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I hope you enjoyed the exterior tour of our front entry. Now on to the interior!

interior entry progress collage

This corner of our home has come a long way. Again, rehabbing the original front door was the biggest project in this space and you can read more about that here. In addition, we added weatherstripping around the door jamb to prevent drafts. The mortise handset looks just as good from the inside!

interior entry 1

Our house doesn’t boast a foyer. The front door opens up into our living room. To carve out an “entry” I placed an oversized chair perpendicular to the door which visually separated the living room from the entryway. DIY wood shelves line one wall but don’t take up precious floor space. A durable sisal rug designates the area as an entry. I didn’t want the door to stand out in the living room so I painted it the same white as the trim.

interior entry 3

A woven bench, petite in size, sits next to the door. It’s the perfect spot for slipping shoes on or off. It also comes in handy for boxed deliveries. The design is simple but the woven top is a nod to patterns and textures found elsewhere in our home. The wooden knobs provide a place for jackets and bags. I keep a sweater wrap here to throw on on chilly mornings. The hanging brass and string art is a fun touch.

I should point out that we typically enter our home through the mudroom at the back of the house. We keep outerwear, backpacks, shoes and other outdoor gear in there. This setup by the front door is mainly for guests or quick trips outside to grab the mail or get a kid on / off the bus.

interior entry 4

The great thing about the coat hooks is that they have a built-in shelf which is ideal for stashing a pair of sunglasses, a set of keys or incoming mail. I couldn’t help displaying a rock Mabrey gave me and some live greenery. A framed photography print picks up on an antler theme that runs throughout the house.

interior entry 5

A major drawback to the original entry was that it was extremely dark. Removing light-filtering screens from the trio of windows in the door let light pour in and I hung a mirror to reflect the natural light even more. It’s nice for quick once-overs, too, before heading out or answering the doorbell. I love looking into the mirror and seeing our living room from a completely different perspective. It’s kind of amusing to see our open kitchen-living space flipped around! (Sorry, I’m a visual nerd.)

interior entry 6

The gold frame of the mirror ties in with other brass and gold elements in the room. My goal was to make the entry function with style but I didn’t want it to be a focal point. I kinda just wanted it to fall to the background.

interior entry 2

I hope you enjoyed the tours of our little entry! It’s nothing to write home about but it works for us. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when decorating a nearly nonexistent entryway:

*Optimize floor space. Keep as much furniture up off the ground as possible to provide a clear path for traffic.

*Create a dropzone. A modest bench, some coat hooks and a shallow wall shelf do the trick!

*Less is more. Don’t go overboard with the decorating. One really good art piece is sufficient. Do add personality with one or two meaningful objects that you’ve made or found.

*Hang a mirror. It doesn’t have to be huge. A dainty round mirror suspended from a leather strap achieves the same effect as a larger, framed mirror. They both bounce around light and provide a spot for checkin’ yourself out.

*Blend well. If your “entry” is part of a larger space, decor choices should jive with the rest of the room. Repeat materials found elsewhere in the room.


door – original, vintage
door paint – Benjamin Moore White Dove in semi-gloss
entryset – Emtek*
framed print – Minted*
wall hooks – West Elm
small concrete planter – JoAnn’s
brass and string art – DIY
bench – Target
mirror – Wayfair*

*This post was sponsored in part by Wayfair, Minted and Emtek. Items marked with an asterisk were chosen by me and kindly donated by these companies. All opinions and images are my own. See more of my entry over on Wayfair. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

For fun, a little before-and-after action…

interior entry b&a

The top photo was taken the day we closed on the house. Really, any “after” would look amazing compared to that!

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking


Love love love!! I always enjoy seeing what you do around your house. You have a great eye for styling spaces – and the before/after comparison is amazing!!


I love that print. I just checked out their site and found art that I’d love for my entry hallway too.


So jealous of your ability to layer without looking cluttered!

Your entry is lovely…and so organized – I am truly jealous! I can’t seem to keep the shoes corralled in our entry…LOVE that bench – I passed by one very similar on clearance at our local Target this week. Might have to go back and get it!!

Loveeee everything about this!


Beautiful! Your style is amazing.

It looks fantastic! I’m especially in love with the photography print! :)


Love it!

What is the source for the rug?


