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08.10.12 / Window Shopping

I mentioned that I’m participating in Kirkland’s ‘Ace Your Space’ campaign. I’ll be using items purchased from Kirkland’s to decorate Mabrey’s nursery. Before I bought anything, I did some window browsing. Wanna see?

Mabrey was my helper. Since everything’s going in her room, I wanted her to approve.

I’m a sucker for mirrors and Kirkland’s didn’t disappoint. I adored this large mirror with a peacock painted motif on the frame. At $30, it was a steal! It would be perfect in a cottage entry and I can even see it in a white bathroom above a dark stained vanity.

The layered metal frame of this mirror reminded me of fish scales. Who knew metal could be so textural?! This mirror would be great hung above a bed in a master bedroom or above a mantel in a living room. Divine. At $120, it would be a worthy investment.

I thought this mirror looked like it was made from a bunch of giant paper clips. {Don’t mind the rectangular gold mirror behind it.} It’s hard to tell from the picture but it had an ombre effect to it. The center of the mirror frame was dark bronze that progressively lightened up to a brassy gold at the edges. I really wanted to take this mirror home with me but I couldn’t think of a good place to hang it so it stayed high up on its shelf. That mirror is going to make someone happy for $120.

I almost snatched up one of these organizer chests. I think they’d work well in a mudroom or kid’s room. The fabric bins had little tabs on the front to make pulling them out and pushing them in a cinch. At $160, it would be an affordable solution for corralling hats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, dog leashes, etc. in a mudroom or toys in a child’s room.

I thought the woven baskets of this $150 traditional console gave it a unique, laid back feel. I can see boots and bins camping out on the bottom shelf with slip-on shoes resting underneath the shelf. It’d be a great drop zone for keys and wallets near the front door. It’s slim enough to slip into a hall as well. The black version of this console is stacked on top…that’s not part of the console.

I liked this unique version of a tripod floor lamp. It was $50 and I could see it hanging out in an office or living room.

This seagrass table lamp also caught my eye in the lighting section. I loved the chunky seagrass mixed with the matte black hardware and linen shade. It’d be the perfect textural element in a beachy bedroom or family room.

I was reminded of a Dear Genevieve episode when I spotted this moroccan table lamp. At $30 each, a pair of them on some bedside nightstands could be interesting and budget-friendly in a bedroom boasting a few more nonchalant moroccan themed items. Perhaps a wedding blanket?

Sarah Richardson came to mind when I saw this turquoise and white chevron vase. {Is it me or am I the only one who sees a home decor item and immediately connects it to an HGTV designer?} The picture doesn’t do it justice – it was HUGE! I could see two of them stuffed with raw birch branches flanking a fireplace. Sorry, I didn’t check the price on this vase because I had Mabrey in one arm and was leery of turning over a big fragile vase with the only free hand I had left out of fear of it toppling over into pieces.

Anything with an owl on it is trendy right now. I know. But I thought the glossy white of these owl vases gave them a better chance at standing the test of time. At $10, you wouldn’t be broke if you decided to follow the trend.

Totally wanted to make this textured red bowl my new sugar bowl. It kind of looks like a strawberry but the gold patina that runs throughout gave it a less fruity appearance. And the $7 price tag? Score!

This assortment of labeled wooden boxes was cute. I’m not a tea drinker but that little tea box is practical and stylish enough to be left out on the kitchen countertop. I think the prices here ranged from $2-$10.

I liked the idea of using this lazy susan organizer in a craft room for thread, measuring tape, buttons, etc. Or it could be just as happy living on a desk with paper clips, post-its, rubber bands, your phone, etc. organized in it. It really did spin too for easy access to everything. It was on sale for $17.

I was going to buy this frame with five oval openings {just enough for our family of 5!} for the nursery. However, I slipped out to the car to nurse Mabrey and when I returned it was gone. It was the last one. At $6, it’s easy to see why. Boo. It would have been perfect.

