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07.29.10 / Balancing Act

It seems I struggle to keep a good balance in life.  Between all kinds of things…work and play, doing and being, responsibility and carelessness, mom and wife, the moment and the future, wants and needs, keeping quiet and voicing my opinion, family and friends, anticipating my boys’ next milestones and wishing they would stay little, organization and chaos, time for me and time for others, silence and noise, getting things done and letting things go, saving and spending, cleaning up and making messes, observation and participation, dressing down and dressing up, buy it or DIY it, keeping a straight face and laughing out loud, or early bedtime and late bedtime.  No one is either right or wrong.  But there’s usually a good time for one and another good time for its opposite.

Unlike me, here are some interiors that have the ‘perfect balance’ all figured out…at least, in my eyes they do.  I like a room that plays both sides of style and comfort, light and dark, soft and hard, smooth and textured, shiny and matte, colorful and neutral, fun and restrained, crisp and eclectic, contrite and whimsical, old and new.

(courtesy of Amoroso Design)
(courtesy of LDa Architecture & Interiors)
Eclectic meets traditional in this young couple
(both courtesy of Niche Interiors)
(courtesy of Dwellings, Inc.)
Home Architecture
(courtesy of Feldman Architecture)
(courtesy of Tracery Interiors)
(courtesy of allthebestblog)
Maybe finding balance in life is like decorating…it takes time, it’s constantly evolving and what works for one person may not work for the other. 



As unbalanced as I sometimes feel….we have a window shade made in the same fabric as the Niche Interiors lampshade (but in green and brown) and we have those metal chairs from Dwellings, Inc. so I must be doing something right.

Um, P to the S, no one tells you how freeze-butt cold those metal chairs are in the mornings, but they sure look nice.


Carbzilla – I never thought about them being cold but, I agree… their look totally outweighs some chilly buns. Plus, I bet it wakes you up!