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06.20.14 / Made Me Smile

IT problems

Lots of tech issues over here this week, including faulty wifi service at home and a bogged down server. I’ve been assured that everything is being taken care of as quickly as possible¬†but I apologize for any problems you may have trying to pull up the blog. The behind-the-scenes tech stuff (coding, servers, web hosting, routers, etc.) is definitely my least favorite part of blogging. Oh, and did I mention Steve was¬†out of town and my kids are bored? And that it rained practically every day? But enough whining. We’re supposed to be smiling! All the links that helped me get through the week…

*750 square feet of nothing but style.

*Stop trying to “finish” your space.

*Nate’s #1 decor tip: clean up that s#@!hole.

*How to sunbathe sans balcony or backyard. Ha!

zigzag stairs

*Zigzag stairs.

*A great soy candle for summer that’s fresh, not overwhelming. (I have it in my bedroom!)

*How to capture life with kids (on your phone).

*A funny read on writing.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back here Monday with a peek at the boys’ room and, if all my technological stars align correctly (fingers crossed), I’m starting the house tour next week, too.

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Youngchae Park


Happy Friday, Dana! I hear you on the rough week. My hubby is deployed right now, so life with three boys is very busy when all I really want to do is nap! :) Hoping you have a restful weekend! I just had to say that Anne Lamott’s book is my favorite book on writing. Ever. Period. Amen. I love her unique voice, and how she carries the writer through learning how to write bird by bird. It’s a definite re-readable favorite for me! *hugs*


I have so much respect for parents who do the single parenting thing way more than me. You deserve that nap! Take it.



please let your husband know we are grateful for his service, and hugs to you and *all* military families! Much love and respect,



Love all the links in this post. Hang in there seester. We love ya…no worries.


Great picks! I am sometimes guilty of trying to “finish” my space! I need to stop! Oh, and how awesome is Nate’s kitchen that he is in? Wow!!


I was eyeing his kitchen in the background, too!


Ditto what Carole says. xo

I wish Nate was my BFF


Haha, me too!

Thanks for the book recommendation– I remember someone giving me Lamott’s book Operating Instructions when my daughter was born. Great read, but sad to say I haven’t checked out anything else that she’s written. I will!


Thanks as always, Dana, for keeping it real. We all have complicated lives in our own ways and it’s so refreshing to hear that (seemingly perfect blogger) people deal with crap just like the rest of us!

I have been meaning to read some of Anne Lamott’s work for years now. I’ve been told that we are kindred spirits. Better add this one to the list…


Oh, I love Bird by Bird! It’s one of my favorite books, and even if you aren’t a writer or passionate about writing it’s a great read. She’s so real and honest and incredibly funny.

You made my day! I did get a little 5 minute nap, but it’ll do! :) Doing the single parenting thing is hard – no matter how long you have to do it!

Awwww! This means so very much to me. Thank you! I will tell him. :) Yesterday was our anniversary, so seeing your messages are extra special with him missing him even more! *hugs*


I love Bird by Bird!