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01.30.14 / Made Me Smile

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The things that put a twinkle in my eye…

*The house that isn’t.

*Sequins + pockets. (a.k.a. the dress I wore to Alt.)

*Coming home to this and hearing “we missed you 1,200%!”

*A kitchen in the middle of a room. I love it when people think outside the box.

*My business card on Heather’s blog. Do you spy it?

*Ikea goes glam.

*My new phone case. (I’ve been living precariously without one for the last year.)

*We’re big American Idol fans over here. It’s rubbing off.

Do or make something that makes you smile this weekend! Peace out, friends.

image: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Love that kitchen in the middle of the room! What a fantastic idea, especially for when you have people over.


Love your entire look! Hair looks flawless. You look simply gorgeous!! I have been following your blog at least a year… Maybe longer. Have you shared beauty tips with us in the past?


I haven’t because it’s not really my passion but lately I’ve been getting so many requests that a beauty post is definitely happening this year.


I love everything about your house and your personal style. I am always trying to tweak my house and get so overwhelmed with options. Do you do round ups? I love your style and would be interesting what you like as well


What’s making me smile? You sharing the link for that lovely dress. I have a wedding coming up and it will be perfect! Thank you thank you thank you!

Your dress was amazing for Alt. Gorg. Gorg. And peeking at your business card on Heather’s blog…is there a redesign coming? Soooo streamlined!


Looking forward to it!!!


Seriously, your hair looks amazing in that photo!

I just love that I stood and talked to you guys for like 10 minutes about design/school/etc. then looked down just at the end of our conversation and realized who I was in fact talking to…someone I totally read, and admire. Alt can be really good for moments like that.


You’re one gorgeous babe, Dana!


I LOVE the art in the background of this picture. Is this a DIY?

You have amazing hair. That is all.


Not anytime soon. It’s so expensive! (I can handle basic HTML but I need a pro for design stuff.) Oddly enough, I found the business card design on Zazzle. Super simple and inexpensive.


Oh, funny. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time via Feedly and must have missed that post. It was QUITE controversial! For what it is worth, I think the new art is much better than the previous art. I am looking for a large scale piece of art for my hallway, and I think I will attempt to DIY something like this. Thanks for the inspiration!


Please share exactly how you styled your hair! Its the tousled beach wave I try…..and fail to achieve!


Great photo and wonderful hair :)


The house that isn’t is pretty darn awesome:)


I’m pretty sure you need to be a model…….. GORGEOUS!


I want to know what color lipstick you are wearing!


That phone case is really beautiful.. too bad it’s just for iPhone 5/5S :(