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Last night {the operative word being *night*…that’s why the lighting in some of the following pictures isn’t the greatest} Handy Hubby was kind enough to hang the DIY ‘love’ headboard.  Yep. It’s only taken us 6 weeks to finally get it on the wall.  Handy Hubby used these flush mount hangers from ACE Hardware to mount the headboard.  {They’re the same ones he used to hang our boys’ drop cloth headboards.}

He screwed 2 hangers into the back of the headboard.

And he screwed 2 into the wall.

Here he demonstrates how they fit together.  Basically, they slide into one another for a nice, flush mount.

And here’s the headboard/wall art in place when it was all said and done.

This morning I got a chance to wash/make the bed, dust and vacuum after all the sanding, drilling and spackling that’s been going on in there.  Here are some better truer-to-real-life shots of the Love Bed.  Did I mention I now refer to our bed as the Love Bed?  Silly me.

The next shot includes a snippet of the fandelier.

While Handy Hubby was on a hanging roll, I got him to hang the new mirror between the windows too.  Since he already had his tools out and all.  {He’s awesome.}  Remember this mirror?

Here’s its new home.

I love the way the shimmery fandelier reflects in the mirror.  Double the fun.  Once I complete {ahem, start} the chair slipcover, my next task will be dressing the empty bookcases.  Well, they aren’t exactly empty.

Do tools count as accessories?

images:  all Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Holy crap! Holy… crap!! That headboard is AMAZING. And I’m really not just staying that because I love your blog. If I saw that in a store, it would make me stop dead in my tracks. And… it’s ORIGINAL!!! I feel like everything is a duplicate of something else that is copied these days. I just stinking ADORE IT!

Seriously sitting here in awe. Nicely done.


I so so so love your bedroom!!

SOOOO gorgeous! The pic of your bed should be in a magazine – you did a great job. And thanks for the tip about the flushmount hangers!


LOVE it! I am seriously drooling over that mirror.


Wow! Ditto what Tami said! That IS amazing! You will be famous(er!) for this one… Great job!


Is it just my eyes or is the paint color in the picture with the headboard on the wall different? What is that paint color? it looks like a deep gray and I really like it! Thanks!


me again! so I did some blog research and found out the paint is suitable brown. Does it look tan in the day and gray in the night? or is it just my computer screen? Thank so much!! Working on my master bedroom re-do also and looking for a wall color!


Shunta – Yes, the wall that the bed is against is a much darker, browner color than the rest of the bedroom walls. I wanted a focal wall. It’s Sherwin Williams Suitable Brown. {The rest of the room is Valspar -Lowe’s- Bonsai.} It never looks tan, so it’s probably just coming off that way because I did have to lighten the photos a little for the blog. It’s a great deep, rich, muddy gray-brown. We get a LOT of natural light in our bedroom, so this dark of a color is easy to pull off. Not sure how it’d do in a room that is already dark naturally. Also, just doing one wall in it makes it not as heavy as if we’d have done it on all the walls. In a room with a lot of light, this color would do great on all the walls.


Oh my goodness, this post helps me out so much! Not only do I LOVE everything you’ve done, but you’ve just solved my dilemma of how to hang my headboard without actually having to attach it to the bed frame! I never even thought about flush mount hangers – I had found an old window pane door at a garage sale for $10 and trimmed it down on the ends, painted it, but haven’t been able to figure out how to hang it properly so its been sitting in storage since summer. Thanks Dana!

Your bedroom looks beautiful!!! I LOVE the Love Bed. And, if you ever decide you don’t want it as a headboard, you can hang it somewhere else. Bonus! I’m also on the hunt for the perfect warm grey, so I might have to swing by SW to pick up a swatch.


Looks great! I love how fresh it all looks and the colors are perfect! Looks like it could be in the store Anthropologie on display :)


Love this headboard what a great idea. It looks wonderful!


I am loving your bedroom so far! We are house hunting and I want to do our new bedroom in gray and yellow, so I’m taking notes!


the headboard, of course, is an absolute stunner! is it strange that I’m also excited about those wall hangers? I’ve never seen those before, and they look like a great option for hanging things over spaces where a picture hanger might not be enough (like over a bed or a kid’s desk)….


