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06.10.13 / Five Things

What day is it?

Last week was my kids’ first full week of summer break which happened to coincide with one of HH’s business trips. I decided it would also be a good time to sort through the mess that was our attic. After herding the kids and staying up well past 1:00 a.m. every night for the past week to wrestle the attic into submission, my brain is mush. But the attic is looking fantastic! As far as attics go.

Thank goodness the nearest IKEA is only 25 minutes away. I took advantage of IKEA’s kids-eat-free-horse-meat-Tuesdays amidst the chaos and a few things {that cost less than $20!} caught my eye while we were there.

caught my eye

SNIKA boxes // Seriously considering these for storage in my boys’ bedroom.

TOLSBY frame // You guys, these are only 99¢! They are made of plastic {i.e. super kid-friendly} but look ceramic and I think they would look way more grown up with a coat or two of gold spray paint.

KVISSLE steel & cork box // Visible, tangled cords drive me bonkers. This sleek box hides all that. Great for a desk or charging station.

FARKOST wall lamp // I’m loving the new swing arm lamps flanking our bed but they were a splurge. For an inexpensive version, you could spray paint these bad boys gold. I love that they are adjustable so you can direct light where you need it.

SKÄRBLAD pillow cover // It’s a 20″x 20″ pillow cover and it’s $5. Why wouldn’t I love it?! I tried really hard to think up a place in my house for one or two of these pillows but, sadly, could not.

While we were at IKEA, I did grab a few things for mine and HH’s bedroom and the boys’ bedroom. Can’t wait to show you!

Here‘s your Mod MomME winner!

images: IKEA


I wish my IKEA was only 25 minutes away! It’s a littel bit further of a drive for me, and to an area that is crazy conjested…so I hate venturing there. But I definitely need to make a trip sometime soon! I want to get a shelf that I’m “hacking” and a few accessories…maybe some of the ones you mentioned above! ;)


Thanks for the laugh this morning. I’m glad to know my sister and I aren’t the only ones that joke about making the kids eat “horse” meatballs so we can shop at IKEA. Great finds, & I have not words to express how impressed I am by a woman that will stay up till 1:00am every night organizing, of all things, an ATTIC! You are amazing! When your house is done, do you want to come visit mine (and by visit, I mean come see my mess and want to organize it for me)?


Yea organization! I have my basement storage locker to organize. First I must sell some furniture I’ve hoarded prior to organization commences. I’ve been wanting to take a trip to Ikea. Mine is about an hour away. Which probably is a good thing, because if it were closer I think I’d pop in frequently. And I can never leave that store without spending money.


Hey love the blog. Is there going to be an updated “house tour” link in the near future? Looking for a room by room break down – paint colors, sources, etc.


I just got that steel and cork box for my office. It perfectly hides the power strip and cords that used to sit on my desk. Love it!!!

I hit up Ikea myself this weekend and totally picked up and put down the blue/green pillow about 5 times before forcing myself to just walk away. But seeing it here again makes me wish I had bought it! Guess that’s just another excuse to go back . . .

I’m confused. are the IKEa meatballs really horse meat?! forgive me for not getting the joke, if that was a total joke re: their size or quality.


Bwahahahaha! “Kid’s-eat-free-horse-meat-Tuesdays”! That made me laugh ;-) I love IKEA and my kids have definitely eaten those free meatballs…


I LOVE Ikea with my son. It is such a family-friendly place on a weekday. On a Saturday? Not so much! I feel like Ikea has stepped it up on the design front lately. So many beautiful pieces!


An updated house tour definitely needs to happen! I’m trying to “finish” a few rooms to make the tour a little more presentable. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait.


I do get a strange high from organizing.


Just a quick note, I have the Farkost lamps in my little guy’s room (spray painted as well) and they don’t do a great job of adjusting. Unless I am doing it wrong, they are actually pretty stationary. They are also on the dim side. While they work for my purpose, night time bedtime story reading, but I don’t know if they would work well in an adult space for longer reading periods.


Thanks for letting us know about the adjusting and lighting issues! At less than $20, I didn’t figure they would be perfect but maybe a cheaper option.