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Wow!  The sliding barn door in our bedroom has caused quite a raucous.  104 comments??!! Yowsas.

Wanna know how we, I mean, Handy Hubby did it?  Good.  Because I’m going to tell you. However, there are so many steps involved that I’m breaking this DIY project up into 2 posts:  1) constructing the door  2) hanging the door.  That way you don’t get overwhelmed…or bored.  I’m warning you, there’s a lot of math, measuring and side notes involved.  Ready?  Let’s do this.

We hauled the original fence boards back from Pennsylvania where they once lived at Handy Hubby’s family farm.  Then we set to work figuring out how large we wanted the door to be.  We knew we wanted it to cover the entire master bathroom door frame {including the trim} if possible when in the closed position.  I say ‘if possible’ because when determining how wide you’d like the barn door to be, you must take into account the amount of wall space adjacent to the doorway where the door will rest when in the open position.  Otherwise, the door will not slide open completely.  Luckily, the space of wall to the right of our bathroom doorway was large enough to accommodate the width of door we wanted.  We measured the desired door width and then divided it by 5¾” {the width of each fence board} to get the number of fence boards we’d need for the door. We needed 7 fence boards to get a door width of ~41″.  Once the door width was established, we chose the length/height.  The ceiling in our bedroom is vaulted, so we wanted to hang the door well above the door frame because we knew the room could handle it.  We decided on 88″ for the door length/height. Handy Hubby cut the 7 boards to 88″ long with a miter saw.  {This was way back in the fall before snowpocalypse.  That should be a good indication of how long it takes us to get anything done over here.} On a side note…we inspected each board to determine which end to cut off.  In many instances, there was a ‘bad’ end that we wanted to get rid of.

To hold the door together and give it more of barn feel, Handy Hubby cut 2 wider support boards to attach to the top and bottom of the door.  We also wanted 1 regular fence board placed horizontally about two-thirds of the way down the door for added stability and door handle installation.

Once all the boards were cut to size, they got a good sand job {I said sand job} from a palm sander.  Handy Hubby blew the sawdust off with the leaf blower {hey, use what you got!}, wiped ’em down with a damp rag, let them dry completely and rubbed them well with tack cloth.  Next came the priming and painting.  Handy Hubby brushed on 2 coats of oil-based primer {left over from our kitchen cabinet makeover} and rolled on {with a foam roller} 3 coats of semi-gloss latex paint.  The paint color we chose was Sherwin Williams Auric.

With the necessary boards all cut to size and painted, Handy Hubby proceeded to assemble the door.  He laid the boards out on our bedroom floor to square it all up, measuring corner to corner and tweaking until everything matched up.  The distance of each diagonal {the measurement from opposite top and bottom corners} should be equal.  Sorry, I don’t have a true work-in-progress image of this step but this might help…

Handy Hubby pre-drilled holes for the wood screws into the horizontal boards, making sure not to drill all the way through the vertical boards below.  We didn’t want any screws popping through to the other side of the door since they would be seen from the bathroom.  **Handy Hubby Hint: Wrap a piece of painter’s tape around the drill bit at the depth you want your holes.  Drill in just to the tape line for a perfect hole every time!**

He alternated the placement of the holes so that the screw heads would have a kind of zig zag pattern.  Another side note…we had already selected our hanging hardware at this point, and Handy Hubby made sure NOT to drill the top horizontal board in places where the hardware would need to go later. More on that in Part II of this DIY post, but the thing to remember here is that you need to know what hanging hardware you’re using before you assemble the door.  Then came my moment of fame.  I stood on the boards to keep them from moving while Handy Hubby screwed everything together…the upper, middle and lower horizontal boards into the vertical boards. Essentially, each vertical board ended up with 6 screws in it – 2 from each horizontal support board.  We liked the look of the shiny, raw screw heads showing, so we chose not to touch them up.

Once the door was assembled, it was HEAVY!  Assembling the door in the bedroom kept us from having to lug the finished product around the house and up a flight of stairs.  It also made quite a sawdust mess in the bedroom, but that was an easy trade-off to aching backs and dinged up walls.

I’m not going to lie.  That door was propped up against our bedroom wall for weeks while we prepped the doorway and waited on the hardware to arrive.  I had visions of it toppling down on us in the middle of the night.  But it didn’t.  Thank goodness.  It definitely would’ve left a mark.  Before it was hung, I was already in love with all the scarred imperfections.  The nicks, scratches, crannies and cracks gave it a story. I even told Handy Hubby not to worry about fixing any damage that he’d done to the paint job while assembling the door.  He was happy to oblige.

