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I saw the popular faux sheepskin rugs on your site originally & came back to research that you got them from Ikea. I didn’t like them at first but they really grew on me and I put them on my Christmas wish list. These things happen! I got 2 from my in-laws. They bought the higher priced ones & while they are super cozy, they are quite small & (I’m not kidding here), shaped like a penis. Look on their site & you’ll see what I mean. They look exactly like the pic. It also appears they are real which was not my goal.
So, I was wondering if you had ideas/suggestions on where I could look for a decent, washable, non penis shaped rug. I live in a house of boys and I’m getting a lot of flack here.



Yikes! IKEA sells real and faux sheepskins. I usually rummage through the entire stack to find the shape and texture I prefer. Obviously, your in-laws had good intentions and didn’t notice the phallic shape (!). A while back, Young House Love DIY’d their own faux sheepskin. I can’t remember if it’s washable or not but you could try the DIY route.