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I’m a man girl of my word.  As promised, I’m revealing Layne and Everett’s bedroom makeover today.  I must say, this was probably the hardest “do-over” for me so far in this boring builder house.  Why?  Well, normally I work my magic (i.e. paint, pound nails in walls, paint some more…) when my boys are asleep – during naps or after they’ve gone to bed.  2 boys + 1 gallon of paint = disasters of astronomic proportions.  However, since I was piddling around in a room that my 5-year-old sleeps in, I had to DIY on the fly, little by little by little.  It has taken me nearly 2 months to finish this room.  And not because I did anything drastic like laying new floors (which I would love to do someday) or tearing down walls.  Nope, it was primarily due to the fact that I had 2 lil’ guys right at my back the entire time.  It was fun but I’m happy to be finished. 

Remember what a mess this room was?

And now, for the final results…

Some hooks for bedtime blankies and a knight (handed down from Handy Hubby…he’s handy for all sorts of things) to guard the door.  I spray painted the knight green…you can see him in his original armor in the before shot.  Same with the star, but it got coated in white.

I hand painted 2 navy circles above each bed then hung (spray painted) green letters in the center to act as monograms.  The twin headboards I DIY’d here.  The patterned duvet cover is from IKEA and I found the geometric lumbar pillows at HomeGoods.  To bounce some light around, I (painted then) hung a green mirror behind a lamp.

The dropcloth curtains that I painted turned out great!  Sorry, this picture makes them look much darker than they are in real life because the sun was shining straight through the window.  The stripes are more of a denim color.  I hung the panels high and wide to “cheat” the off-center window.  I was worried the paint would make the panels very stiff but they hang nicely.  You definitely wouldn’t want to wear them though…they are a little rough.

I added a wooden roller shade for texture and to filter light.

 At night, we roll the shade down and draw the curtains…it’s nearly black in there.


Here’s a truer depiction of the curtains’ color.  A wide reading chair in the corner was a must for the boys’ room.  Reading books is part of our bedtime routine.  The 2 road signs came from a box in our garage!  Handy Hubby has been hanging onto them for years and I was so happy to finally display them.

Next to the chair is a Craigslist find: a metal office console.  I spray painted it yellow as a nod to Handy Hubby’s day job with Caterpillar, Inc.

 Since I organized the closet, there wasn’t a need for clothing storage in the room.  For now, the drawers are empty and the doors slide open to reveal mini Cat machine toys…sort of garage-like.


A mirror, bulletin board and artwork fill up the wall above the console.  The mirror and bulletin board were in the room previously…I just painted them white.

Layne and Everett picked out their favorite pictures of cars, trucks and CAT equipment from on-hand books and calendars.  I simply Mod Podged the pages onto 12″x12″ canvases that I painted white.  The pictures have wrinkles in them but I love them; they make the prints look old and worn.

The canvases came from our basement…the result of a bad decor idea years ago.  Glad I saved them!

Besides cars, Layne’s only other stated requirement for the new room was a plant.

I gave him 2.

Some more wall art that came from our garage…

My hope is to fill the entire wall with license plates.  Our families are already making donations to the cause.

And a few “for fun” pictures because this room is, well, fun!

That’s it, folks.  What I’ve been doing in my spare time for the last 2 months.  I’m really happy with the way the room turned out not just because it doesn’t scream “car room!” but because I can tell my boys looooove being in there. 

When I asked Layne what his favorite part of the room was he replied, “My favorite thing is that you made it for me because you love me.”  Oh, he can just melt my heart sometimes.  Sometimes.  We have yet to let Everett give his new Big Boy Bed a spin but he does enjoy pretend sleeping in it at random times during the day.  I’m looking forward to tucking my boys into these beds for years to come.  My wish is that the room grows with them.  I can even see them taking some things off to college:  a platform bed, the reading chair, road signs, license plates, etc.  Time will tell. 

Love you boys.



I LOVE it!! Everything is so cute and creative :)


Great job! It looks fabulous!


Looks great. I especially love the monogram above the beds!! Awesome job.


that is seriously amazing! i love it! i found your blog through YHL and am now a regular reader! Thanks for all of the inspiration


This is such a great little boys room. I really like the colors you used. Sometimes I think when mine get a tad older they may share a room so that they can have a nice room and a PLAY room for all the toys that take over there bedrooms.


This room is so cute, as well as the rest of your house! I have been loving Feature Fridays. I love that Craigslist find too and those monograms above the bed…great job!




lucky boys, this is a great room! what a nice balance of design and fun–nothing Disney about *this* room :)

love the Ikea bedding–why oh why is there not an Ikea in Columbus?!


Nikki – We actually have a playroom/guest room to house a lot of the boys’ toys. That frees up more space for clothing, beds and books in their shared bedroom. It works well for us since we don’t have many overnight guests. Plus, it makes for a better sleeping environment…no toys to distract them from falling asleep!


love, love, love it! great ideas, and not too ” themey”. very inspiring:)

I am love, LOVING the way the drapes turned out! They look a-mahzing! That Craigslist console thing is super-rad, lucky boys…


This is an awesome room! I think this is your best room so far! I love your blog. You have amazing taste.

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I am searching for letters like on your wall! been on a hunt for the letter G for a while now, where did you find the letters? thanks so much!


Shunta – I got my letters at Hobby Lobby. They were originally metallic gold. I just spray painted them green. You should be able to find something similar at JoAnn, Michaels or any craft store.


Thanks so much!!! :-D I’m going to visit Michaels and Hobby Lobby tomorrow!!


Hi Dana, I’ve just found your blog (can’t remember from where, TravelingMama?) and am spending a delicious rainy weekend in Sydney Australia reading it. I love it, beautifully done. Your house is gorgeous and I love the way you write about it. LOVE the boys’ room – you simply MUST have a 3rd child and I hope it’s a girl so I can see how you do a girl’s room ;). I have 2 girls and am tearing my hair out at the explosion of Barbie, Dora etc paraphernalia that is taking over their rooms and my family room. It’s a bit hard putting Barbie’s Dream Townhouse in an IKEA wicker basket to hide it. Silly me for buying the damn thing in the first place. Anyhoo, can’t wait to read the rest. Hope it rains again tomorrow!


Hi Dana,

How did you paint the circles so perfectly? I want to copy your Letter design!



My son is only 11 weeks old, but I’m bookmarking this post as inspiration for his room once he outgrows our Woodland Creatures nursery. I’m for sure borrowing the drop-cloth-as-curtain idea!


Hi Dana:

I just found your blog!! Beautiful photos, decor and pictures!!

I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased your boys’ platform beds…I love them and the colour.



Heather – The twin platform beds are from Gothic Cabinet Craft. I know, it sounds scary…but they aren’t. Here’ the link and we got the dark teak stain. I love them! Especially the underneath storage and small footprint. I really wanted a bed that would be just as appropriate for the boys in 15 years during their college years as it is now. I’m very happy with them!


Hi. I just discovered your blog and love it. I am curious, where did you get your boys beds? I’d like something similar for our little girl?


The metal bunks are from IKEA. I would have preferred a wood version but it’s one of the things I let them choose. It is their room. Even though they weren’t my first choice, they have worked out great! We opted for the trundle pull-out option under the lower bunk so we have an extra bed for sleepovers. We’re really happy with it.