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05.20.13 / Fade to White

I’ve been itching to repaint the master bathroom. We painted it Benjamin Moore’s Tapestry Beige before we moved in. Don’t get me wrong. I love Tapestry Beige. It’s in our living room, kitchen and hallway. But in our naturally dark {boo} bedroom and bathroom it looks dingy. It’s not that noticeable on the blog because I’m able to lighten the pictures. In fact, you might not even be able to tell that I repainted.

bm white dove

I wanted there to be less of a contrast between the walls, trim and ceiling so I repainted the walls to match the trim and ceiling – Benjamin Moore’s White Dove color matched in Behr paint. I’ve never painted an entire room – walls, ceiling, trim, doors – one color before but I like it in our teeny master bath. With many of the small details painted the same color, the room feels less busy. I don’t know if I would like this effect in a different, larger room but in a really small bathroom it works.

bm white dove 2

The wall color helps camouflage the small cabinet {also painted White Dove} that we added last winter to house HH’s electric razor and toothbrush.

bm white dove 4

This picture better shows how the walls, cabinet and door sort of all fade together into a warm white abyss.

bm white dove 3

Because our bathroom is prone to splatters and drips {currently we’re sharing the bathroom with our three kids}, I chose a satin finish for easy cleaning.

With the master bathroom repainted, next on my list is the master bedroom. It will happen this week. I have no choice. My older kids’ last day of school is Friday and I’m banking on getting nothing done once they’re home for the summer. Our bedroom is naturally dark {it’s the room that gets the least amount of natural light in our house} so I’m going to play up that effect and go for something cozy. I’m tweaking my original plans just a bit. Here’s a peek.

bedroom sneak

More progress to come!

For those of you keeping track, the bathroom makes four rooms {the bedroom will be the fifth and last!} I’ve repainted since moving in not even a year ago. I shouldn’t be allowed to pick paint colors when I’m pregnant.

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images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking


I think using the same light and bright color for the walls, ceiling, trim, etc. works great in a small space (we are going that route in our basement bathroom – pale gray). Now I am really looking forward to seeing your soon-to-be cozied up bedroom . . .


Looks crisp, bright and refreshing! Very nice! What color is the grey vanity? Love the glossy grey on the vanity. Can wait to see your bedroom pics, I’m sure it will be gorgeous!

I am already coveting your headboard. Can’t wait to see the rest of the room come together.


Where did you end up keeping the toilet paper?

Smart change! And I’m so excited to see the bedroom!


We have painted our master bedroom all white with an accent wallpapered wall. The wallpaper also has a ton of white in it. To tell you the truth? I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do. It really helps that the floors are a warm natural oak. White walls and ceiling really work for me, even in larger spaces. I”m always surprised how comfortable I feel in them, and how I do not get bored with all that white.

Great to see you being so open about changing your mind about paint colours and repainting :)


I really like your bathroom doorknob. Did you buy it or spray paint it?

It looks lovely and your tiles are gorgeous! We used this same technique in our room under the house which has very low ceilings – painting everything the same colour really lifted the ceiling so it can work in a bigger room too! :) xx


I’ve loved that Draper bedding since I first saw it–a classy and classic look. Very intriguing!

You’re not the only one to repaint shortly after painting. I’ve repainted two areas of my 3-year-old house (master bedroom and screened porch) and have another on the agenda. And I’d repaint the great room, too, if there wasn’t so much to cut in….

I love the change! It looks so fresh and clean in your bathroom. And I can’t wait to see your bedroom plans. I repainted our bedroom after we moved it…then I re-arranged the furniture and painted again.

If I could, I’d repaint our guest bathroom too…but it won’t happen since I took the time to paint stripes in there and I love the stripes.


I love painting a ceiling and walls the same colour, great trick for small places. In my heart, my bathroom would be dark gray but my head tells me I don’t want to shower in a cave everyday. Looks so fresh and light and top points to you for painting behind a toilet…twice!!


Good call on matching all the paint! My mom painted everything in my tiny bedroom at home the same color of soft grey. Even though it’s very small and dark, it really opens up the whole room.


Ugh. That toilet is original to the house and so strange. It sits about 6″ out from the wall which makes painting {and repainting!} easy but not so great for setting stuff on. Weird 1950’s toilets??


