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10.25.10 / Pretty Scary

Call me a party-pooper, Scrooge or cold.  But, I’m sorry, I really don’t like blatant holiday decor. That being said, I have 2 kiddos that I don’t want to deprive of holiday fun.  So with Halloween right around the corner, we worked together on spookifying our living room…for FREE.


I asked my boys to tell me a few things they thought were scary.  I got spiders, BOO! and bats out of them.  So, I sketched out a picture of each onto a scrap piece of poster board we already had on hand and them cut them out.  {I also drew the boys their own things to cut out while I worked on mine…a good distraction!}

I used a small, folded-over piece on tape on each cut-out and stuck them to the insides of our living room lampshades.


The shapes aren’t noticeable with the lights off, but when you switch them on they cast nice shadows on the shades.


My boys think this is just about the coolest project we’ve done.  And they don’t seem to mind that our scary lampshade spiders only have 6 legs.  {For the life of me, I can’t draw a non-freakish looking 8-legged spider.  Plus, 6 legs were plenty to cut…my hands were starting to cramp.}  I’ve found the living room lamps on during daylight hours just about every day since the spooky silhouettes made an appearance.  Oh well, it’s gotta cost less than powering one of those outdoor blow-up jack-o’-lanterns.



Great idea! You think of the coolest things!


I’m also not into the blatant holiday decor at all. Cute idea!


What a great idea!

You could do cute things for other holidays!


Now…that is a great idea! And kudos on that canvas. Love the style! Look forward to following your blog.


Ok 1st off- I cant stop reading your blog!!!!!!!!! Please help me! My “Handy hubby” has already agreed to re-hanging our curtains! Hopefully we will get to that soon.
2nd- I love this idea. What if you did flowers or something for summer or snowflakes for winter? How cute!! =)

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