I LOVE the way the headboard turned out – it looks amazing! I was seriously unsure about that mirror when you showed it before. It’s lovely, but I couldn’t picture it. However, it looks so, SO great there! You have a true vision!


The headboard is amazing! I love the color you chose for the “love”. And I love the history of the boards. Great job!


Wow! This is awesome! You are so creative!

Ohhhh …. nice. Very nice. And how much do I love the yellow and gray? That’s what our bedroom is. Well, mostly gray. We’re working on playing up the yellow part. I have a few DIY projects on the to-do list.

I *heart* the headboard. Like others have already said, it is reminiscent of Anthropologie. It could have been featured in Domino (rest in peace.) Kudos!

What I’d really like to know is your source for the paper (wallpaper?) in the bookcases.


I love the blanket at the end of your bed – where is it from?
Thank you for the bedroom inspiration!


Michelle – The wool blanket is from IKEA. I saw it in their catalog a few months ago and knew it’d be perfect for our bed. It adds a great touch of pattern to our all white bedding.


Andrea – I got the wallpaper at a deep discount from Ballard Designs Outlet. See that here….


This is super cute!! And I love your fandalier! =)


I adore this headboard! What a sweet, sweet detail. It is the perfect mix of rustic and glam, especially with the throw pillows! Amazing job:)


Sarah – Would you believe me if I told you I have never been to Anthropologie? It’s true!

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Just came across this post TODAY. My husband is in the middle of making a headboard for me and yours turned out GREAT! Just posted about it here: http://fiveoeight.com/sometimes-i-feel-like-people-can-read-my-thoughts/

Really fabulous job :)

[…] ονόμασε το κρεβάτι της η Dana από το House Tweaking ύστερα από το πανέμορφο κεφαλάρι που της έφτιαξε ο […]


I MIUST know where that light fixture is from…AWESOMEness. Love your space!


visitng for the 1st time – so lovely!! you’ve got wonderful style! look forward to future posts!


Saw this over at Sugar and Charm. Literally ‘LOVE’ it!


Where did that yellow pillow come from? LOVE it and the whole room


Hi, I just stumbled on your blog and instantly love it. Your bedroom is beautiful. I love yellow with anything. Thank you for all the lovely pics. I’m a new mom (my daughter is 4 months old) and feel like having a pretty house will never happen again now that motherhood seems to take up most of my time. I’m encouraged to see that even after kids I can get to a point where I can make my house pretty again. Thanks!


O my Gosh Love your bedroom!!!! Love the headboard & the colors what color is the ruffled pillow ? love the grey & yellow together. I have been wanting to redo my bedroom was going to do it in all different whites but i really love your colors.My sweet savannah has you bedroom posted on her blog, thank you melaine!!! now i have a new blog that i love. Thank you for all your ideas. Sherry


Oh my word, this is so so great! :] Just found your blog and am having tons of fun browsing. Thanks for sharing!


Candice – I posted about the mustard, ruffled pillow here…



Candi – I got the chandelier {lighting kit excluded} online from Cost Plus World Market. Not sure if it’s still available.


i am loving the headboard idea for my son’s big boy room. i have a question if you don’t mind… is it rough, could it give little fingers splinters? would it just need to be sanded to protect it fingers?


[…] how to make it here! Posted in {Color Inspirations}, {I heart}, {Whimsical Ideas} RSS 2.0 | Trackback | […]


Jamie – The headboard is not splintery at all. In fact, it’s very smooth even though it has a rough hewn look to it. Handy Hubby sanded it with a heavy duty belt sander and pressure washed it. That being said, it’s not any more comfortable than sitting up against a plain wall. But we aren’t ‘sit-in-bed-and-read people. We usually read lying down in bed or sitting on the couch. The only *problem* I’ve run into is dusting…as in the headboard getting dust mark on pillows if they lean up against it. {They wash out easily in the laundry.} To avoid this, we hung the headboard several inches above the bed and make our bed with the back-most pillows lying flat on the bed…which I prefer anyway because it lends a more clean & simple feel. You probably wouldn’t want to lean up against a headboard like this because of the dusting not splintering. OR you could always finish the entire thing with a matte polyurethane. Hope that helps you out!

