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swimsuit lunch

family bonfire

After two months of jam-packed weeks and weekends, we enjoyed some much needed down time last week. The seemingly never-ending rain let up just in time for the holiday weekend so we hit up the pool, ate burgers in our swimsuits, went on family walks, watched fireworks and roasted s’mores. It was simple and perfect.

A few links…

*“Let’s sell the house, sell the car. Sell all of that baby stuff, the garden and kitchen stuff, all that extra stuff. What is all that stuff anyway? Let’s take the kids out of school. Escape the rat race and disappear for a year.” AMAZING.

*My latest architect crush.

*Modern outdoor furniture made from recycled milk jugs.

*Jessica Helgerson’s new farmhouse was recently shot for…the firm’s portfolio? a magazine pitch? an upcoming feature? Whatever the reason, I CANNOT wait to see it. Psst…a sneak peek of the master bedroom.

amber thrane courtyard

amber thrane shasta

*Daydreaming about this creative lady’s cozy courtyard and vintage Shasta camper.

*My go-to cookbook these days when I don’t feel like thinking about dinner. We had the aloha sliders with pineapple relish and Szechwan peasant pork over the weekend. So easy! So tasty!

*After extensive “research,” I’ve concluded that these vanilla marshmallows and this dark coconut toffee chocolate make the perfect s’more. Trust. Oh, wait. Did you think I was paleo? Nope. That cookbook above is excellent whether you follow a paleo diet all of the time, some of the time or never.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

images: 1 & 2) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 3 & 4) Amber Thrane of Dulcet Creative


I always love reading this post and that article about traveling the world with your kids for a year… it hits close to the heart. We have been having those same talks.


The smores sound ssooooo delicious!


Did you know that if you have a stand mixer, marshmallows are SUPER easy to make? You can use a hand mixer, too, but it’ll be a little more tiring since you need to let it run for 10 minutes. http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-fluffy-vanilla-marshmallows-130751

Cutting and dusting them gets a little messy, but they come out so much more vanillay and moist than pre-made marshmallows. You can also dump it on top of cakes or brownies as a topping. Delish. Your life is forever changed, I know.


I love Mabry’s polka dotted swimsuit. Where did you get it?


I love your daughter’s swimsuit, also. You’re kids are cute!


I meant “your kids”. Lol. Watching Chris Hayes while reading blogs…


Hi Dana, I noticed you haven’t been posting very much lately. I miss your voice! Hope everything is okay.


Multitasking ftw! No worries ;)


Aw, thanks Anna. I know. I hate that I haven’t been on here as much lately. The good news is everything is fine! A little crazy, but good. Just know that when I’m not blogging it usually means I’m working on something to be blogged about in the future…or spending time with my family. Both good things. xoxo


I think I mentioned it in a recent “liked & linked” post. It’s the kanu surf beachball tankini from Amazon. She and I both love it. Hope that helps!


Thanks for the tip! I don’t have a standing mixer (not much of a baker) but maybe I’ll give the hand mixer a try. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably just keep buying bags of marshmallows ;)


It does! Cute!!!


I went and ordered that cookbook. I hope it is a good one, because I need another cookbook, like I need….Share more favorite cookbooks please! So easy, so tasty, for the win. The picture of that floor is amazing. I put on weigh just looking at food, so the s’mores are out for me. I am jealous.


Well put. I agree completely. I miss her voice too.