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This is the first house we’ve lived in that doesn’t have carpet. When we moved in, we put adhesive protector pads on the feet of all the furniture that rests directly on the wood floors. For larger, stationary pieces (i.e., the sofa, living room chair, media cabinet, etc.) the standard felt pads work fine. But we’ve always had an issue with the protectors staying put on the counter stools at the kitchen island. The stools get moved in and out several times a day and I’ve had to replace the felt pads at least four times. New pads start shifting out of place after only a few days. They attract dust bunnies to the bottom of the stools. I’m constantly cleaning adhesive residue off the floor under the island overhang. At one point, I decided to forego the pads all together because they were more work than they were worth. But the kids like to tip the stools when they’re sitting on them (drives me bonkers) and it was leaving small dents in the floor.

Steve did some googling and came across these flexi-felt covers. The presentation videos are super hokey but the concept was appealing. The flexi-felt cover is basically a small sleeve of clear, flexible plastic that grips around furniture feet. A quality felt pad on the bottom of the sleeve allows furniture to glide along floors without leaving scratches or dents. Out of desperation, we measured our stools (an essential step) and shelled out $35 for sixteen felt sleeve covers. It seemed like a lot of money but we realized we had spent as much – or more – on furniture pads that had failed over the past two years.

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When the felt covers arrived, Steve couldn’t get them on fast enough. I’ve never seen a grown man so excited about furniture pads. The process of putting the covers on, however, was NOT exciting. Even with the included installation tool, it took nearly forty-five minutes to put on all sixteen covers. Our stool legs don’t taper perfectly (a section of the metal leg juts out just above the feet) so it was difficult to slide the tool out during installation.┬áBut once all covers were in place, we were surprised by their appearance and performance.

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Sure, we could have slipped cut tennis balls onto the stool legs but I wasn’t keen on the stools looking like geriatric walkers. Rubber cane tips would probably┬áprevent dents and dings but, again, geriatric. Not to mention, they don’t glide easily. The transparent flexi-felt covers aren’t obnoxious looking at all. In fact, they’re barely noticeable. But the game changer? THEY WORK. It’s been over a month since we installed the new covers and they haven’t budged. Steve and I are impressed. The pads come with a one-year warranty but the limitations are questionable. For instance, the warranty doesn’t cover “normal wear.” At any rate, we have no complaints so far and I’m curious to see how they hold up in the long run. I’ll keep you posted.

Do you use furniture pads? Have you discovered any pads that stay put on frequently moved furniture?

FYI – This post is NOT sponsored in any way. Just sharing a non-geriatric furniture pad option that’s working for us so far.

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Interesting! We have the same problem with the felt pads coming off all the time and collecting dust bunnies too. I have a lot of chairs though- 4 bar stools and 8 dining chairs that are used every day. The cost adds up! I might look into these if I am desperate though.


Thanks for sharing! We have similar stools and I used generic felt pads before. My biggest challenge (aside from them slipping) is animal hair sticking to them! May have to give these a try.


LOVE Flexi-felt!! We had the exact same problem with the cheap felt pads, so I did some digging and discovered their company. I ended up just ordering their adhesive pads rather than the ones with the sleeves because I didn’t think they would fit well on some of our furniture. It’s been over a year and they’re still stuck, even on chairs that get lots of use. I’m so happy to have found a product that works after the nightmare of having to constantly replace the inferior pads.


Same stools, same problems! What size did you get? Thanks!


Good to know the adhesive pads work just as well. May give those a go if / when the cheap pads on our other furniture give out.


We have the cheap-o felt pads on any furniture that comes into contact with wood floors…which is basically everything because we don’t have any carpet. I’ve never had issues with the pads coming off but our issue is the pet hair sticking to the bottom. So annoying!


I have 50’s-era metal dining chairs with tubular legs, and there are several kinds of rubber feet that fit into the opening like plugs. When I search for Tolix images, this looks like the kind of feet they usually have. http://www.mohd.it/public/gallery/Tolix_Biskopsgarden3.jpg


YES! same problem!! I was thinking of buying these also, but now I definitely will. PLEASE tell me how you got the adhesive residue off the floor? I have tried bona floor cleaner but its not working and I am really hesitant to try goo-gone on the wood floor.


UGGGHHH!!! Yes, this has been a huge issue in our current home. And I have spent way more money than I care to even think about on chair pads that will work in our kitchen/dining room. Our tile is nice because it is not slippery but whatever sort of texture/finish it has pulls chairs pads off rather quickly. Felt works for a while but the floor just eventually wears them down or just pulls them off altogether. I am currently using ‘Magic Sliders’ that have more of a hard plastic bottom but they seem to glide the best on our tile (I got them at Target.) The only problem is that the adhesive they come with to attach them to your chairs is terrible. So I was so tired of the problem that I finally super glued them on. Problem solved. I’ll see how well my solution will last but so far, so good.


