...because home doesn't happen overnight.

I don’t buy magazines on a regular basis although I do receive monthly glossies from BHG and House Beautiful {they’re gift subscriptions}.  However, on a recent vacation I picked up the current issue of DIY Magazine for the drive.  And I was not disappointed.

The particular article that grabbed my attention was “Keeping It Real” about a family who completely renovated their ranch style home in California with green design in mind.

Maybe it’s because they have 2 boys and we have 2 boys.  Maybe it’s because they used a mostly neutral palette with pops of color.  But, honestly, I think it’s their style.  Lots of modern pieces and prints mixed with rustic woods and stone.  Whatever it is, I’m in awe.

Take this entry nook, for example.  The matte concrete bench and wall are a simple yet pleasing backdrop for the geometric print pillows and shiny green vase.  {Green and gray are my favorite colors, you know.}  The wood floors add some warmth and contrast.  The woven storage baskets beneath the bench are practical but also contribute their own rustic texture.  I’m telling you, I could sit on that bench all day…even if it is hard on the buns.  And then there’s the family room.  Oh my. The family room…

If you ask me, this is the perfect balance of old and new.  The see-through built-in fireplace is modern and sleek while the wood beam mantle is casual and worn.  The midcentury modern-ish chairs look vibrant upholstered in orange and topped with more geometric print pillows.  {I could write an entire post on geometric print pillows.}  Are you picking up on the details of the room to see why it works?  OLD + MODERN = INTERESTING.  I want to point out that sliding door, too. {Notice the green arrow.}  What a great idea for dividing up an open floor plan when desired! Again, I reiterate…OLD {salvaged wood} + MODERN {metal hardware} = INTERESTING {interior barn door}.  Are you catching on?

The open dining area boasts an industrial metal and wood table flanked by 2 weathered benches. The recessed wall {painted a contrasting color} makes the perfect spot for a buffet.

Someday my kids are sure to want a cool ‘boys only’ hangout.  I can only hope it will be as fun as this one.  Straight-lined furniture pairs well with graphic and colorful walls.  Those beams aren’t too shabby either.

The master bedroom seals the deal.  I’ve always wanted a focal wall behind our bed.  This grasscloth covered wall makes the room by adding texture, focus and an element of nature.  I’m on board with the organized closet and fabric ‘doors’, too.  Having everything readily available would be convenient, and if you keep it tidy, it’s pretty nice to look at.  Why not?  I’m stealing this idea.

So, that’s what I’ve been eyeing the last few weeks.  This home speaks volumes to me.  The style, the organization, the clean look, the open feel, the natural elements, the pops of green, the contrasting materials, the simplicity, the rustic touches…I could go on and on.  But I won’t.



as I was scrolling through the pics, my 10 year old said she loved it because it looked liked nature (probably the exposed beams and bedding?), and she liked that the hang-out room walls were really bold…so, it could be a good girl’s hangout, too :)

I love that wallpaper in the master bedroom!


Carole – Oh yeah! That hangout is gender neutral with the blues and greens. And it sounds like your 10-year-old knows a thing or two about design…”looked like nature”…to die for!