...because home doesn't happen overnight.


This isn’t technically an “all done!” after – just an after shot of the boys’ bedroom since adding the striped wallpaper. You can read more about the wallpaper install here.


There was some concern about PVC fumes off gassing from the wallpaper. But after touching base with the creator of Chasing Paper, I’d like to clarify. The wallpaper is actually made of PVC-free fabric {!} and non-toxic adhesive.


Still, I let the wallpaper off gas in the garage for a few weeks before I brought it into the house and I aired out the room after the wallpaper was hung by opening the windows which is protocol around here whenever I add something new {wallpaper, paint, rug, furniture, etc.} to any room. We have had absolutely no strange odors in the room – well, other than the natural strange odors that come with two boys ;)


The night after we hung the wallpaper I had dreams of waking to find the paper crumpled in a pile on the floor. Luckily, it was just a dream.


The wallpaper looks just as good as the day we put it up.


A reader asked if the boys ever pick at the wallpaper and try to remove it. {The peel-and-stick wallpaper can be easily removed without damaging drywall.} The answer is no. I don’t even know if the boys know it can be peeled away like a sticker. Also, anytime the boys witness us making an improvement to the house they are more likely to respect it. They really do have an appreciation for making our house a home. {Everett keeps telling us we need to “fix” the mantel and TV area in the living room. It’s still exposed to the block wall.} I think having the kids present during less intense projects allows them to see how much time and effort we invest in creating a feel good place to live. As a result, they are less likely to destroy stuff. Of course, they are kids and spills, scratches, dents, dings and messes happen. I’m not saying they’re perfect little angels but they’re definitely aware of any changes we make and are the first to compliment us on them. They love showing guests their bunk bed hideout!


The striped wall does exactly what I had hoped it would do. It makes the galley-like room appear wider. And you know I love the graphic black and white stripes.

Things left to do in the boys’ bedroom:

*add window treatments

*paint the step stool

*paint the lamps on the bookcases

*bring in more color and playful accessories

*style the dresser

*hang wall decor

*the boys are requesting a table for Lego building…we’ll see

Lots done and lots left to do. That goes for any room in the house right now.

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images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Really stunning every time I check your blog I want to repaint my entire flat !


Where did you find your bookcase and baskets from? I really like how open they are. The room looks great!


Please, please, please do a lego table! I need some inspiration for my own boy. :)


I just love it!

My 6 year old has a Lego table. It’s a 1/2″ thick piece of pine (my husband sanded and smoothed the edges) on casters that we store under his bed. He rolls it out when he wants to build, and is able to leave his 1/2 built creations on the Lego table and roll it right back under the bed when he’s done playing. It’s nice not having Legos all over my dining table.


I love this room! We are in an apt. Right now after selling our house and I am anxious to have projects and rooms to decorate again! :). Would you mind telling where you found those fabulous black and white pillows on their beds? I think I’m in love with them! :)


@Jolynn – I think the pillows are from Ikea.

Spill the deets on the bookshelves, please! You’ve given us a few teasers with them and they deserve a post. I was looking for a similar shelf for my boy’s room. I really like the room. You’ve made it feel so warm despite the industrialism and neutral palette.

It’s absolutely beautiful! I love the statement it makes in the room…just perfect! :)


I’m with Grace. Where did you get the book shelf and baskets? Love the stripes!


I’m with the others and hoping you drop in to share where you found the bookshelf at? Love that!!


Add me to the list of folks that want to know about the bookshelf. Love them!

What an impact! So glad I stumbled upon this blog via 7th House on the Left. Thanks for sharing!




Big fan of your blog. I am curious to know the source of your boys’ room ceiling lighting. Thanks!


Lamps Plus! The cage light is perfect for their room.


How long did the project take you if you don’t mind me asking? It looks very nice! :)


The colours really work well, white and black are always the colours that suit with anything really, nice modern room this:)


With two adults and three kids in the room during the project, it took maybe two hours. But, like I said, there were three kids in the bedroom ;)


Could you give a source for the shelf in your boys room? Thanks!


More to come on the boys’ room but the shelves are from World Market.


Where did u buy those chevron pouf? By the way the room looks fantastic! ☺


West Elm at the beginning of the year when they were on sale.