So, that’s how Handy Hubby assembled the barn door with a teensy bit of help from me.  Take note that the only money we spent for this part of the project was on the gallon of paint.  And if you’ve made it through this entire post without yawning yet, you deserve a pat on the back.  And probably a link to where our sliding barn door hardware came from.  More on that tomorrow!

images:  all Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



I LOVE that you created this in place of a bathroom door, it’s so innovative and the color choice is perfect! I can’t wait to see part II. Thanks for the inspiration!


I absolutely love this! I have been wanting to do this in my home for so long. Would you mind sharing exactly which hardware system you chose and the cost. Thanks a lot :)


To say this door is fabulous is a vast understatement. I came because I loved the pic of your headboard and I am REALLY loving the rest of the room. Can’t wait to see more!


Dana & HH… you rock. Seriously.

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen and so impressive that you guys did it yourselves!


I LOVE how your bedroom is turning out. I would have never been bold enough to pick that yellow color, but it looks gorgeous! I especially love the bathroom barn door. I am thinking of trying the same hanging mechanism to fix my laundry room door. It currently opens into the room and blocks most of the storage space. Thanks for the inspiration! Looking forward to your next post.


Just found your blog – I LOVE IT!!!! Love the barn doors, I have been begging my husband to let me do this in our bathroom.


Love this! Thank you, Dana, for the details! I have been wanting a barn door for my headboard for a LONG time but I just need the wood (minor detail). Thank you!!


I’m still drooling over this project!!! Gorgeous!!!

Amazing!! This is a wonderful project, so cool!


This is pretty weak if you ask me!


This project is so great! It adds so much personality and the color just pops. But wow did the unpainted door look absolutely beautiful too.


i have had your headboard pinned to my inspiration board ( http://pinterest.com/sumthings/bedroom/ ) for weeks now. well, until yesterday, when i needed to show hubby what i was planning on building in our bedroom, i had never actually clicked through the pic to see where it came from! low and behold!!!! it’s YOU! and…even more amazingly…you were also the creator of my very next project…the barn door! how serendipitiously fantastic is that!?

so, just so you are fully prewarned. i am basically stealing your whole bedroom! ;) i have some interesting tweaking to do…so it will look my own. (i have to work with what we got, you know….low on cash, time, etc etc). but, the headboard and door are my true inspiration.
and..and…this couldn’t come at a better time. we just finished a big bathroom remodel and the barn door is exactly the finishing touch that is needed. now, i just have to find some old wood..and convince the hubs to build Just.One.More.Thing. ;)
f.y.i. your blog has totally earned a spot in my FAVES category on my blog reader! trust me, as a full time working mom of two…my faves are the mainstay of my blog reading!
loves to you!!


Stephanie – So glad that you have found inspiration for your bedroom! I don’t mind at all if you ‘steal’ ideas. I don’t think of it as stealing anyway….I like sharing.


Toni – I think the raw wood looked great also. Now you can see why it was such a big deal for me to go with Handy Hubby’s suggestion and paint it. I really like it either way – natural and painted!


yay! i like sharing, too!
do you have a pinterest account? i would LOVE to see your “little black book” go viral! if you sign up..i will totally follow you! ;)
i am not sure if they are still in beta…if so, and you want to join..let me know. i have invites left.

So gorgeous. This door looks amazing with the rest of the bedroom design (esp. the lovely headboard). And the bright yellow is perfect!!!


Great looking door. Tell your husband great job. I really think that you guys are onto something here. My wife and I are in the middle of doing a house remodel but we are not daring enough to try something like that. At least not yet. Keep up the good work



Wow! So, so lovely!! Like everything in this site! :)


i just discover your blog, really nice house, congratulations for making so many cute things… I’ll come ack to see your new post
have a nice day


it is really beautiful…my husband and i just had one of these done for our bathroom, although we were not brave enough to try this project on our own – nicely done!


Would you share how much the hardware cost? Thanks!


I just found your blog through Remodelaholic, and became a new follower.

Love, Love,Love this yellow barn door. It’s so unique, how did you think of this?


Love the blog and the door. Especially the choice of color. And so cool to see it on Apartment Therapy just now!


Kathleen – The barn door was probably an unconscious idea resulting from the fact the I lived in a barn with my family for the majority of my childhood. As much as I like modern decor, the juxtaposition of it with natural, rustic touches is what I love most. Also, the double doors that came with our builder home {and used to separate the master bedroom from the bathroom} were cumbersome and flimsy…always getting stuck. A pocket door or sliding door of some sort were our first ideas. Once we discovered the reclaimed wood {for free!}, we decided on a sliding barn door.


Mary Sue – Check out DIY Sliding Barn Door Part II for all that info.


