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03.07.10 / How Wii Roll

My dear Dad gifted us a Wii this past Christmas.  It was a great family gift; something we would have never bought for ourselves.  But imagine my horror as we unwrapped all the different electrical components and accessories:  console, sensor bar, various handheld remotes, floor mat and several games.  Where the heck was I going to put this stuff?  If I haven’t told you already, I strongly dislike the appearance of electrical devices and the wires that undoubtedly accompany them.  

I made it about a Wiik (week, hehe) before I had to find a storage solution for our new gaming device.  Luckily, we already had a pretty efficient console beneath our TV.  All it took was some purging and re-organizing.  Humor me and try to spot the Wii stuff in this picture…”Where’s Waldo?” style.  (Yeah, that’s a reference to the 80’s.)

Did you figure it out?  Two storage bins in the entertainment console hold the Wii console, sensor bars, a few games and various controllers.

Instead of propping our Wii console upright (as shown in the first picture of this post), we decided to hide it in a bin lying flat.  It works perfectly fine this way.  When in use, the sensor bar goes up on top of the entertainment console.

Everyone knows where the remotes go at the end of playtime.  We haven’t lost one yet!  But where are all the wires, you ask?

They are threaded back behind the console and up into the TV camouflaged by…

Yep, you got it, the plant!

At first, we were plugging in and unplugging the dang thing every time we used it.  That got old real quick.  So, we just leave ’em plugged in all the time and disguise them with some greenery…Tropic Thunder-esque.  (That’s for you, Handy Hubby.)

Have you spotted the Wii floor mat?  No?  Well, that’s because it lives in a fabric bin behind the slipper chair.  Tricky, heh?

Ain’t nothing wrong with hiding things behind furniture… as long as they aren’t edible, breathing or deceased.  So, take one last look at our family room and see how inconspicuous Wiis can be if you’re creative enough.

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