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08.02.13 / Five Things

It came!

WARNING: If your IKEA 2014 catalog hasn’t arrived yet, feel free to skip this post until after you study your own copy so I don’t ruin it for you.

After soaking up every last image and product description, I am going to be brutally honest. I was underwhelmed. That sounds snobbish, doesn’t it? It wasn’t that I disliked it but last year’s catalog {2013 – this year’s catalog?} was so, so good that I was expecting even better this year. Of course, I did find a few things to love and I really appreciate the ‘everyday living’ approach that IKEA is promoting.

Here are five images I dog-eared, straight from my catalog. In the room view images, I’ve used arrows to point out specific items.

ikea 2014

page 19 – I love the easy-going feel of this room {leaning art, mixed patterns, non-rigid furniture arrangement} and I’m happy to see the BESTĂ… wall cabinets in a new finish. They look great on the white walls here but could be a really nice contrast against dark walls, too.

ikea 2014 5

page 50 – What’s better than life-sized IKEA furniture? Doll-sized IKEA furniture. Methinks Mabrey should ask Santa for a doll house this year. I wonder if the doll furniture also comes in flat pack boxes?

ikea 2014 2

page 88 – The new STOCKHOLM glass door cabinets in yellow are my absolute favorite thing in the entire catalog. It’s difficult to see from this image but the product description on page 208 shows the cabinets’ leggy bottoms in a rich wood tone which I think is fabulous. I predict these cabinets are going to go viral in the decor world.

ikea 2014 3

page 100 – This kitchen! The catalog doesn’t list the gray LIDINGĂ– doors as new but I haven’t seen them in person at the store or in a catalog yet. Maybe I missed something last year when I wasn’t renovating a kitchen? Anyhow, you know I’m all over this kitchen with the gray cabinets, wood countertops, open shelf and graphic tile.

ikea 2014 4

page 208 – The lines of this STOCKHOLM sideboard are clean and modern. This could be IKEA’s most versatile piece in 2014. Dining buffet, media cabinet, bedroom dresser, nursery changing table…the possibilities are endless.

What did you dog-ear in the IKEA 2014 catalog? Even though it wasn’t my favorite catalog, I am still an IKEA fan.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Had to check out the new catalog online thanks to Apartment Therapy. Can’t believe that the new catalog still isn’t available here. And by here, I mean Stockholm, Sweden.


I read the catalog cover-to-cover the day I got it :)
My favorite items were (and I’m not sure if these are new items or not, but I had never seen them)…
1. Knapper Floor Mirror – This would be great for hanging up those clothes that were worn but aren’t really “dirty” but you still don’t want to put them back in the closet…
2. Vittsjo Laptop Support – I’ve been a fan of the Vittsjo series, but never saw this until the catalog – been wanting a C table for ages, now! This one is totally coming home with me :)
3. Kastan Jenot Bowl – No words. Just a beautiful accessory :)

I’m starting quite the collection of Ikea Catalogs – I’m missing 2011, though…which makes me sad :(

Ugh I am anxiously awaiting the moment I can gets my hands on one. This made me really excited about it though! I like your picks a lot.


That kitchen is my fav too!! I either want to paint mine in gray now or get the IKEA kitchen!!


Arghh! We’re doing another IKEA kitchen but need to purchase in the next week or two. Wish I could wait for those gray cabs! They’re perfect! I too loved the yellow shelves and the sideboard. I’m sure I need a sideboard…somewhere. Ha! :)


I agree boring and cheap looking product. Some for way too much money. Plus your taste is probably just outgrowing the IKEA level. With that being said I must buy the doll furniture and I have no little girls at home. Its just a clever nicnac I need for the library shelf.


I am in LOVE with that kitchen. I spent just as much time looking at that page as I did at the rest of the catalog …

It came it came! I was waiting for me in the mail today and I am so excited to go through it. Ahh, to have an unlimited budget and rooms to work with…


I totally agree about the STOCKHOLM cabinet! They’ve been my favorite since I first laid eyes on them!

I can’t get over how fabulous the new Stockholm green velvet sofa is. Yum!
I made a list yesterday while going through the catalog and it has at least 20 things I liked.

That’s funny, I hated last year’s catalog but loved this year’s! I too am in love with the green velvet sofa. Now just to convince the husband… ;)


Every year I end up with two catalogs – because it takes too long for mine to come in the mail, I give in and go pick one up. It’s dangerous living less than two miles from an Ikea.

I love the yellow cabinets! Wish I had somewhere to put them. I also like the looks of the table on the same page. I feel like Ikea’s dining chairs have been coming a long way recently; where were they three years ago when I was desperate for some good chairs?!


