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03.30.15 / Made Me Smile

sick kiddos on the mend

How was your week last week? Honestly, it wasn’t the best for me. My kids were battling a stomach virus and that’s never fun. I also received some really disappointing news on the studio. (More on that later once I wrap my head around things.) I’m an optimist by nature so I’m trying to find the silver lining but haven’t yet.┬áThe good news is my kids are healthy just in time for spring break. Thank goodness because we have a few birthdays to celebrate!

A few links that pulled me out of the “woe is me” mindset…at least for a little while…

*Be awesome and put your happy pants on.

*A good read for “escaping the┬ádeadening, asleep-at-the-wheel sameness.”

*Parenting has become very precious in our generation. (a.k.a. Don’t feel guilty about shooing your kids outside.)

*How to get bacon in every bite. Mind. Blown.

*Bloggers-turned-designers. Fascinating!

lil' family, lil' house

*The cutest lil’ family in the cutest lil’ living space.

*A multitasking workhorse for weekend warriors.

*A timely t-shirt that made me laugh. Haha!

Happy this-week-has-to-be-better-than-the-last-one-right? week!

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Elissa Crowe



Man! That tiny apartment is so awesome. I just love a good small space living solution.:)


Enjoyed your links today – looking forward to trying the bacon wrap. :)


So sorry you had such a tough week and the sad news of the commercial rental. I hope everyone is feeling better. Great small house tour. Keep your chin up. I hope this week is better for you.


Thanks Alison. Hoping we can work something out with the warehouse loft…


I think you should go into design! I am moving to a large open floor plan apartment in San Fran with great windows/light and great wood floors and would love it if you started doing designs for others! I want my place to have the same homey yet polished feel as your home!!!!!


To give credit where it’s due, that’s definitely not the first person to weave up some bacon. I’m sure there are instructions older than Kenji’s, but probably none so thorough as his: http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2013/07/ultimate-bacon-cheeseburger-food-lab.html


Hi there,

Love your blog and watching your family grow! I have a quick question if you don’t mind? The Flor Sweater grey area rug you have (I believe in your boys’ room?) is it nice and soft? Kids could sit and play confortably on it? How is it for attracting dirt/lint? Easy to vacuum?


Dana, Stumbled upon House Tweaking last year and have read every post from beginning until now. I am finally caught up! :) Don’t know what it is, but I just love your blog. Very comforting, inspiring and relateable.. Love the fact that you have become a cat lover…My boy Stanley could be Cheetah’s older brother! Keep doing what you are doing!


May I ask about Maybrey’s doll house? Looks so simple and FUN!


It’s the Hape brand. I found it on Amazon and painted all the orange and blue accents black and white. Because…I’m like that ;)


Such kind words, Ellie. Thank you!