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Right now they may be considered a trend but I truly believe cowhide rugs are here to stay. They’re versatile, soft and durable.  In a room with mostly straight lines and hard surfaces, the addition of a cowhide rug can be a save-all with its curves, texture and interest.

In the office area below, the calf cowhide offers up a light contrast to the ebony floors.

The natural animal print of the cowhide ottoman and rug mixes in well with the bold apple color and the large, modern print on the throw.

The patchwork effect of this rug creates pattern in an otherwise pattern-less vignette.

The warmth of the area rug in this large, mostly white room helps to keep the space from feeling too slick by adding in swirls of vanilla and caramel.

A cowhide rug in the bathroom?  Why not?

Longevity, interest, warmth, texture and softness…all reasons as to precisely why I want one for my bedroom.  Most of the furniture in our master bedroom has clean lines and the color scheme will be modern.  I think a cowhide rug could work quite well in that environment.  And before you sick P.E.T.A. on me, I’m all for going faux if the price is right.

Images:  1) Michael Graydon Photography via Decor Pad 2) Blair Gordon & Peter Murdock Photography via Decor Pad 3) Keith Scott Morton for Country Living 4) The Rug Company 5) Kelly Delrose via Decor Pad 6) for the life of me I cannot find credits for this photo now that it’s in my inspiration folder!


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