I’ll preface this by saying that we don’t have any children – yet – one on the way. We do have hardwood throughout our mid century home and we use the felt pads. We were pretty ready for them all to fall off and so we tried to preempt this by thoroughly cleaning the contact point then placing a dab of lock-tite super glue before attaching the felt. That seems to work pretty well. Again, it’s just the two of us adults and lots of company, but probably not quite the wear and tear of kiddos.


Question about the pads on your couch- We are new to wood floors (always had carpet until earlier this year) and our couch is in front of the window like yours. We don’t have any pads on the bottom of the couch as of yet and haven’t had any problems with scratches. But…my problem is that the couch constantly slides back and rests against the windowsill smushing my curtains and sheers. I hate the way it looks. Do you have this problem? Do the felt pads stop the couch from sliding so easily in any way? I haven’t really researched a way to fix it yet, but it bugs me! :)


While I love seeing the big changes, the little things like this are life changing LOL. Even better, they sell in australia so I can get them (already looked it up). Cheers


Thanks for sharing! I really hope you keep us posted! I always worry that the ones that fall off are a choking hazard. Will be looking into these as we replace the floor in our new place.


we have the same counter stools, same counter stool issues. i found an artisan on etsy who makes little knit “socks” with felt “feet” for the stool legs. they’ve worked like a charm for the past year, and are super adorable. however, the felt is now wearing thin – and through – in some places, so i need to replace them. might have to try these sleeves. it will be hard to give up the cute factor of the socks, but i’m all about function at this point.


I’ve seen rubber pads on amazon that are made to keep couches from slipping around. I’ve never used them, but it may help solve your problem.


Our slate windowsill sticks out further than the wall / window itself so our sofa usually rests against that. It doesn’t really slide around. (The inexpensive pads from Lowe’s or Home Depot work fine in this case.) I hung the curtains high and wide. They extend past the sides of the window and are never behind the sofa. (We rarely close them.) Hope that helps!


I did resort to a little bit of goo gone to remove the residue. It was the only thing that worked. I made sure to rinse the area well after and, luckily, it didn’t effect the finish of the floor.


Our stools are knock-offs so the black ends are actually hard plastic – not rubber. It isn’t a problem (i.e. doesn’t damage the floors) unless the kids are tipping the stools or a very heavy person sits on the stools. I would love it if the knock-off stools had rubber feet!


Thank you SO much for this post!! We have the same problem with our counter stools, amplified by the dog hair that collects on the feet, stuck to the adhesive. I was thinking about asking my mother-in-law if she could knit little booties for the stool legs, but I am now super excited about checking these out. Anyway, I am really glad I read your post today – thanks again!


Do you have a link for the etsy shop? I’m intrigued by the sock-sleeves!

Oh I too need some of these. So do these new ones not get the dust bunnies attaching to them? That is my main concern.


Holly — we have this EXACT issue with our couch. The front feet rest on the rug, the back feet would slide on the wood. I solved the issue by cutting small squares of that cheap rug gripper stuff? You know the type I mean? It’s sort of like a puffy mesh and you can find it pretty much anywhere. One square under each leg that rests of the wood floor – no more sliding! The way our couch is formed you can’t see the back legs from the front or side (because of the end tables). Hope that helps!


Yes these are great! I work for a school district and we use these on chairs in the classroom! Easy to slide and much better for the floors. They hold up great!

Your timing is perfect! I just put new furniture pads on my shopping list, but I may have to try these instead!


It’s actually quiet sad how happy this post made me!!!! THANK YOU ! Hope they ship to Europe – lots of tapered legs with felt pads half hanging off them in this house!


Ermahgerd! I need these. I was watching the video and thought, “Geez, his accent is familiar…” and sure enough, there’s a reason: The inventor is from Quebec. I’m so used to seeing American products that aren’t available in Canada (sad face) that I think I may have cheered a little too loudly when I saw the product is available at a building supply store near my office.

Great tip – thank you for sharing!


So far, no dust bunnies or hair sticking to them! There’s no sticky adhesive so I think that’s why they don’t attract those annoying dust balls.


Jen- I had actually thought about this but I didn’t know if it would work. Thanks so much! I’m going to get one this weekend. We don’t have a rug yet, so I’m sure that would help too.


A good source for rugs is RugsUSA.com — they are having a good sale right now and always have free shipping. It’s a great place to find affordable rugs, especially if you are wanting to do something trendy but don’t want to shell out the bucks. We’ve purchased almost 10 rugs from them and I’ve been super pleased with the quality and since you don’t spend a lot, I don’t feel guilty then selling it on Craigslist a couple years later to update our look.


what kind of flooring do you have? i have been ordering samples from all over the place and haven’t found any flooring that holds up they way we like. how did you win the flooring obstacle and do you like the choice thus far?