I have been pushing this idea around for more than a year as a way to separate a large room from the rest of the house. A few hardware quotes of $600-800 kept turning me away, though. Just this week I had a decorator over to my house, and she suggested I look at the track from Tractor Supply Company. They’re certainly not as pretty, but at $100, I think I might have the gumption to go for it!
I also have planned on making my own doors from old lumber, so this tutorial came just in time! Thanks for sharing!!


Thanks to Poppytalk for sharing this! It’s a fabulous idea, and I love your blog!


Love this to pieces!


i love the door, and i am in LOVE with the cute yellow pillow. do you mind sharing where you got this? i must have one!


oops…..should have scrolled down more. thanks!!!


Dana, this is fantastic! So unique. Love the juxtaposition of farmhouse and urban industrial.


I LOVE the door! My fiancé and I have been trying to come up with a solution for our ensuite because of a sloped ceiling on one side and this is perfect!!! Question…..what is the paint color on the wall behind the headboard?


Karen – The darker, focal wall is Sherwin Williams Suitable Brown.


Absolutely stunning!!

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I did a similar project with a found door.
I got the hardware from McMaster-Carr for under $100, in a galvanized steel look.

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Thank you so much for posting the steps on how you did it! This just made my day.


Awesome!!! Crud, now my brain is swirling on redoing all the doors here!!!


Hi! I LOVE this door! It only FURTHER increased my sliding door obsession.
I am hoping to make a pair of smaller doors like this for storage in a master bedroom along a knee wall. Do you know how much the slider frame kit cost? Since I am still in the planning phase I don’t have the exact dimensions to get a quote from the company.


You’ve inspired some of my clients to add something similar to their own home. Nice touches to the interior.


I am absolutely in love with this and plan to try to do the same for a loft entry. What color is that yellow? It is brilliant. Also, is the accent wall a brown or a grey? (I’d like to lift both paint colors if you they are a brand!)


James – The mustard on the door is SW’s Auric. The darker wall is SW’s Suitable Brown.

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Hi, what a great idea and great photos too. I added a link to your post to my recent post about repurposing a door. Thanks for sharing your tip with my readers. Keep up the great work. http://www.manyhatsofamom.com


Stephanie – I always appreciate a link! Thanks!


I am SO glad I stumbled on your website. I love the sliding barn door project and am in the ‘thinking’ phase of doing something similar. My problem is that I don’t have a ‘Handy Hubby’! Do you think any of this can be accomplished alone? With perhaps a phone call to a brother who ‘might’ show up in a week or two?


Karen – Other than actually moving and hanging the HEAVY door, all the other steps were more calculated in nature…as in measuring lots and lots before drilling/screwing/hanging. HH did need my assistance in holding some of the hanging hardware up on the wall while he was measuring. I also helped him when it came time to hang our heavy door. You need braun and brains for this one! The company from which we purchased our hardware was also very helpful in making sure we got the correctly sized hardware.


Have you already posted DIY Sliding Barn Door: Part 2, hanging the door? I can’t find it. I so want to do this in my home. Looking for to reading more. Love your blog, thank you.


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Can you tell us about the lovely blanket that’s folded at the bottom of the bed?


This is awesome! I first saw a door like this through one of my favorite phone apps – Houzz. I was looking for instructions on how this was constructed. Would it be ok to link to your post from my site? I love posting others awesome DIY work – especially if there’s instructions. :) Great job!!


Jacqueline – No problem! I love a good link.

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Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have been drooling over the idea of a big chunky sliding barn door for our very similar master bed to bath hole-in-the-wall since we moved in and your tutorial makes me think it just might be possible! The color is gorgeous and oh that hardware. I am so inspired!

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Beautiful – I have to do this in my room! You’re featured on my blog today :-)


Because my hubby is the unhandy hubby as am I, I was wondering if we could go to a door store and purchase a regular door and just hang it with farm door hardware. Do you think that will work?

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Beautiful door, beautiful blog! Have added a link to this project in my most recent post (www.smartsmallsimple.wordpress.com), hope that’s OK.
Your home is an inspiration, thank you so much for sharing it with us all. Can’t believe how pristine it looks with three kids – how DO you do it?!


How well does the door seal sound? thinking about something like this for my master, but is it as “sound resistant” as a standard door?

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Could you share the yellow color of the door? Is it also Sherwin Williams? As you probably know finding the perfect yellow takes time, but I’m in love with yours!


It is Sherwin Williams auric.

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Do u think the chalkboard paint technique can be done on the door..


If you’re using reclaimed wood, the result might be too bumpy to write on but there’s no reason why you couldn’t do chalkboard paint.

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Is there a possibility that you have a photo of the other side of the door -Are the vertical boards sandwiched between another top and bottom board? I’m in the process of building two hinged barn doors for my barn. I have one finished, and have wide vertical boards for the other but they are shorter than the one I just completed. Love your ideas and how you used the reclaimed boards to make your slider.

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