...because home doesn't happen overnight.

It’s Feature Friday! On Fridays, I’ll be featuring one room in my house in its current condition even if there are some things I’d like to change about it. If I do happen to improve something later, I can always revisit it when the time comes. Plus, I’d kinda feel dishonest if I only focused on “finished” rooms in my house. And if what they (the professionals) say is true, a room is never really finished anyways…you’re always tweaking it. Concentrating on just one room weekly should give me some time to tidy it up a bit, too.

Well, here we are.  The last Feature Friday…the final room in my house tour.  I feel like it should be some wondrous room with a tremendous WOW! factor but, sadly, it isn’t.  Like my master bedroom, the adjoining master bathroom hasn’t been tweaked yet.  It’s next on the list.  It’s your typical builder bath {pretty much like the original condition of every other room in this house} but it’s a great size and gets lots of natural light.  Take a peek…

Straight ahead is the ‘water closet’, i.e. the tiny room with just a toilet in it.  The door to the toilet room is so coming off the hinges when I get my hands on it!

Oh, yes, I’m an over toilet paper hanger.  But back to the main part of the bathroom.  To the left is our large yet orange double vanity.

Not only is the stain hideous, it’s not consistent!  The doors don’t match the frame and some of the doors/drawers don’t even match each other.  It’s just crying out for some paint and hardware.

And the frameless mirror needs a DIY frame.  The marble countertops aren’t bad.

I like to keep my makeup out on a tray next to my sink.  I’m more apt to put it on when it’s staring me in the face first thing in the morning.  No pics of Handy Hubby’s sink.  I love that man but he keeps a pretty nasty sink.  I’ve learned to ignore it…or just clean it out of disgust.  {Good thing I have my own sink.}  Across from our double vanity is the shower and tub.

Again, nothing special but nothing wrong with them either.  I’m a shower girl.  {Personal hygiene is a tad overrated anyway if you ask me, but that’s a topic for a different blog.}  I think the last time I took a bath was when I was pregnant with Everett {3 years ago}.  The most action that tub sees is when Handy Hubby gives the boys haircuts.  He plops a chair right in the middle of the tub and trims ’em up.

Handy Hubby and I would prefer to get rid of the tub and have one large, double-headed shower but who knows if/when that will ever happen.  We should probably add some type of window treatment to the window above the tub but, really, I don’t think anyone can see in due to the angle.  And if they can see in {neighbors!…why haven’t you told me?!}, well, the damage is already done so why change now?  Maybe just a decorative versus functional window treatment is in order.  I’d also like to DIY a shower curtain of sorts between the shower and tub, find a new rug{s} and add artwork and accessories…all on a budget, of course.  Sounds like a good winter project, doesn’t it?

And so ends my house tour.  For now.  My home is forever changing and I still have loads of ideas whirling around in this overactive brain of mine.  I hope you’ll hang around and see what else happens around here.



Thanks for sharing a peek into an intimate room. Your photos are great and the pattern on the bath surround is really unique.


What … no pictures of my in-the-cabinet power outlet for my electric razor!! That was one of my favorite man-tweeks!


that is one big bathroom!

I wonder about the story behind the mismatched doors/drawers…some primer and paint and some sharp new hardware, and you’re good to go…I’ll be interested to see what colour you choose, tricky with a white countertop…i like the idea of a frameless shower enclosure to de-builderify (!) things…at least the finish on the shower door and light fixture is silver and not brass!

great pictures, btw!


I would be very interested in how you frame your bathroom mirror. I have the sam mirror in our master bath and would love to frame it. I am pretty sure that sucker is glued onto the wall so taking it down in one piece to frame it correctly is probably out of the question.


We framed out our mirrors in our old house and it made a world of difference. Super fast and easy project too! I’d be careful removing the tub, however, purely from a resale perspective.


I just found your blog the other day via Apartment Therapy (“Pretty Scary” post)… I love your style!! I can’t wait to see the “after” photos of this bathroom.

“Over” is the only way to hang TP!


You have a great bathroom to start with, so things can only go up from here. I could see a nice dark chocolate brown paint on the vanity with some silver handles. Same chocolate brown for a frame around the mirror, had some punch of color and you are done. It’s going to be goregous. Can’t wait to see what you do.


Kate – That’s right, girl!


LeeAnn – We haven’t dug too deep into the details of framing the mirror yet {as we’re still working on the bedroom} but my idea does not require the mirror to be removed.


Felicity – In my dream world, I’d love to get rid of the tub. But, like you said, it wouldn’t be great for resale…plus it would be a total luxury project and not cost efficient for us. How did you frame your mirrors?


Handy Hubby – Don’t worry, I’m saving it for the ‘after.’ And you spelled ‘tweeks’ incorrectly. It’s ‘tweaks.’ I’m not nagging.


Looking forward to seeing what you do because your bathroom looks very similar to ours and 5 years after moving it, it’s not changed a bit. I need some inspiration!


How about dark charcoal gray for the cabinets with hardware to match those in your kitchen. It could be very nice against the gray walls, white countertops and white tiles on the wall of the shower. Then you could do a great roman like shade with grosgrain ribbon trim in a geometric print fabric above the tub. For the “shower curtain” between the tub and shower, what about a nice natural element like hanging stones reminiscent of those waterfalls in the front of about every spa I’ve ever entered. Okay…that’s my two cents.


Tracy – Those ideas are awesome!!! I never thought about the stone curtain. I’d love to add in some natural elements and that stone idea sure would fit the bill. Thank you!


I love your house tours. I am in the process of having my cabinets painted in my kitchen from orangy oak to a nice white. I will probably use your color of greek villa combined with bonsai. Quick question what color is the gray in this bathroom?


Ches – The master bathroom wall color is Valspar {Lowe’s} Bonsai….just like most of the house. It looks different yet great in every room!


Nice space to work with! We have those same hideous orange cabinets throughout our entire house, and after seeing how well your kitchen turned out I am more confident about painting them…if the hubby will let me! Maybe I could start with the laundry room for some practice. I have a question, though. I notice that all your trim and doors are white. Unfortunately ours are all that awful orange. Would painted cabinets look odd, then? Changing out all the trim & doors is not in the budget, and painting it all would likely cost me my sanity!


Dana – I’ve seen mix-and-match trim/cabinetry done well before. This has been a faq on H*T lately. Maybe a future blog post?? PS – I like your name ;)