I love this!!!!!! Such great inspiration!
I am your newest follower!! YAY!

OK, so I am new to this blog thing. Does WordPress not allow followers? I was SO going to follow you, but can’t see where to do it.


The Crafty Side of Life – You can’t ‘follow’ House*Tweaking as you would in Blogger, but you can subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking the orange heart in the sidebar under ‘Out & About.’ You’ll be notified in your feeder whenever there’s a new post. Hope that helps!


I was sitting on twitter trying to find something to cure my boredom – and BLAM – someone I follow tweeted this post. Now, I am not quite as bored. Thanks for posting great material. – Frisbee

loving your blog!! and that headboard is amazing!!


I’m just in awe…I’ve now taken the complete house tour, and I absolutely LOVE your style and creativity! This is so similar to what mills around in my head, but never gets out–your house is the perfect balance of modern/vintage/comfy family home…great job! I will definitely be signing up for your RSS feed. Thanks for sharing!

[…] and um, more love. My next click was to the Pinterest website of Jen Sedillo. Then click, click, click and seriously, I am just really loving this bed. I want it. I love the colors, and just everything. […]

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[…] from housetweaking […]


I love your style!Your house is beautiful!Where did you get your window panels in your
master bedroom

[…] I fell in ‘love’ with this handmade headboard over at HouseTweaking. […]

Hi Dana, I’m Dana :)
Love the headboard. Found you through Whisper Wood Cottage.
I’m hoping that hubby will be completely inspired by the Love bed, and that we can do a dark rustic distressed version – with lots of dings and dents in it.



hi dana, any chance you can tell me where that awesome mirror is from? love your style! annie


Annie – It’s from Ballard Designs Outlet. Posted about finding it here…



I love your room. I am very curious about your ceiling fan and lighting kit. Is the lighting kit you used meant for ceiling fans? I have been trying to find a way to take the my daughters chandelier and add it as a lighting kit for a ceiling fan (can’t bear to lose the bling in the sky just yet).


Aggie – All about our ‘fandelier’ here…


[…] We got started on painting our bedroom last week. Got the walls partially primed and ready for actual paint. We still have a ways to go with painting but we’ll get there. Since both my husband and I work freelance, our hours are often long (read crazy) and unpredictable and this really stifles our nesting progress. Luckily, we’re in no particular rush, other than the fact that  we would love to move on to the next project. On a happy note, we received our Tempurpedic Cloud mattress yesterday and we’re super excited about that. I can’t wait to sleep on it and all of its memory foamy goodness. Now all we need is a bed! Which brings me to this post. About a week ago, we were pretty much set on purchasing this headboard and this bed frame from West Elm but then I saw this guy over on Grey Likes Nesting via House*Tweaking: […]


Hi! I loved this headboard and the closet. Congratulation for this good work. When I have my own house (today me and my husband live with my parents.) I’ll make like this for us.
I liked very much your site.
Kiss: Carol ( http://www.blogcarolcarneiro.blogspot.com )


Hey! I just came here via Poppytalk and I love your blog! That headboard is fantastic! See you soon.

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[…] this headboard from House Tweaking. I think I may just have to try something like this for wall […]


Hi! This is gorgeous! Where did you find all the wood to put it together? I’ve been trying to find wood like this to make a DIY bench but can’t seem to get my hands on it!


i am seriously seriously seriously in love with that headboard.


hey, i saw your photo in an italian decor magazine… i hope you gave permission!!


oh yeah, no link was given to your site as far as i could see!


Seriously love this!


[…] {housetweaking} {pinterest} {madebygirl} […]

I love your headboard! I saw it reposted by a blogger who didn’t bother to credit it properly, but I finally made my way here and I’m so glad I did! Hooray!

[…] House*Tweaking […]

[…] from this blog. scrap wood, .50 cents each […]


Wow, the headboard is just amazing! I wonder if you could share the paint color on your walls? It is also beautiful!


Denise – The wall behind the bed is a focal wall painted Sherwin-Williams Suitable Brown in matte finish.


2 questions:
1) What type of comforter do you have on your bed? And do you find white to be a problem? I have two dogs.
2) Where did you get the blanket?



