with LG by the way.


Thank you for such a well written review! I stumbled across your blog via a Google search looking for info on the DW (We are in the process of hooking our new Ikea appliances up…) and loved your post. Beautiful post. Lovely kitchen.


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Gorgeous kitchen! I love the range but I guess they don’t carry it anymore:(
FYI: gas tops have knobs on the front, not back, so you don’t set your arms in fire while turning them on!


I have the same Ikea refrigerator. We keep having water leak from somewhere but can’t find the leak. We have had two repairmen look at it and they all say it is fine, they can’t find anything wrong with it. One repairman said maybe the door was being kept open too long, which I am guilty of sometimes, particularly after going to the grocery. That is my ONLY complaint with it. Not sure what we are going to do now since it HAS ruined the wood underneath it. One thing is sure, I would NOT buy another appliance from Ikea.


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Your gas range is a IKEA Praktfull Pro? I have one which is MODEL NUMBER IDC875SS that I cannot get repaired. Have you had any problems with repair? Also I bought the dishwasher you have and have had to have it repaired twice. I am totally disgusted with IKEA Whirlpool appliances.


We haven’t had any issues with our range. The soap dispenser in our dishwasher had to be replaced early on but we haven’t had a problem since. Sorry for all your troubles!


I just installed my ikea dishwasher and it has the same problem as yours, have noise, no water coming out and soup detergent dispensed. but it heated fine. Did you know what did they fix? I am worry about it is the installation problem and the warrenty won’t cover.



The issue for us was the float. It was an easy fix (it wasn’t in the proper position). A repair man came, remedied the problem and it was covered by our warranty. Hopefully, it’s something as simple as that for you!


Ikea dishwasher leaked, caused big mess. 5 year warranty sounds great if you don’t have to use it. We’ll be purchasing German appliances next time. Better to pay up front instead of at the end considering the mess.


Hi, this is a long shot…but I bought the same Praktfull Range and need the propane conversion kit, it is a set of five small brass orifices that are screwed into the burners. Most people use the natural gas ones. If you still have them with you range, ikea put them in a small bag with the instructions, I would be grateful to purchase them from you for my range! I love this range and want to use it at my new place but it only has propane :) we must have lost our kit and whirlpool no longer sells the kit!.Leah


Hmmm…let me check and I’ll get back to you.


Wow, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your awesome and thorough review of the IKEA appliances and your experience with them. Your kitchen is GORGEOUS! I hope you’re still enjoying it :)

We are remodeling and debating the appliances (definitely going with the cabinets and some other ikea items) – I’m wondering if you would share a little more about the service calls you had. Did you have to pay for those visits since he ended up not having to replace any parts? Or is it just the parts that are covered (but not the repairman and his trip, etc.)? Thanks for clarifying for me :)

Also, now that it has been a couple of years – do you still feel good about your purchase and have they held up well?

I hope you’re loving your kitchen and life in there!


We never paid for anything service-related once the appliances were bought. The parts, labor and service call were all covered under the warranty. I do remember having to call an Ikea # to set up service with an approved repairman. Other than that one repair to the dishwasher (the soap dispenser was replaced), we haven’t had any issues to speak of.


Thanks so much!! :)


Hi. I noticed you said that the fridge sticks out about 2.5″ from your counter. Is it the handles that stick out or the fridge itself? Ikea has the depth listed at 27.5″ and I just assumed the fridge was 24″ deep with 3.5″ handles.


The fridge itself (not including handles) is 27.5″ deep.


Hi there, Do you remember what you paid for your range? I really like it but the current ones are quite different. So I found one in really good condition but used. Just wondering what it cost new? (Again, current one is quite different.)



I am looking for an instruction manual for the cooker range (Praktfull) Overtime our tenants have scrubbed off the control knob markings for the oven and we have no ideas of the temperature settings. Would you be able to assist me.



You can email me for further info if you’d like!


It seems like there’s a lot of general hesitation about whether to buy IKEA appliances at all. On the plus side is the 5-year warranty and the guarantee that they’ll fit with IKEA cabinets. On the downside, a lot of people don’t know who makes them and if they’re getting a good deal, precisely because you can’t cross-shop the products against other retailers’ prices.

So we just created what I think is the ultimate mega-guide to IKEA appliances. This is a review of every single appliance that IKEA sells (currently), along with details of when it might make sense to look at the Whirlpool, Maytag, or Amana-branded versions instead.

Since I can’t post a URL here, just click on the red text above that says Reviewed. com.


Magic erasers are mild abrasives. After time it will wear/dull/scratch the surface

To be honest, I’ve mostly done their Ikea flat pack furniture rather then testing how home appliances perform, but for what I’ve read and my personal experience with setting-up an Ikea assembly, if not installed right these home appliances my end up damaged, often beyond repair. ps: @Gigi, what was the model of your Ikea unit? I’ve heard this a few times already and I would love to give a peak. To assemble is not their strongest of sides.. did you use an an Ikea kitchen fitter? How have appliances performed for the last few years? Have you had any maintenance and repair emergencies? Does Ikea offer such repair services for their own electrical units? I’m quite peculiar. I have a stack of Ikea flat pack furniture but barely tried any appliances. cheers


Hi there, may I know where is the electrical point/socket/plug for the range? Thanks!


We had to add an outlet for the slide-in range. It’s behind the range.


I just want to add to the other two experiences I’ve read here about Ikea dishwasher leaks. Turns out there’s been a small leak from the inlet port for a very long time. Ruined the flooring before it became apparent.


Are you still liking your kitchen? I am designing an IKEA kitchen for a small space and I am having trouble squeezing the microwave in. I will likely get a countertop model and put it in a cubby like you did. I notice it sticks out quite a distance from the wall cabinet. Did you build a special shelf to rest it on in the wall cabinet?