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If these etsy crush posts were indicative of my etsy browsing tendencies then 95% of them would feature pillow shops. It’s true. I spend most of my time on etsy looking at pillows. It’s what I do. HH’s reaction is always the same “are you looking at pillows again?!” The majority of the time, I’m not looking to buy. I just really like looking at pillows. Like, really like looking at pillows. I am a pillow researcher. Yes, that is an official title. And I’m fond of all kinds of pillows: patterned & solid, shabby chic & graphic, vintage & new, cutesy & sophisticated… you get the idea. I think it’s pretty amazing what pillows can do for a room. Whether there are two or ten, they can totally “make” a room.

This week I couldn’t resist sharing a pillow shop. I recently purchased a pillow cover from Oriental Tribe 11 for our master bedroom and I’m so happy with it! Take a gander at which one lives on my bed now…

oriental tribe

Oriental Tribe 11 features pillow covers made from tribal textiles – many of them from traditional Hmong batiks. I love all the unique patterns, colors and embroidery work. They have a casual vibe with a playful, bohemian look. I can’t help but think of Amber’s design aesthetic. These are definitely pillows that could carry a room.

So now tell me, are you a pillow researcher too? I can’t be the only one.

images: Oriental Tribe 11



I’m a pillow nut too! I blame your blog and all the other great bloggers out there who have shown me the power of pillows. I may be obsessed with etsy, pillows, and etsy pillows. I love the way pillows can soften a room and pull it all together. Too many options to chose from!


I’m guessing the one on the bottom left corner– but theyre all beautiful!

Pillow fan here as well! I don’t know how pillows can be so cute (maybe because they’re fluffy?), but seriously, I need so much self control to keep my bed from being overrun by throw pillows!


I love this pillows great choise!
I saw a post about your kitchen and I want to ask you something. Do you know what time of the year Ikea has the 20% off? I’m from México so I need to plan my trip to buy it. Thanks :)


Around here, there is always a kitchen sale in April/May.


I am a total pillow freak! I allow myself to browse (which means eventually purchase) a couple of pillow covers a month. It is amazing how much I love this activity and getting new pillow covers in the mail is so much fun. I am currently into ebay shopping from Great Britain. The kind where you Buy Now! Some lovely things out there on ebay and etsy. What a nice aesthetic world we live in


I’m guessing top right or bottom left, but that’s just me imagining what “goes” with your bedding!

I’m LOVING these. What a perfect mix… I love it when pillows just jive together but don’t match or anything. It’s the little things like that that really create a home!

Gah!!! They’re all gorgeous! Why do I always love the most expensive ones…


These are so cute – a home can never have too many cushions! The patterns have so much texture..love them!


I’m glad I’m not the only one perusing etsy for new pillows! My pillow crush is http://www.etsy.com/shop/HAWThome – her patchwork pillows are gorgeous


The sale is going on now through late August. Their website will have the details.


I’m Hmong, so I was super excited to see that you featured a Hmong batik pillow!