I love all of the brass elements!



I am so impressed that you had the imagination for that transformation. That before is rough! Your style is beautiful and you’ve really turned that place into something quite lovely and inviting.


I would like to know the source of your big black and white/beige basket in the living room! I love your style!


Love everything about your entryway space and that Amy Carroll print! She shot my wedding and I’m obsessed with her work!


Love it, of course! And it certainly blends with the rest of the space. Wondering where you got that cute tiny square planter?


Love the whole space and that door-lovely!


Really great! I love it


Great entry !! Love it !! ❤


Ooooh! Loving the new design. I have been struggling with the same issue of a front door that opens right into the living space. It is great to see how you carved out an entry. Thanks for the source of inspiration!


Love it! This is basically the way our entry is arranged and we have the same situation – front door opening up to the living room – but mine still needs a few tweaks…I am so drawn to that photography art, too! It’s absolutely perfect for our farmhouse style so I think I’ll have to check that out!
Thanks Dana!
Leah: )


amazing! what a transformation. well done!


Looks great! Can I ask for a source on the floor lamp next to the couch?


Beautiful and functional space – well done! I also love the leather couch in your living room. Where is it from?


Wow, it looks so good! Awesome job! Seeing the before and after must make you proud!


Seeing this beautiful of a space is such an inspiration! I especially love that bench, it ties in perfectly with the home. You have done such an amazing job with this home! Thanks for all the great pics.


Dana, I love it! I love your whole house. You’ve got a great eye for design. Any chance we’ll get an updated home tour soon on the See My House link>


I love it all!! You created such a beautiful and functional space.


Hi Dana,

I love your blog and I love how your entry way turned out. I also have an front door that just leads into the living room and love how you set your up, gives me some ideas for my place. Look forward to your next blog post.


LOVE!! Love your space, love your style!


Awesome! What color are the walls? I tried to search through old entries to find it, but couldn’t easily. Sorry if I’m missing it!


You have an amazing talent for creating a beautiful, serene space. Like the precious commenter, I too would love to know which paint color you used for your walls.


Dana, I love how you give so much thought to functionality when you design your spaces. This works beautifully (and bonus: is beautiful). Well done! Love the mirror.


*previous. (Oh, autocorrect.)


I love love those curtains! Could you share where they are from/ which oneS? Id also love to know the paint color on the wall. Thanks!


This is fabulous. Once again, you have hit the ball out of the park on making function beautiful. Trendy, yet not in-your-face. You should be very pleased with your work.

Beautiful job, Dana! It’s absolutely drool worthy! :-).


It really is an amazing DIY before & after. The one thing that catches my eye wrong is the top shelf extending all the way to the door wall. So much further than the other shelves and it just seems to crop the room. Maybe a straight on shot would prove me wrong?


I love the mirror placement! Great tip for pulling light into a dark corner.
I started following your blog about 6 months ago when I googled ‘walnut countertop’ while trying to figure out how to finish and install a 3″ slab of walnut custom-made for my center island. You blog post popped up, I used the same product you did & took all of the stress out of that job!! I should have thanked you before now– thank you!

Gorgeous as always. I adore the print and the rock [minted is killing it right now].


Ahhh, I’m so happy the walnut slab worked out for you! We love ours.


Curtains are from West Elm a few years ago. The wall color is Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige.


Thanks Marita! The wall color is Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige. It’s not really a beige at all so don’t let the name fool you.


It’s Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige. Horrible name, wonderful color.


The wall that the shelves are on is huge – wide and tall – and it spans from the living room to kitchen. The thought behind extending the top shelf was that it would maybe “anchor” the floating shelves so they didn’t feel lost on that wall. Honestly, I’m not sold on it either. But we can always trim it down to match the others. Maybe a future tweak?


Both our old house and current rental have no real foyer, so I love seeing how you deal with this. Fabulous results!

But– I think the photo over the hook/shelf thingy needs to be moved up another inch or so? Just to give a little breathing room to the things on the shelf. (I feel like a snarky AT commenter writing this, but I promise you I’m very much in awe of your style!)


Yes! Stay tuned… (I know I keep saying that but it WILL happen.)


Target! It was silver. I spray painted it gold. Of course.


JoAnn’s! It was $2.


Target a few years back!

