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Sorry so long since my last post.  My very old computer has been on the fritz (ahem, ahem, Handy Hubby – maybe we need a new one?) …not to mention we are getting a beating from thunderstorms daily.  My internet service has been in and out over the last several days.  Heck, even Touchdown Jesus is out of commission after last night’s weather.  But enough excuses.  Less blogging means I’ve had more time to work on the boys’ bedroom.  Since organizing the closet, I’ve moved on to the actual room. 

Before I start decorating a room, I find it helpful to construct a mood board.  Essentially, a mood board is a conglomeration of photos (paint colors, furniture, artwork, textiles, etc) put together to create an overall “feel” for a particular room.  It need not be an exact replica of what will be used in the room, rather it’s a frame of reference to look back at during the design process.  Mood boards keep me on track.  So, without further delay, here’s what I came up with for Layne and Everett’s shared bedroom.

1)  A platform bed with a dark stain gives the room a modern edge with its clean lines.  Of course, to tweak this for a shared room I’ll be using matching twin beds instead of a single full bed.

2)  I picked up this IKEA bedding months ago when it was on sale for $9.99!  I knew right away I wanted to use it in the boys’ bedroom.  The green geometric print will look crisp paired with plain white sheets.

3)  Some sort of curvy green lamp would add a pop of color bedside.

4)  To make a focal point of the one window in the bedroom, I intend to play it up with some striped curtains.  A side note:  If I can’t find what I want at a reasonable rate, I could DIY these.  Hint, hint.

5)  A comfy, oversized reading chair is necessary for bedtime stories.  Leather would be ideal; it’s easy to clean and hard to destruct.

6)  To keep the room from feeling too stuffy and matchy-matchy, I’d like to toss in a piece of furniture in a fun Caterpillar yellow hue…either a bench, dresser or table.  Notice that nothing else in the room is yellow but that this pop of sunshine makes it a little more playful.

7)  My boys want a car room but I don’t want a Disney car room.  I’m going to add cheap auto-themed artwork throughout the room without it being theme-y.  Does that make any sense? 

And all of this will go nicely with the gray wall color that we already have in the bedroom.  So, what do you think?  Will it be car-sy enough for 2 lil’ boys?  I hope so.  Is it a room that could grow with them?  I hope so.  Stay tuned for more details to come…


This room is going to be super fun! Love the mood board. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!



Sherry – Thanks! That means a lot coming from you. Maybe I’ll send you some Reader Redesign pics when it’s all said and done. You know I’m good for it!


Love how the mood board is so manly, but kid friendly! I am also jealous of your now organized walk-in closet. It looks awesome!

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I know this is going WAY back but are the platforms you used for your boys from Ikea? If so, what was the name? If not, did your husband DIY them or did they come from somewhere else?


Shannon – The boys’ platform beds are from here….


We ordered them online and had them shipped. I really like the small footprint and extra storage provided underneath in the drawers. {Only one of our platform beds has drawers.} They’ve held up really well to our rough and tough boys, too!