...because home doesn't happen overnight.



Man, I have been stalking your blog for the last hour or so (not sure how I haven’t been zoned in here before now, as your house is similar to mine in many ways, but you have made it so much more awesome!!) Anyway, just had to comment an say, you guys have done an AMAZING job fixing this place up and making ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS spaces!!! seriously, I think this smaller home looks ten times bigger than your previous larger(?) home! great space planning, and beautiful decorating, I can’t stop drooling over your photos! and congrats on the Domino feature!!! love them, and that is a major deal!! that recognition has to feel wonderful, after all the blood and sweat you guys have poured into your beautiful home. thanks for sharing, very inspiring to those of us living in these great older homes!!


We have a red brick ranch as well and I want to do the same thing in the living area with the vaulted ceiling. We also renovate houses. How long was your ridge beam? Looks amazing…we don’t want to change footprint of house, just update the space that it has