Hey Dana,

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the stressors of blogging. What makes the writer even want to turn comments on when the internet has such nasty things to say? It sounds so silly saying this, but I’m shocked that YHL is no longer go to be posting. I loved their blog & think they are such an awesome level-headed couple.

Just would like to hear some insight.

Nicole B.


Have you ever tried a little bit of vegetable oil? Sometimes takes a couple applications and be sure to clean up after so the area isn’t slippery.


I guess all I can say is I’ve never done it for the comments – positive or negative. (Although, I do appreciate any constructive feedback.) I think we all go through seasons in life where we (re)evaluate what we’re doing and how it’s affecting our daily lives. Sometimes we stay on the same path. Other times we choose to veer off and try a new one.


I might have to try that next time. Thanks for sharing! (Hopefully, there isn’t a next time.)


Thank you for this post! We have hardwood floors, and those ordinary felt protectors are driving us batty. As soon as I described the flexifelt booties to my husband he insisted that we order them immediately.


https://www.etsy.com/shop/sewoiseau?ref=l2-shopheader-name … she’s on maternity leave, it appears. but this is where i got them. just start a convo with her and she’ll know what to do!

[…] Protective furniture pads that don’t look like flat fuzzy creatures. […]

I think I need some then.
Problem is they don’t ship to Australia. Typical.

OMG these are genius Dana. We currently use the cheapie ones from the hardware store and they always come off and leave sticky residue and goop all over our wood floors. Such a bummer, especially since we try so hard to protect the floors we just had refinished. Thanks so much for sharing these friend.


We use the cheapo felt pads too and they would always come off. Hubby fixed that problem with alittle dot of gorilla glue in the center before he put them on the bottom of the chairs. Now, no more issues. Thankfully we have short haired dogs, So dog hair is not too big of an issue for us.


ahh this is excellent. we have the knockoff “tolix” dining chairs and the stupid plastic inserts have broken/come out of at least two of the four feet on EACH CHAIR and I’m terrified for my hardwood floors/persian carpets. I tried the geriatric cane tips and my god, they were hideous.


Do you still like these furniture pads? :)


Yes! I haven’t had any issues with them slipping off or leaving adhesive residue on the floors. I would highly recommend them!


Hi Dana, not sure if I missed it, but where did you purchase the flexi-felt pads? They seem to be hard to find. Thanks!


I know it is old, but did you try stool leg plugs like the ones below? Did they work for you?



No, I didn’t try anything like that. I’m not sure they would have worked because the stools already have a foot pad very similar to those plugs.


I”m having problems also with scratches on my hardwood, remembering seeing crocheted booties on the feet of the chairs, I would probably put a pad inside of it……….


I just put a child’s wooden block on the floor between the baseboard and the sofa legs-works great!


We have the same stools and the same problems. Thanks for sharing these game changers — any chance you remember what size you ordered?


We have the exact same stools and I want to order these. Can you tell me what size you ordered?


Now that it’s been a while, do they collect dog hair? I understand they don’t fall off because of the bootie or stronger adhesive, but aren’t they the same kind of felt as the Target/Home Depot versions that seem to capture dust and dog hair?


We have a very fluffy cat and from time to time I will have to remove hairballs that have collected around the feet, but I think that would happen regardless of furniture pads or not. Other than getting rid of the cat, I don’t see how to avoid that :/


I just saw an article about using leather instead of felt for pads. A bit of manual labor, but worth a try.


I was searching for a solution to “keeping felt pads on chair” today and came across this blog. I’m going to look these up. My new table and chairs come tomorrow for the kitchen and we just had an engineered hardwood floor put in that I don’t want to risk. The felt pads on the existing chairs keep moving to the edge and it drives me crazy. Thought about superglue too, but as a last resort. Not sure what that will do to the bottom of the chairs eventually. I think the new chairs front legs have levelers and are metal, so waiting to see what size/shape they are again before ordering. Will try to remember to come back and share how it worked out.
Thank you,


I have been dealing with these issues for years now. I have done extensive research and tried many different products and ideas. I am a bit OCD therefore my research has been rather extensive.
Once I got my 2 sofas exactly where I wanted them, I purchased these from Amazon and they are the bomb! Great padding and your sofa will not move!
DURA-GRIP Heavy Duty Non-Slip Rubber (No Glue Or Nails) Furniture Floor Pads, Protectors, 4” L, Set of 8, $$14.99
For my dining chairs and all other chairs I purchased the these high end “Flexi-Felt chair caps.
Flex-Felt.com has every product you could possibly need for the PROPER protection of your floors. This company actually sells products to schools especially for desk chairs. They have every product for every shape furniture or anything that sits on your floor. You do need to follow the directions because you use a blow dryer or heat gun to affix them to your furniture. They look nice and I do not think you will need to look any further than these two products for you floor protection needs.
No more wasting time on research and buying products only to have them fail and cause a mess which then takes more time, and over and over again.
I hope this helps everyone