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07.12.14 / Made Me Smile

nature walk

At the beginning of the summer, the kids and I made a pact to hit up as many parks as possible before school was back in session. We’ve hit up over a dozen so far and it has been so much fun! I’ve been giving the kids free rein on deciding where we end up with the only stipulation being no parking / admission fees. We’ve discovered creeks, bridges, stone stairways, swimming holes and the ideal picnic site. Sometimes I daydream of living somewhere more scenic, more exotic but our recent nature walks have brought on a new appreciation for this place we call home.

A few smile-worthy links from around the web…

*…and now I want to explore more of Weird Ohio.

*Hollywood takes on Cincinnati.

*Captain Pizza.

portable treehouse

*A portable, suspended treehouse.

*Ikea ranked “highest in customer satisfaction with kitchen cabinets” in J.D. Power study. (You can see how Ikea stands up to other brands here.)

*Love this look.

*Gray-green in the kitchen is hot right now.

Have a wonderful weekend! Maybe squeeze in a nature walk.

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Tentsile



What a fun pact! This really is such a great place to live. Would you mind listing the parks you’ve checked out? Likely we’ve tried a bunch, but we’re always up for someplace we’ve overlooked! Thank you!


Oh my gosh that suspendable treehouse looks incredible! I so want one!!!!


What about the treehouse? Is a camping trip planned for an overnight adventure in it this summer? Also, there are dozens of kids’ day camps and several “sleepaway” camps across the area. I was impressed with the programs available at Camp Kern.

I agree with Lori! Would you mind sharing some of the parks? We’ve been doing the Passport to Nature and Conservation Kids programs with the metro parks so we’ve been doing a lot of exploring lately, too. I’m always up for new parks!!


love the treehouse tent!


All these IKEA posts are making me even happier that we chose to go with IKEA for our new kitchen! It’s so serendipitous that I started reading your blog just in time to renovate! Plus, now when I get raised eyebrows after I tell people we picked IKEA cabinets, I can throw the JD Power survey at them. Thanks :)


Would you be able to share some of your favorite Cincinnati parks? I love the short hikes I can find around the city (my favorites being Caldwell, Ault Park, and Sharon Woods) and would love to hear some recommendations


What about a family trip to Hocking Hills?! I’ve only been to Ohio a few times. Most recently (last summer) for a wedding in the Dayton-Cincinnati area. To turn the trip into a mini vacation, we camped for a few days at Hocking Hills before driving out to the wedding. I was amazed at it’s beauty, and I’m sure you all would be, too. I don’t remember it being a very long drive between the two places, but your Ohio geography is hopefully better than mine!


We visited Hocking Hills about five years ago but, you’re right, I think we’re due for another visit!