The hardware on all the interior doors is matte black…even the hinges. I love it! I should probably post about the doors and their hardware, huh? The bathroom door is the only one I’ve had time to paint {I only tackled that one bc of the Tile Shop photo shoot} but the others are on my summer to-do list!


The vanity is IKEA’s GODMORGON sink cabinet in high gloss gray. We love it!


Would love to see a post about the process!


Stop! I was so admiring of your decisiveness and skill at picking a colour that worked everywhere while I was painting adjoining rooms different shades because one was dark, one lighter and working through nine sample pots for the hallway (natural wicker FTW!)

I’ve been itching to paint a room white. Lovely!


This is really helpful. We’ve actually picked the same floor (nerdy, I know) and have been mulling paint colours for our bathroom re-do. We didn’t want to go too beige/warm white but I also feel like trying to pick out the blues from the penny tile would work for a bit and then I’d get bored. Plus, the single window we have in there is tiny, so it’s got to be a colour that works well under electric light.


Looks great – I love your style! I was wondering where you got your round mirror?


White Dove is one of my favorite colors. FWIW, Benjamin Moore has Bath & Spa line in Aura designed for bathrooms, etc. You get a great flat finish, yet stands up to humidity and cleaning. For me, I found that color matching BM colors doesn’t give me quite the depth of color that actual BM paint gives me, but YMMV. I have used White Dove in a Aura satin finish as trim paint – just wonderful.


From a salvage store in Fairfield, Ohio called Home Emporium.


I just realized I wasn’t very clear…the hardware came to us matte black…I need to paint the pre-primed doors with White Dove.


I just love how painting a room can totally change it. I like your new choice and who cares it you keep changing. That’s what paint is for! Also, I really like those spiky wall-art things in your bathroom. They are so much fun. Good luck with the next room!


Dana, did you get a new camera and/or lens? This pics look really vivid!


HAHA!! I was going to ask if I missed a post about doors!!! Would love to see how they look, and also where you purchased the hardware. One of the first things we did when we moved into our house 4 1/2 years ago was replace all of the door hardware (hinges and all) and what a difference it made!!! It was the first thing my mom noticed when she visited us for the first time – then she went home and did the same thing! (We both had the ugly old brassy knobs that were falling apart.) If they are still in good shape, I think spray-painting them is a super idea, though!
Leah: )


I’m currently taking an online photography class. My hope is to shoot cleaner shots for the blog – so little to no editing is required – and also to provide better decor images since I really enjoy blogs with great photography. These pics were taken in manual mode…I’m learning??


I used the spa and bath in two bathrooms and a laundry, I really really love it – no steam drip marks! I switched from Natura to Aura to Regal for normal walls.


That headboard looks great with the colors on the pillow cases. Very cozy and welcoming. Although I bet you don’t get much time to sleep, but when you do it looks like it’s shaping up to be a great space.


We love your floor! Please share where the tile is from!!!


I picked all our paint colors when I was pregnant too, and I literally want to repair every room in our house! I should have lived in our new house longer to get a feel for the warmth/coolness of each space before picking colors. Most of them are too dark! I was a paint-pickin virgin (ha but I was prego) – next go around I’ll choose smarter!


The penny tile is from The Tile Shop.


Ok, the bathroom looks awesome, but I just HAVE to know where you got those spiky sea urchin things on the wall. I love them!


They’re from Target but I spray painted them gold. Originally, they were black.


Where did you find the galvanized towel ring? Love it paired with the light!


Lowe’s! It’s not galvanized though.

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Did you purchase those IKEA sink cabinets with the sink and plumbing hardware attached or did you use your own counter tops and just the IKEA vanity? I ask bc I used the same IKEA cabinets but our plumber had a crazy hard time getting our taps to work with the cabinets… curious about your experience! thanks!!


The vanity, sink and faucet are all IKEA. Our plumber hated us for a few minutes during installation as well ;)


Does White Dove have a yellow undertone? TIA


This is a *gorgeous* makeover and has inspired me to use the Godmorgon line in our home! We do not live close to an IKEA though, so I was wondering if you could comment on whether the Godmorgon is more blue-gray or brown-gray. I love how it looks in your photos (more of a true gray with cool blue undertone), but on IKEA’s site, these vanities read much more brown. Would love your insight — again, beautiful work!