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You first got a glimpse of the new wall planter in the kitchen here. Today I’m sharing how I filled and hung the planter. The gist? It was really easy! I installed the planter by myself. HH was away on business and the kids were tucked in bed for the night.


I ordered my wall planter from Wayfair but I’ve since seen it available via other online retailers. If you’re interested, my suggestion would be to google “BrightGreen” or “GroVert” to compare pricing and styles. As shown above, the living art frame holds ten 4″ plants. There are ten separate cell planters so you can customize the potting soil to each plant if desired. At first, I was leery of plants falling out of a vertical planter but the cell planters actually tip back to hold their contents.


The directions that came with the planter said to fill the planter before hanging it. Since I was working alone, I decided to hang the planter empty first {it’s really easy to remove from the wall} to make sure I had everything level and secure. It ended up working really well. The planter comes with a mounting bracket but no hardware. The instructions said the planter weighs ~35lbs when full. So I grabbed some drywall anchors from the {very messy!} garage. They can support up to 90lbs vertically.


Without an extra set of hands, I kind of had to guess where I wanted the frame then measure accordingly by making a bunch of pencil marks on the wall. Once I settled on the placement, I held the mounting bracket in its proper place with a small level resting on top of it to make sure it was level. {As you can imagine, this step took two hands leaving no hands for taking pictures – sorry!} I marked the two screw holes with a pencil on the wall – see above – and then double checked that they were level.


I screwed the drywall anchors into the wall with a manual screwdriver. Luckily, I didn’t have any problems hitting a stud but if I did I could have just screwed directly into it. I held the mounting bracket in place and used the accompanying screws to secure the bracket to the wall.


There’s the bracket in place.


I hung my empty planter on the bracket to check the placement. Perfect!


Knowing the placement of the mounting bracket was where I wanted it, I lifted the planter off the bracket and proceeded to fill the planter. I like Miracle Gro’s organic potting mix.


You’ve already seen the finished product but here are the plants I used. To be honest, I didn’t have the time or patience to think too much about which plants to buy. I had all three kids with me at Home Depot and I was going on day five of single-mommin’ it. To make things less easy, my local Home Depot had a very small selection of 4″ plants to choose from. At first, I was thinking of doing all succulents but there weren’t even ten 4″ succulents available so I ended up grabbing a mish mash of 4″ers. The composition was nice but I worried that the various plants wouldn’t survive under the same watering schedule.


I played around with the arrangement until I finally decided on this one. I planted each cell individually adding potting soil first, then a plant, then more soil if needed. It’s nice that the cells allow for individual soil customization. My succulents are happy in the rockier soil they came with.

After all the plants were potted, I gave them a good watering. The directions say to water the newly planted planter on a horizontal surface then let settle for 2-3 days before hanging. I couldn’t wait.


Needless to say, I had some dirt spillage. But it was easily cleaned up and the plants seemed to be snug in their cells so I left it on the wall. But you should follow the directions – just not that part about hanging the planter full right off the bat. Test it out empty first.


The planter sticks out ~5″ from the wall.


When figuring out the exact placement of the wall planter, I made sure the upper corner cabinet could be opened with no problems. I can still reach my fancy heirloom wine glasses. Whew.


As for watering the wall planter, it has a pretty innovative built-in irrigation system. You simply pour water into the top water chamber {see the sponge?} and it slowly disperses across a moisture mat all on its own.


There’s a small tray at the bottom of the planter to catch any runoff and there’s no worry of any water running down the wall. I’ve seen a bunch of DIY outdoor wall planters but the design of this planter’s watering system makes it ideal for indoor use.


All in all, it took me about an hour to completely install the living art frame. And it took me about 5 seconds to fall completely in love with it.

Now for the big question: How are the various plants holding up? I took the following unedited picture of the planter early this morning just for your viewing pleasure.


So far, so good! Even after 10+ days of being unattended while we were on vacation last week. I simply watered the planter very thoroughly right as we were leaving for vacation and the plants managed to stay alive while we were away. I can’t say what might happen over the next six months with my black thumb tendencies. The good thing is if one {or all ten!} of the plants starts looking weak/dead, it would be very easy to remove an individual plant and replant something else. I don’t think I paid more than $4 for any of the plants you see, so if some of them die it’s not a huge deal.

