...because home doesn't happen overnight.
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Lovely home. I recently bought a similar style (but much less square footage) in egregiously overpriced Seattle. My former Seattle home was a wonderful 1 1/2 story farmhouse which I still miss terribly. Your house gives me hope for this little rambler that I am not terribly fond of (so far).

A question about the bamboo blinds. It looks like you mounted them over the window casing (framing). Does that interfere with the curtains? Or are the curtains not really drawn closed.

Thanks in advance. Truly a lovely home. You’ve done so many things that I would never have had the guts to try, but your blog encourages me to just try some things out.



The woven blinds are hung outside the window frame. We don’t pull the curtains closed that often…maybe every once in a while for family movie nights…but the blinds don’t interfere.

Best of luck with your new old house. I’m jealous that you live in Seattle!