Last but not least were these vintage looking metal arrows. Meant to be hung on the wall {the lights really do light up!}, I thought they were a great industrial accessory for an old warehouse turned loft. I knew my boys would love them for their bedroom but I couldn’t come up with a good place to hang them, so they stayed in store as well. They were $18 each.

So, what d’ya think? I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kirkland’s has evolved and seems to be carrying more modern and less frilly decor. And I just love walking into a store, singling out items and imagining them in vivo. It doesn’t cost a dime. Tune in next week for a related giveaway and find out what did make it into my house.

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I received compensation for my Ace Your Space blog post. Kirkland’s partnered with several bloggers like me to raise    brand awareness in the month of August. All purchases and content are on my own accord and reflect my personal opinion and style. Kirkland’s blogger outreach policies abide by the WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

images: all Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Wow I am loving that 2nd mirror- can you please just send it over to me?? haha


Wow, some really cute (and affordable) stuff! I’ve never heard of Kirkland’s, but decided to check their site for locations – they have 3 in Michigan, huh?! Granted they’re not around the corner from me, but I’m definitely going to check them out when I get the chance. thanks!


very impressed! Kirkland’s has always been so stuffy. Can’t wait to visit one soon.


Anytime I see an abstract canvas painting, I immediately think of David Bromstad!


Love the seagrass lamp, the tea box and the arrows. If you join Kirkland’s email list they will send you $10 off $50 coupons on a regular basis.


Online there is a mirror of the same style and proportions as the navy peacock one pictured above. However, it states it is vintage style wallpaper and is light teal in color. I think this would work great in our Master Bedrm as it is yellow, gray and white with teal accents. Just wondering if they had it in store, and if so, what did you think of it in person? Thanks!


Those owl vases! They remind me of my past trip to Kirklands, which was owl overkill. They definitely go overboard on certain trends but don’t address others at all, kind of strange. I see you found some great items though. Quality pieces are hard to come by at Kirklands, but the prices are good. They have great sales!


The vintage metal arrows in your last picture is a great idea for the boys room. I’ve seen some diy bloggers use the arrow on wall above the top bunk bed. I too like this idea for my boys room.

Wow, some really cool things. I love that vintage arrow. I haven’t been to Kirklands in ages and I’ve always thought felt that many of their things were sort of cheap-looking or out of date. Glad to know they’ve modernized! I’ll have to make a trip.


I’ve never even heard of Kirkland’s — perhaps because I don’t live near any of their stores. Is it a bit like HomeGoods? Thanks for taking us along on your little window shopping trip. :)


wow i didn’t realize Kirklands had changed. I try to avoid it because like you said they once were a bit frilly. I’ll Have to take a peek inside next time I’m near one. Thanks for the tour, I love the items your picked out, especially that peacock mirror and the lamps! Can’t wait to see what you got!



Never heard of this place before, but the second I saw those arrows I looked up their website!! I found everything you too a picture of on the site, but not the arrows!! Uuuggghhh! I’ve been trying to find an affordable one forever. :( Sad sad panda


A fall back to school fashion post for mamas might be fun!!!! leather boots, tunic sweaters, and some fun accesdsories. I love it when you mix up life posts with decor.


Wow, totally impressed with Kirklands new stuff! Huge improvement!


I’ve never been to a Kirklands – but I’d love to make the trip ;)
Tests – I try to stay away from them, but I did pretty darn good on my driving test too :)


Can’t wait to see the finished nursery, Dana! Everything looks great. I just painted my bathroom black. Yikes! My husband thinks I’m nuts;)


We don’t have Kirklands sadly enough, but boy would I love to shop there. That owl looks great! And I’ve already got these labeled wooden boxes (mail & buttons) – they’re so much fun! :)


Great stuff! I love that Kirklands is moving away from some of the dark more traditional feel it used to have and moving towards what’s more popular right now! Also – I NEED that arrow! I’m so tempted to hop in the car right now and see if my Kirklands has one!!!


I wish theres a Kirklands in Toronto!