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02.04.13 / DIY Photo Postcards

My sister, Rihana, is getting married this year. We haven’t been to a wedding in a looooooooong time. I’m so excited to  have something outside of the house to look forward to! As a result, House*Tweaking might get a dose of wedding this year. Consider that a warning. I’m matron of honor {doesn’t that sound so matronly?}. Layne and Everett are ring bearers. Mabrey is a flower girl. And HH just gets to sit there and look pretty. What he does best.

My first job as matron of honor was to send out invites for the upcoming engagement party. Well, it was mine and my other sister, Alina’s, job. She’s maid of honor. I know. That just got confusing. I come from a big family. And we like unusual girl names, m’kay? Anyhow, Rihana was adamant about not labeling the party a “shower” or “celebration.” My extended family is extremely laid back and casual and we like to keep our parties the same. {Beer helps.}

Alina and I thought it would be best to DIY the invites to keep it casual. Plus, DIY’d invites have the added benefit of being a little more personal than store bought ones. A few months ago, I took engagement photos {also totally casual} of Rihana and her fiancé. I asked if she would mind if I used one of the shots for the invite. She was game.


I had 24 photos printed at my local Moto Photo in the 4″x6″ size in sepia tone in a matte finish with a white border. They were ~40¢ each. {I’m a Moto Photo member…so that might be a discounted price.} FYI – I opted for a matte finish because I think it looks more professional and I thought it would hold up better in the mail.


Then I bought 24 of these postcard stickers off the shelf – also at Moto Photo. They were 25¢ each. {I’ve seen them on Amazon for about twice that.} Last Friday night, Alina came over and we set up an assembly line to turn the photos into postcards.


Alina peeled the postcard sticker off the release paper.


I carefully lined up one photo edge with the sticker edge…


…then smoothed it out. FYI: Once the postcard sticker is stuck, it canNOT be removed. So, it’s really important to line things up properly before you smooth it all out. There’s no turning back!


Instant postcard! The sticker is quite stiff so it feels like an actual postcard too.


Alina and I are both lefties but somehow she managed to get all the good handwriting skillz. She wrote out the invite info and I addressed them. I bought fine {as in thin fine, not as in Ryan Gosling fine, although, now that I think about it, that would have been way more fun} Sharpie pens just for this step to avoid indenting the photo side of the invitations. Worked like a charm.


“He liked it so he put a ring on it” came from pinterest. I believe there were dancing Beyonces on the inspiration invitation.


Alina and I were really pleased with how they turned out. Rihana received her invite today and I got a text right away. “Got our invite in the mail today. So cute!!” Two exclamation points. I think that’s a good sign.


You could easily do this for just about any casual occasion or event: baby shower {hello, sonogram pictures!}, birthday party, Valentine’s Day {just around the corner!}, graduation open house, birth announcement, we’ve moved, Christmas postcards, etc. Really, anything. The best part is you save money by: 1) forgoing envelopes and 2) buying less expensive postcard stamps. With postage and all, I think we spent less than $1/invite which is pretty awesome considering invitees get an actual photo as a keepsake.

And now I would like to point out that I have exposed the image of Rihana & Jack kissing more than half a dozen times in one post for all to see. Jack, you are loving this, aren’t you?


One more. For good measure.


And one more because you’re a Ravens fan.


And one more because I’m a Steelers fan.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



What a lovely idea ! I wonder if we have those stickers here in France because I wanted to make such postcards for my future bed&breakfast … maybe on Amazon.fr ? Good luck with all the wedding planning :) Take care


This is a great idea! My most favorite part though? Is that you’re a fellow Steelers fan ;)


I did this for my Save the Dates and Thank You’s for my wedding. I used vistaprint.com and they were definitely under $1 a piece. That was a few years ago now but I’m guessing it will still be fairly inexpensive. The only issue I found was one of my Aunts got jealous that I sent another Aunt a picture of me and my husband and she just got writing – I told her to flip the postcard around and then she was happy too!


everything you do, you do big!…Black&Yellow, Black&Yellow…


Love this! I’ve never heard of the postcard stickers so thanks for sharing. I’m definitely doing this for our housewarming party – just have to figure out how to word it so people don’t feel they need to bring gifts. Maybe I’ll leave the housewarming part out…?

This is such a great idea…what a perfect invite! :)


Okay this is such a great idea I can’t stand it! I love the idea of just creating postcards for any reason (happy day!) with an original photo. I think I’ll make a few and just hold onto them until I know someone who needs a pick-me-up in their mailbox. Oh and it was cool to hear about Moto Photo (I live close to you and it’s cool to hear about places I recognize and have been to)! :D


Dana, I’m in Cincy too! AND my sister is getting married in May and I too am a matron of honor. So exciting! Enjoy all your upcoming girl/ sister time!!!! I’m totally stealing this idea for her shower! (Probably not a photo of a kiss ;) ) Thank you! I’m googling Moto Photo next, I’ve never heard of it!!!! So thank you TWICE!


Cute pics; go Steelers!!
That’s all :)


When you are marrying a girl like Rihana, everyday feels like winning the Super Bowl. But with more chores.


I’m getting married in May over here in Australia and we just recently sent out our handmade invitations for our wedding. We kind of did an extended version of this idea. Each one was a little 7 page photo album that told the story of us inviting them to our wedding. They seemed to be a hit with our friends and family.


Love these! I didn’t even know post card stickers existed. I can’t wait to use them soon!


And no buttered popcorn ;)



I have been reading your blog for maybe a month now, and I am hooked!

It’s a strange coincidence, but I actually work at a Motophoto. We love those postcard backers, so I’m glad to see they worked for you. Here’s a hint for prints: the Grand Rapids, MI store only charges 25¢ each for 4x6s, and you can order online. SO, you might want to try ordering from a different location through MOTOePics, you should get the same quality.


“You’re presence is your present” (that’s what I’ve used….hope it helps!


I think Jack and I will end up using this for thank you cards too, it’s so easy and cute! :]


These look great! I’m also the matron of honor for my sister’s wedding this summer, while my other sister is the maid of honor. I agree matron does sound, well….matronly…..as long as I don’t look it, it’ll be fine! Just wanted to say I am excited that you’ll have some wedding posts. Love your blog!


Your invites are so cute and unique! I’ve never heard of postcard stickers before – can’t wait to try them out!


Great idea! Adding the registered info is tacky.


Relatives and family friends were already asking where Rihana & Jack are registered. We figured it would be helpful to include it. They aren’t having a formal bridal shower and Rihana & Jack are getting married a few states away so it’s actually easier for family and friends to give them gifts now as opposed to at a “real” shower or at the actual wedding. To each their own.


Definitely to each their own. I personally would rather answer those who ask where we are registered than adding it to the invitation.


Worked out great for us! Rihana cleaned up and got things we needed (in her mind) instead of random gifts. Thanks, Dana!