I almost got that bench at Target. I think I might get the one that blue and white instead. I’m back in the states now so I can actually go look at them in person instead of just dreaming on the internet!


I see a book in the making. GREAT tips!

Looks amazing! What a transformation!!

Wow, that space has come a long way! We don’t have a foyer either so it’s always inspiring to me to see how people create them. I love the coat rack especially!


Ah! I totally recognize the lamp now and love how you transformed it with gold paint. Do you mind sharing the brand and shade of gold spray paint you use? It’s hard picking a good shade of gold spray paint.


I used Design Master gold medal to spray paint the tripod base.


Your house is one of my new faves. (Is that weird to say?) Love all your style choices!!!


Your style is so inspiring. I love the touches of gold. Ever thought of painting the silver railings holding up the shelves a warm gold?


Love that idea!


Would you share your source for the rug in your entry way?



It’s sisal from NaturalAreaRugs.com a few years back. It has a non-slip back so no rug pad is needed.


[…] *https://www.housetweaking.com/2014/04/25/my-front-entry-part-ii/ […]


I love the print! What size did you purchase?


Love your style! It looks so comfortable and effortless. What size is the Amy Carroll print?


The print is 16″ x 20″ – with the standard frame it’s more like 18.5″ x 22.5″. See framing dimensions here…


[…]   2. The Curtisscassa (Home Tour Morrow Family) 3. The 36th Avenue -Mud Room Closet    4. HouseTweaking 5. Dosmetically […]


Is that what color is all over the living room and mantle too?


The wall color in the entry, living room and kitchen is Benjamin Moore tapestry beige. The trim, mantel, TV bump-out and ceiling are Benjamin Moore white dove. Hope that helps!


I looooove your leather sofa. Do you mind sharing where to is from?


The source is listed at the end of the living room tour…



Hi, what are the measurements of your living room? I have a similar space w/ a fireplace and I’m trying to create the look/feel or a larger room.



The living room is one side of a ~20′ x 22′ great room which includes the kitchen as well. Hope that helps!


Thanksssssssssssssssssss !!!! Love this room!!!! I’ve been looking a door entry with no foyer and here it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And really well done !!!


Hi Dana,

I love your style! I’m just wondering if you would be up for giving advice on my 1920’s foyer? I’m really struggling with how to decorate it. Unlike your foyer, it’s big so I have the opposite problem to you in that the space seems unused. It’s a big part of our main floor so I would rather the space be useful and functional. If you’re interested, I would love to send you pictures and you could give me some suggestions.



Yes, please send pics!


Hey Dana,

I tried to submit pictures on here, but it won’t let me post them. Do you have an email address for this blog that I could attach pictures to?



Yes, please send pics to housetweaking@gmail.com


This looks amazing! I love midcentury architecture, and your front door is the stuff my dreams are made of. Great job with the entryway. I’m jealous that you have space for a sofa to delineate the entry from the living room. The main entrance in my house opens up to the family room, and the space is small and awkward with no room for a well-placed sofa. Anyway, your entryway is awesome!


The gray piece of upholstered furniture is actually an oversized chair! Small enough to move around near the entry and between the kitchen but large enough to provide some separation. We love it!


Where is your leather couch from?


See the source list at the end of the living room tour!

[…] Images L-R: Homedit; Oh Happy Day; House Tweaking […]


How did you get that sisal rug without the fabric border at NaturalAreaRugs.com? I tried creating a custom rug at their site, and there isn’t a “no border” option.


Ours was a ready-to-ship version. See it here…



I know this post is old but in your living room do you face your TV out the front window? If so what do you do at night time to keep people from looking in? Thank you!



I love this room! Just wondering where the arm chair is
ftom….I’m looking for one like it. Thanks!!


Silly question: what brand are those sunglasses/where did you get them? Been looking for some just like that. Thanks!


My own entryway has a similar problem. Your solution looks great and is very inspiring. I was deciding if I wanted a design fix or a remodel. I think after seeing this, I can be happy with a design fix. My husband, who was dreading another major building project (we’ve done the kitchen and three bathrooms in the past three years) this one to relocate the entryway and create a proper foyer, thanks you profusely.


Where is this beautiful leather sofa from?!? I’ve been looking for a warm brown like this