Angie – The duvet cover is from IKEA with a plain down comforter inside. I wash it often and add a touch of bleach to the wash every once in a while but not all the time. I like the white because it actually makes the bed look light and clean…not what you’d expect, I know. The wool patterned throw is also from IKEA.


I just recreated this myself! Check out my version on my blog…. http://letyourstylespeak.blogspot.com/

thanks for the inspiration!!


Laura Renee – Lovely!!!




Finished my version of your inspiring headboard this weekend. gonna clear coat it i think but cannot wait to hang it and see our new bedroom come together. Thanks again for the inspiration.


Tracy – If you think of it, send me a pic! I’d love to see it.

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saw your headboard all over pinterest! Love it & had to tell you, hubby and I just finished a very similar project. Ours says ‘forever’. I’m your news fan!


What color of paint did you use. I am having the hardest time finding a shade of grey I like for my bedroom!


Casey – The focal wall behind the bed is Sherwin-Williams Suitable Brown. Love it! Just be sure to throw in lots of light and white to keep things from feeling too dark.


Oh my gosh I LOVE this!! I especially love your colors…so incredibly cute! I’m pinning this right now and can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog!!!


Can you explain how you created the yellow sliding door to your bathroom? I love it!


I just came across your site through Stumble Upon and am your newest follower! I’ve seen this headboard all over the web and have actually featured it on my site, but never knew the original source – YAY, I found you!! It’s incredible – love it!!!


I love this soooo much!! I copied it onto a “mini pallet” I found at a thrift store :)


Where did you get the wood for the headboard? Love it!!!

Where did you get the wood for this headboard – I love it and will try to make it but unsure where and how to get the wood. Need your help.


Love the funky headboard. I am crazy about old wood and wind up keeping it around just because it’s so pretty. But I need a headboard too! Great idea. And your pictures are wonderful too.

Love this love headboard! I just popped over from Rambling Renovators – looking forward to reading more on your blog!


Hope this isn’t a dumb question, but is love just painted


Jada – Yup, just painted.


I was wondering where you got the “fandalier.” LOL! I’ve never heard of that before. I absolutely love it! I live in Florida so we always need fans…and the attached light kit would look great in my bedroom. Thanks so much. BTW, in the process of making the headboard from cattle fence from my husband’s late grandfather’s house.


Hi! I found you on Every Creative Endevor. I LOVE your headboard! It’s so simple and gorgeous! I also noticed the pillows on the bed. I especially love the yellow ruffled one. I was wondering if you have a post on it? I’m trying to make some pillows right now and that one is so pretty and fun!! Thanks for sharing!


Hi There!

Congrats on the room makeover, amazing job on the DIY headboard, very inspiring ;)

I am currently looking to upgrade my bedroom look as well, and would like to know where your found your duvet cover ? Im in love with the color and pattern!




Joannie – The white textured duvet cover and black/grey patterned throw at the end of the bed are both from IKEA. Hope that helps!


I love your headboard! I pinned it on pinterest a bit back and have been searching for the owner of it since! Great work and I love your blog :)


I absolutely LOVE all of your designs. My boyfriend and I just bought our first house and I am really hoping to incorporate a lot of your ideas. My biggest problem right now is finding CURTAINS for our bedroom windows. We have a gray wall (it’s call dolphin fin) and then like a deep brown sunburst type of wall decor I want to hang in between the windows. I am looking for a white or gray color curtains. Where did you get yours?



[…] planks of reclaimed wood from a local salvage yard with the intention of making a headboard like this one. But our busy schedules coupled with our amazing abilities to procrastinate to no end, made it […]

[…] In particular, I find a ton of inspiration from one of my favorite home improvement blogs, House Tweaking. I absolutely love this lady’s style so when I came across a DIY “love” […]


this headboard is so adorable…seems easy to do..must try this out!


Hi! Really really love how original this is. Btw, what color is your bedroom wall? I really love it.. :)


The wall behind the bed is Sherwin Williams Suitable Brown.


How can I buy this? I just moved to Ohio and would love to buy one if your handy hubby wants to make another?