Still, if you’re thinking of trying this particular wall planter it might be a good idea to choose your plants more wisely than I did!

Would you ever try a wall planter indoors?

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Yes! I was inspired by your original post and ordered the wall planter. I love it so much — thanks for posting about it. Here it is in my house. http://diydelray.com/2013/04/08/creating-a-living-wall/


Looks beautiful!! I think I would totally try one indoors. I have a tendency to kill plants, however. You may just give me hope.

On a side note: How are you liking the backsplash? How did you guys finish the top edge of the tile? Is it just a bead of caulk?

I want to do one of these so badly! I have a spot by my fridge that I’ve been saving for some kind of art and I think this is exactly what that spot needs! Thanks for the post!

I really love this. REALLY.

YAY! I am so glad you posted how to put this together. My boyfriend and I are moving into a new apartment and when I saw your original post on this I couldn’t wait for the follow-up on how to do it so that I could try it out in the new space! It looks awesome! :)


So beautiful! Thanks for the update. I think your plants go so well together, even though you wouldn’t think so at first. You just have an instinct for design. I would have been standing in the store for an hour trying to decide what plants to pick and then probably just left the store empty-handed! ;-)

I would definitely try it. I think it looks amazing in your kitchen!


Completely agree with you.. word by word…


We LOVE the backsplash. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I really like that it is minimal – only 3 tiles high. Otherwise, I think it would feel like we were sitting in a kitchen when we were sitting on the couch in the open great room. And even though the gray epoxy grout was kind of a pain to put in, we’re patting our own backs knowing we’ll never have to regrout. Never! The tiles and grout are super easy to wipe down.

The top edge is epoxy grout. I was trying to steer clear of any decorative trim but we had to do something because our old house has uneven walls and that edge was uneven along the wall. The epoxy grout worked well for us!


Your living wall looks fab!!!


LOVE this! Honestly, this is the most gorgeous take on foliage in the kitchen I’ve ever seen. I’ve been desperate to get some greenery in our kitchen. With our new (large and growing fast!! :) puppy, I’m looking for wall decor and wall solutions, vs. plants on stands and table surfaces. I’m definitely going to give something like this a try. Thanks for sharing!

I am obsessed with this! This looks so great and definitely gives life to an empty wall! This would probably work really well with herbs too for the kitchen.


What a cute idea! I love the idea of bringing more greenery into the house – without taking up valuable counter space. Thanks for sharing!

I adore it. I’m a sucker for succulents!

This is beautiful! I would love to put one up in my dining room. Maybe I’ll develop a green thumb after all!


The burst of color on the wall must be wonderful in grey weather. I really like the accent it gives your muted kitchen.

I’m wondering about the electrical outlets near the sink: they don’t look like GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlets which are standard here (So. Cal.). Here, even old outlets near a water source are upgraded.


It turned out so cute! And it seems as though it would be relatively easy to change out a plant if needed.


I love this planter, and I love your blog (new reader here)!


Love your kitchen! What are your counters? I’m in the market for something similar to go with my freshly painted cabinets. I’m fairly new to your site, so I couldn’t find the answer in the few other posts I checked out. Love your style though! Thanks!


The perimeter countertops are Kashmir White granite. The island is walnut.


I am completely obsessed with this post! I keep coming back and ogling that planter….and your kitchen. You are my style inspiration!!


Do you find that this color granite is harder to keep up? I used to have light granite and I love it but I remember a strawberry incident where I had to bleach it about 5 times to get the stain out…


Also, how DARE you have a color all over your house that I can’t even find a color chip for?!? Seriously, I think I’m going to have to get a sample made at lowes and go find a scrap piece of Sheetrock at the building site to paint it onto for my builder to see…they use only Sherwin Williams. And I have to decide this week…


Hi! Could you tell me the cource for your cabinet pulls? thanks!!


Beautiful Kitchen!

If you do larger vertical gardens, you want to let them sit horizontal (as they would naturally) for about two weeks before hanging. This allows them to get a good root foundation before becoming vertical.

Awesome website and great work on the house thus far!