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04.16.10 / Dressed Dresser

I had mentioned this little area in our guest room/playroom needed some oomph…before our weekend guests arrived. 

I decided to repurpose a family heirloom quilt as artwork.  See the moth damage?

I cut out a small section of the quilt that I thought would work with the guest room’s color scheme and framed it up in (you guessed it) an IKEA RIBBA frame.

For a casual feel, I leaned the framed quilt against the wall.  I added a sculptural IKEA table lamp (which was actually pretty fun to put together), fresh flowers atop stacked magazines and my baby shoe to finish out the tablescape. 

Two clean bath towels are hung and waiting for our guests too.

The washcloths are in the dresser drawer.  (I just have to remember to tell the guests that!)

This is a peppy little dresser now – full of childhood memories for me stemming from the second-hand dresser itself, heirloom quilt and baby shoe.  The bottom of the wooden shoe is even engraved…although I wasn’t born until 5 days later.  (Yep, now you can calculate how old I am.)

Have a great weekend!  I’m going to enjoy our company!  What are your plans for the weekend?  Does it involve house guests?  Do you do anything special to prepare for guests?  Chime in.



It looks lovely. I like how you redid the quilt.

I love having guests. I did a few posts about what I do for guests at my blog:




Basically I try and make their experience like a hotel stay with baskets filled with goodies and local items.

I love how this came out! You made the quilt look so modern. I love that Ikea lamp; I wish I lived near an Ikea!


the quilt looks great!

I have some blocks from a 1930’s-era quilt that I may use this way now, too!


Erin – Fortunately (or unfortunately…however you look at it), I live less than 15 minutes from an IKEA. Gotta love it.


It looks beautiful! I love the quilt in the frame. What color paint did you use on the wall?


I love the idea of framing the damaged quilt, that’s great! Your shoe spells out my actual birthday, although a slightly earlier year (same decade, at least!)


Julie – The wall color is Valspar (Lowe’s) Bonsai in an eggshell finish. It is the main wall color in the majority of our home and we LOVE it. It goes from light gray to muddy green throughout the day depending on the light.

Mandy – What a small world!

[…] small vignette by the door holds special meaning.  The dresser is a family hand-me-down, the baby shoe is mine and the framed quilt was my […]


I am commenting all over the place as I poke around your blog! Love it!! :) I have a handkerchief quilt I adore, but it has a few rough spots/places it’s coming apart….now I’m thinking of framing my favorite parts, I looove that idea!!! I adore your space!! I also adore having guests…and I always make sure to have towels, washcloths, toiletries, etc. designated and accesible. I try to do a stack of magazines, a candle, snacks and water bottles, too. I live close to the Tempe, AZ IKEA–I’ve gotta get in there soon! Thanks again for the inspiration!! :)


Howdy! I found your great blog via Pinterest & have been enjoying your journey. I just discovered we are birthday buddies! I am also 11/22/78. Have a wonderful 34th & happy Thanksgiving! To make sure I didn’t get screwed at the IL’s this year, DH ordered me an ice cream cake. Otherwise, it would have been another, “It’s Thanksgiving at the IL’s & let’s pretend it is no one’s b-day today.” Have a good week!


Oh, I totally feel ya on the ‘Happy Thanksgiving!! oh, and by the way, happy birthday” front. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE!


Thanks Dana! I ended up having a lovely day. I hope your birthday was wonderful, too! Happy 34th!