I TOTALLY agree with you!! I have been waiting and waiting for the catalog to come, and then I didin’t even make it through the whole thing! I loved last year’s. This year, the pictures did not have the same light and airy feel as last year.


oh yay! grey cabinets – I was going to paint some ikea cabinets a nice dark grey in our extension, but these look pretty good; maybe i won’t need to get the paint out! i was sent a sneak preview of the australian catalogue – not sure when it’s out but there were a few great things i think i need in it! thank goodness my local ikea is an hour and a half away!!! love that yellow cabinet too – their stockholm collection is always just a little bit cooler isn’t it?


How ironic! And possibly irritating.


How convenient would that be if you could skip the cabinet painting step?! I can’t wait to see what you do with your new place. Yes, the STOCKHOLM collection is always a bit cooler and a bit pricier – but still affordable.


I also fell hard for some of the new dining chairs. I had a hard time narrowing my faves down to the top 5.


I didn’t hate this year’s catalog; I just thought it wasn’t as good as last year’s. I think you could probably talk to 100 different people who viewed the catalog and you would get 100 different opinions, right? I still enjoyed looking through the goodies! Good luck convincing your hubby on that yummy velvet sofa ;)


Oh, I didn’t only like these 5 items! I had a hard time narrowing it down to my top 5 but I remember loving just about every single page/item in the last catalog. Yummy green velvet sofa. I <3 IKEA!


This is how I felt about the last catalog, so whenever I need to look something up I use the old (2012) one. I haven’t git the VERY NEW one yet, but cannot wait. I think why you might have been a little disappointed is because they have promoted a lot of the new things during the last months already so they weren’t absolutely new to customers who check out their homepage every once in a while. I might go to Ikea next week or the week after that…..


This is exactly how I felt! There were lots of things I loved in the new catalog, but last year’s had me petting every single page while wiping drool off my face with the other hand. (Maybe a slight exaggeration, but maybe not!) It still made we want to load up the hubs and drive the three hours to the nearest store, but it just didn’t make quite the impact that the last one did.


I really liked the green velvet couch they showed several times in the catalog. *swoon* But $1000 for a small Ikea couch? I don’t know about that.


WHY hasn’t mine come yet!! I check the mail everyday like Christmas!!! haha no santa yet!!!


That Stockholm cabinet is a must have. Honestly, most of the Stockholm pieces are my favorite this season. I’ve been waiting for IKEA to bring some of the Stockholm pieces over to the U.S markets & I am nothing but pleased!



Yep, same. Underwhelmed. It seemed really visually cluttered to me also- I know it’s a catalogue, but some of those rooms gave me anxiety, so it was hard to focus on individual stuff. LOVED the Stockholm Buffet though, and it looks expensive (haven’t seen it in person yet)!

I thought the same thing! Last year’s catalog was so great- I tagged something every few pages with my dorky post-it notes, but this year was just… ick. The photos/product arrangements were pretty awful, especially compared with last year! Strange! I was only really interested in that new Stockholm cabinet and some of the carts they are showing. Oh well. :(


I’m loving the Stockholm pieces! I could totally see them becoming really ubiquitous though, you know what I mean, when you “can’t see the piece for the Ikea”? Also feeling that some of the pieces are priced pretty high – for $500 I can get a much nicer chair than Ikea…

I was at IKEA today and saw the Stockholm piece in person, but in the version with the white cabinet and wood feet…. It was perfection:) I seriously considered buying it but have absolutely NO WHERE to put it!! I also have a serious crush on the Stockholm dining table and chairs. If only…..

Im so glad Im not the only one who felt some kinda way about this years catalog. I was completely underwhelmed too. I will say, I saw the grey kitchen cabinets in store on Saturday and they are wonderful. They two pieces that completely stole my heart though are the sputnik inspired chandelier and the new Soderhamn sofa collection. Its actually completely shocking that I love the Soderhamn so much , because its really not my typical style and I always had my heart set on the uber versatile Karlstad sofa. Thanks for sharing Dana.


Have you seen this retrospective of all the Ikea Catalog covers?
Thank you for all the time you put into this wonderful blog!


No, I hadn’t seen that until just now! Thanks for the link. Fun to see how IKEA has evolved over the years.


I was underwhelmed as well! I felt like it was shorter than last year’s but maybe it just had less new stuff. The doll house furniture was my favorite thing.


I’ve had my eye on the Stockholm sideboard! It would be great to paint and stencil. But I miss the days of great Ikea pieces for under $150. There’s a store near us and I might check the “reject” area for an imperfect one.


Ikea 2014 catalogue page 100-101.anyone know where to get these tiles from?searched Internet but to no avail

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