I was curious what color you painted the love in and where did you buy the paint at? I am making this headboard and want that same yellow. Thhanaks


It’s Sherwin Williams Auric…same as the sliding barn door to the master bathroom.


How big would you say the Love headboard is… I freaking love it!!


Hey I absolutely live this!!! Two questions for you:
1) what is the colour you used for love?
2) what type of wood did you use? If barn wood, which is so hard to find any other suggestions??
Thank you!!

[…] this. Originally posted on House*Tweaking.com E Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]


1) It’s Sherwin-Williams Auric.

2) It’s old fence boards from HH’s family farm.

[…] image: House Tweaking […]


i am in love with this room!! what design would you call that blanket?


It’s a wool throw from IKEA.

[…] {source} […]


I LOVE this! I was hoping to post the image & link to my blog if you don’t mind….Thanks so much! Great inspiration! :)



No problem! I always enjoy a good link up.

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Love, love, love your design!! I have been wanting to change my color scheme to gray and yellow but I’m worried about it clashing with my espresso-colored bedroom furniture. Should I just go for it? :)

How did you connect all the boards together?

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I like your bed so much,
Which font did you use and what is the color name
Is your bed Queen size or King?


Our bed is a queen and the font is just my best attempt at cursive.

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[…] over to make lanterns.3. These pretty ombre wooden utensils.4. Using some leftover fence boards to make a headboard.5. Rebecca’s Daily Creature Feature posts.  Girl is seriously […]

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Hi there!! I have just found your blog this evening & WOW!, do I ever love it! I am especially enamored of this headboard….it is just so…….awesome (not nearly a good enough word for it, but it sort of leaves me speechless). I am a true hippie chick….to the bone…& this fits right in with my decor, my lifestyle, & my outlook on life. So thank you for giving me a great idea for a headboard that I can make myself. I have looked at stores & everything is so cookie cutter &/or generic…no personality at all. I’d rather have no headboard than one of those. (ick) I also adore the mirror. It’s beautiful & elegant, yet you can tell it would fit in with an eclectic decor as well. Anyway, do you have a tutorial for the mirror as well? If so, I would love to check it out. If not, you should! (lol) Thanks for sharing your wonderfully creative ideas with us….it helps jog my somewhat slower creative juices into motion (ha ha) Peace, love & a beautifully abundant life!

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Love the headboard, and I need some of those flush mount hangers! I have a headboard that my kids keep knocking down since it’s for our daybed-couch setup… Smart!

Also, I work with Cassity over at Remodelaholic and we are hosting Headboard Week and a big headboard link party that we’d love to have you come join! You can join the party here — we’re picking our favorites to feature on Saturday: http://www.remodelaholic.com/2014/06/headboard-week/

Thanks! Have a great day!

Lorene @Remodelaholic

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Love this head board!!! Wow!!! Great job, I wanted to know if you could show how to actually make the headboard it’s self? If you nail it together, painted it, etc?

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How did you make the headboard?


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[…] Tweaking created this DIY love headboard, which I…love. They did something really cool in their tutorial… they shared a pic of the flush […]

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What a cute headboard! I am sharing this on Pinterest.


Love this headboard!! Want to make a similar one for my room. If you don’t mind me asking what are the dimensions and what size bed do you have?


We no longer have the headboard (I donated it to an auction to raise money for a cancer patient) but the bed is a queen.


Did he screw the wall hanging mounts into a stud?


This is INCREDIBLE! Thank you SO much for sharing! We have a very small bedroom in a rental home; so small I can’t have a bed-frame (other than the very basic ugly metal ones) because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to open the door all the way. I’ve been wanting to DIY headboard but couldn’t find a solution to hang the headboard without having to move the bed forward at all. THANK YOU! Now our tiny room can step forward into being one I love! I was curious – do you have an idea of how much weight these flush hangars can hold? Also, did your hubby use a particular type of screw when drilling the hangars into the wall?
I know I’m years late on this post, but would love any help you’d be willing to share. Thank you!! Your room looks so much different now! But your home looks so lovely. Beautiful photos!

[…] to the interior they’re created for. One perfect exactly of this is the headboard above from House Tweaking. It’s such a simple yet impactful idea and demonstrates great design confidence on behalf of […]

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